Joining the dots: between the victims of Child Snatchers and international Paedophile Rings


Let he who hasn't covered up a massive paedoph...

Let he who hasn’t covered up a massive paedophile sex ring cast the first stone (Photo credit: ruSSeLL hiGGs)

Christopher Booker wrote last week: Indians Join Slovaks protesting against UK Child Snatchers in The Telegraph – The behaviour of our ‘child protection’ system is a growing international scandal. Here is the Indian petition to the Indian Government asking to enforce the Right to Return to India. Here is an article that referred to the Dutroux affair in Belgium written in 2008.

The OnlinePublishing Company writes what BBC Newsnight avoided: it names The Paedophile Ring that encircles British Politics some of whom may also be on Labour25.

One of the original articles is here. The list of Operation Ore is here. I deleted one name after his public threat.

  1. Jimmy Savile – the doorman to the cesspit, as in this well researched article
  2. Lord Greville Janner (Labour Peer)
  3. Lord Kaufman (Labour Peer)
  4. Lord Brittan
  5. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
  6. Edward Heath
  7. Lord Robertson
  8. Lord Hardie
  9. Michael Portillo
  10. Derek Laud
  11. Michael Colvin
  12. Lord Montague of Beaulieu
  13. Gordon Brown
  14. Thomas Hamilton
  15. Lord Cullen
  16. Peter Mandelson


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