Grandma B and other Elderly Victims


Just as every child that gets snatched is a family drama and a shame for society, so is every elderly victim of this society at least an embarrassment, if not a scandal such as Grandma B’s story.

This was a first announcement – as organised white collar crime – what other description would be adequate?

Here’s a summary page about this special group of victims of a society that suffers more and more from the lack of the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. But who makes the connections necessary?

It’s a Fit Up: excellent article about another shocking imprisonment


The Sovereign Independent is an excellent paper, and here is an excellent article about another shocking imprisonment related to child abuse aka paedophilia.

Robert Green has been exposing the abuse that Hollie Greig has endured and the harassment she and her mother have been subjected to.

What ‘gratitude’ when asking for justice and fairness! Children and vulnerable adults such as Hollie Greig get traumatised. Parents and supporters get gagged, criminalised and imprisoned. Are human rights worth the paper they are written on???

A good radio show with Brian Gerrish here.


World Wide Protest against Child Abuse: Tuesday, 6th March 2012


Supported by Victims Unite!

One Voice for Kids has initiated The Worldwide Peaceful Protest that I’m picking up to continue the tradition of meetings in Westminster. More details as they evolve, but do mark Tuesday, 6th March in your calendar!

Meanwhile, please check these links:
Against Child Abuse Network

One Voice for the Kids

Parents Injustice Groups Scotland

Anonymous UK has organised a demo in Haringey Council for Saturday 3rd March, 1 – 4pm

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