“Never Believe Anything until it has been Officially Denied” – Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail about Jimmy Savile


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Peter Hitchens writes in Mail Online Savile’s secret is finally out. But what about all the other lies?

Journalisted is an excellent ‘filter’ through which to watch mainstream media. Here it lists around 400 articles mentioning Jimmy Savile.

My late husband used to say that whatever the Government sets up, it achieves the opposite. That’s why I entitled these slides: Child ‘Protection’ or Child Snatching? – My Story as a Web Publisher for this webinar. Here’s a recording. You sign on as a guest adding your name but don’t use the name Guest. Use your own – (No password is needed) and click the play arrow in the middle of the screen and it will play for you.

David Icke’s account is still the most comprehensive one I’ve come across: Jimmy Savile – Doorman to the Cesspit.

How can this possibly be permitted in a supposedly free society?


Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail is on our side! His latest article is entitled Psychiatrists snatching our children? That’s Stalin’s trick. Quotes from the article include the title question as well as:

The abuse of psychiatry is a symptom of tyranny.

If it can be deployed to snatch children, then there is not far to go before it is also used to terrify or subdue opposition. [Remember that Norman Scarth was wise enough to flee his country, for a nasty judge was ready to put him back into jail at 86 years, after he had fought for his country in WWII...]

It’s the not caring that pains me most…

May his article get at least one person who stopped caring to start caring again: about our children, their parents and everybody who objects to tyranny and police states!


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