Demanding Investigation into Social Services snatching children under false pretences


Family Courts and incompetent expert witnessesIt’s sooo difficult for people to think the unthinkable and believe the unbelievable: that Social Services are there to SNATCH children for all sorts of purposes, and definitely incentivised by money.

To make this more ‘acceptable’, I compiled key articles from mainstream media. But that still hasn’t been enough to change!

John Hemming is the only MP who consistently makes all sorts of efforts to make change happen.

So people make their own demands on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. When will it be enough, I wonder???

What has to happen for ‘orders from above’ to stop this child snatching aka state kidnapping that is sanctioned by judges in family and even criminal courts?

How the British public votes about Public Interest journalism

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Inforrm’s Blog is an International Forum for Responsible Media. Producing lots of regular updates, here’s an article from British Journalism Review – written by Steven Barnett, professor of communications at Westminster University.

It compares 4 ‘public interest’ headlines with 4 headlines relating more the celebrity journalism.

Good thinking in the age of blogging!


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