OUR ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal: House of Commons, Downing St and Nigeria


A Latvian and Dutch parent whose children were stolen by the UK

It’s either sex or money or both that are the reasons and explanations for what we’ve been observing in the ‘care’ system:

John Hemming MP’s meeting in the House of Commons with representatives from 30 Embassies resulted in More

International three-day fast and praying for the Musas starting today


Pastor Matthew Arikanka in Ghana thought of this initiative of fasting and praying for the Musas. He had met the Nigerian parents in London, shortly after Haringey Council had taken their children in April 2010. Under threat of imprisonment, I am prevented from publishing any ‘material or information’ about them. Hence I set the site I built for them to ‘private’.

The parents have been falsely accused of having abused them and have been in Wood Green Court for criminal abuse charges against them – since 22nd May. This case has been acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases. Hence the support by fasting and praying.

The fact that prayer works has best been demonstrated by this remarkable video of an 11-year-old boy who remembers when he was clinically dead at the age of 3 and was sent back into his body thanks to his dad’s prayers. Email jackieholdenuk AT aol.com for the appropriate places in the Bible.

More like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China than the West of England


Former local councillor Ian Josephs has been publishing Forced Adoption for many years – also as a short and long book.

With my German sense of structure, I am now re-organising the site into Punishment and Crime and discover many gems of information, e.g.
this extract from “The Times” April 13th 2010!

“Lord Justice Wall (the most senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an “unsatisfactory care system” away from their families was “quite shocking”.

In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as

more like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China than the West of England” !


Where is Favour Musa? Appealing to all UK Police Stations


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenFIND FAVOUR (aka Lizzy) MUSA 

£1,000 Reward

£1,000 for anyone who produces a video of Favour in which she recounts:

  1. her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken, up to the present day, including
  2. if and when she was abused in care and by whom
  3. why she refused to see her mother or speak to her by phone if indeed that was the case
  4. whether she really wrote the letter in the garden saying she and the other children were beaten by her mother or whether it was a forgery with different handwriting
  5. whether or not she has asked to go to court and been refused
  6. why she now never sees her brother and her sisters
  7. how many times she or her siblings have seen Michelle Collins or have been staying with her. More

First Daily Express, now BBC: the scandal of snatching children for adoption


What a relief to see the mainstream media cottoning on to what, so far, only Christopher Booker reported in The Telegraph:

In his witness statements, John Hemming MP did refer to the fact that the Nigerian Parliament got involved in the Musa case, but they have not been able to prevent the Musas from being imprisone on 28th November.
With a view to demonstrating their innocence, here is a family album of phtotos that also includes references to

World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenTrust the web to make magic happen – in this case thanks to Salem-News:

1. World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

Activists demand freedom for Musa children and one of their outspoken advocates.

2. Beyond the Rule of Law: Being a Political Prisoner in HMP Cardiff

The Trials and Tribulations by a Chronic Litigant in Person Aged 66

Latest update on Worst Child Abuse in UK

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The Standard Newspater [Nigeria] reports for the third time on the Musas whose six children were stolen by Haringey Council.

Who will bring the children to the High Commission of Nigeria, if not their parents???

More on Bishop Gloria Musa and Husband want to go back Home – WITH their Children => Public Support => African Publicity

Where there are victims (Maurice Kirk & the Musas), there are perpetrators and rescuers


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenButlin Cat calls him “Campaigner Extraordinaire” on his latest blog. I’ve called him hero, martyr and crusader.

And now he spells out his reasons for being on hunger strike in Cardiff Prison, getting ready for his hearing before Cardiff Magistrates Court on Nov. 10th. Be there, if you can, to witness “real live entertainment”…

On Nov 14th and 28th he is scheduled to defend his allegations for Criminal Damage and a Public Order Charge. For he wanted to ensure that the secrecy of family courts is replaced by the openness of criminal Magistrates Courts.

But the really crazy allegation he may have to face is Conspiracy to Abduct Children:  neither Maurice nor the Musas know where the children are!

What can one Achieve by Being Arrested?


Joe Dowling did it, too: commit an offence to be arrested. He was deceived by his trusted family solicitor and wanted to provoke the Law Society into restoring his faith in the British Justice System.

Maurice also still believes that the right judges and the right politicians will sort things out. But as long as he watches the Musa parents suffer from the separation of their children, he will try to help.

On Friday, Mr J Bird of Powell Spencer & Partners promised in the presence of two police officers that, on Monday, the Musas could pick up the documents that were missing from the small pile they were given.

On Sunday morning, Maurice had the bright idea to ask for one of the 70 solicitors of the firm to represent him, when he was held in custody in Tottenham Police Station. However, that female solicitor did not leave her report behind. Today, she refused to acknowledge to have been there.

Maurice was also refused the remainder of the documents, of course and is being held in Kentish Town Police Station for a Public Order Offence. I believe that a bit of a kafuffle occurred when he tried to identify the solicitor who interviewed him on a list of staff…

He was very impressed by the Magistrates and the Duty Solicitor in Haringey on Monday morning. Will he before similarly “just” minds tomorrow???

Maurice on Bail while the Musas have been arrested for conspiring to abduct their own children


As Maurice writes on his own blog: Enid Blyton could not have made it up:

  1. Maurice gets himself arrested – quite consciously – as he wanted to tell the local Magistrates what is going on in Haringey Council. He was charged with “criminal damage”, for he had smashed the window of a door, behind which he had been held unlawfully since Saturday night.
  2. The Duty Solicitor in Haringey Court told me yesterday that Maurice was right with his claim.
  3. However, during the hearing, the CPS seemed to have a field day by going into “previous convictions” and “old medical reports”. In fact, three level 12 forensic psychiatrists produced a statement about him based only on data stored on him re South Wales Police. He refused to engage in conversation aka “autism”. To think that such psychiatrists can send you to high security prisons such as Broadmoor for life is seriously frightening.
  4. When the Court wanted to grant bail, the CPS duly asked to appeal within two hours, but didn’t.
  5. Hence Maurice was set free, with a next trial date set for 14th November.


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