WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: an evidence-based definition


13 01 14 White Collar CrimesOne serious victim asked me today: what are we arguing about Savile for? The relevant issue for next Tuesday is the outright failure of the Police, local authorities, social care, etc. An apology is not enough.

Well, if only there was an apology! In the cases that I’ve observed since 1998, there are not only crimes but, above all, criminalisation and more cover-ups.

Discovering white collar crimes, one victim at a time, took the following shock therapy for me:

  1. fraudulent bankruptcies
  2. unlawful home repossessions
  3. false imprisonments
  4. financial fraud
  5. child snatching
  6. paedophilia
  7. satanism – as published by the Sunday Express on 13 Jan, 2013. More

GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING: the Threat to the Global Elite and our Hope for the Future


English: Network diagram showing interlocks be...

English: Network diagram showing interlocks between various U.S. corporations and institutions and the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since global strategist Zbigniew Brzesinski expressed his fear of ‘global political awakening‘ at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations:

No matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement.

Mankind is now politically awake.

Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex


Labour25 started by publishing information about 25 convicted paedophiles in the Labour Party. Now there are 36 in total.

And this is their latest story:

The parents of the children swore at the Labour Councillor as he was found guilty of trying to molest their children as he was ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court. The paedophile known as Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood who stood in the dock brings the Labour Party paedophiles to total a staggering 36 with Four others arrested and slipping through the court system. But there was no slipping away from the judge at this court.. and the verdict was guilty.

The Labour25 listed paedophile Manish Sood, spotted an advertisement by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, an online service with a part time work column. Paedophile Manish Sood then decided to phone her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. The child got frightened and was so scared, she told no-one but her friend in her school. She told her friend what the paedophile Labour councillor was asking her to do for him. He sent scores of filthy text messages and phone calls of an explicit nature. More

World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenTrust the web to make magic happen – in this case thanks to Salem-News:

1. World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

Activists demand freedom for Musa children and one of their outspoken advocates.

2. Beyond the Rule of Law: Being a Political Prisoner in HMP Cardiff

The Trials and Tribulations by a Chronic Litigant in Person Aged 66

Police accused of silence on crime


This article in the Northumberland Gazette does not come as a surprise to us ‘seasoned victims’.

What’s good is that Ronnie Campbell, Labour MP for Blyth, has stepped in!

However, the article focusses more on releasing information to the media than investigating crimes. For our experience has most definitely been that the Police does not seem to want to investigate white collar crimes or any other in Paulette Cooper‘s case whose perpetrator had too many ‘mates’ in the Police.

Or, as in Maurice J Kirk BVSc‘s case: they are bullying and harassing him to the point of putting a ‘firearms response’ in place, i.e. be ready to shoot to kill.

Long live Crime and Disorder as a replacement for Law and Order!…

Business Solidarity: Russian entrepreneuress teaches us how to deal with corrupt police and bureaucrats

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Russian entrepreneurs lead fight against corruption is the title of an article in the online supplement of the Russian Gazette.

Published by the Telegraph, this article describes the ‘epidemic proportions’ that corruption has reached in Russia, with some 70,000 enterprises being targeted.

In the UK, it was only 75,000 home repossessions that were ‘planned’ for 2011 …

Royal Commission on Policing


On the occasion of our last meeting, John Hemming MP proved to be a most supportive MP even though I’m not aware of a victim in his constituency so far.

Here he is proposing a Royal Commission on Policing as an Early Day Motion – to test how many other MPs might consider it an issue.

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