WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: an evidence-based definition


13 01 14 White Collar CrimesOne serious victim asked me today: what are we arguing about Savile for? The relevant issue for next Tuesday is the outright failure of the Police, local authorities, social care, etc. An apology is not enough.

Well, if only there was an apology! In the cases that I’ve observed since 1998, there are not only crimes but, above all, criminalisation and more cover-ups.

Discovering white collar crimes, one victim at a time, took the following shock therapy for me:

  1. fraudulent bankruptcies
  2. unlawful home repossessions
  3. false imprisonments
  4. financial fraud
  5. child snatching
  6. paedophilia
  7. satanism – as published by the Sunday Express on 13 Jan, 2013. More

McKenzies coming to the Rescue of Litigants in Person and Parents whose Children got Snatched


Old Bailey

So far, I called them ‘victims turned starfighters’ and they will all have acted as McKenzie Friend in that learning process.

Now Belinda McKenzie (!)  came up with the idea of an Association of McKenzie Friends to give ‘public interest advocacy’ more clout and presence in the legal process.

Maurice Kirk experiences the loopholes in the law in prison as a litigant in person. The Musas have been criminalised by Haringey Council after they kidnapaped their six children and have very similar experiences in prison:

  • not being ‘produced’ by the prison staff for court hearings
  • not being able to meet court deadlines when McKenzie Friends are not allowed legal visits to take documents in and out of prison
  • not being able to type and photocopy documents.


Turning McKenzie Friends into McKenzie Angels


McKenzie Friends are ‘amateur lawyers’ who help and support Litigants in Person.

When Maurice Kirk asked for support in the courtroom, blogger Angela suggested we need “guardian angels”.

McKenzie Angel T-shirtHence McKenzie Angels were created as labels for those helpful humans who come for moral and / or legal support.

A comment from Paulette Cooper:

A large angel with scales of justice in one hand stood behind a victim which has his head in his hands in despair comes to mind for a drawing. Angel’s other hand on his shoulder and a pile of court docs on a desk in front of him/her.

Maybe a better idea still would be if those McKenzie Angels could come to a consensus on how to tackle the most common problems in law, maybe even have those in some written ‘fact sheets’ ready to send to victims to do with the most common issues and that each new victim could be connected with their own McKenzie Angel who would be there to help them find a way through the mire.


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