SORRY for ‘shameful’ forced adoptions and MONEY for records tracing and mental health care


Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia.

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: thinboyfatter)

A sigh of relief seemed to have gone across the UK today – thanks to this announcement by the Australian PM:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued an apology to people affected by Australia’s forced adoption policy between the 1950s and 1970s.

Tens of thousands of babies of unmarried, mostly teenage mothers, were thought to have been taken by the state and given to childless married couples.

Many women said they were coerced into signing away their children.

… practices that were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal.

The report was based on submissions by hundreds of women.

Here, we are publishing

we have submitted

In its way of reporting the good news, the excellent blog Researching Reform points out that Australia has always been something of a leading light! More

THE POLICE STATE uses a Private Call Centre for Hiding Behind


13 03 03 FraudVICTIMS of white collar crimes, UNITE! [Sorry about the negative news after the positive one before.]

Fraud is a nice short word for ‘white collar crime’. Blue collar workers commit more physical crimes. No wonder that the Police feels incapable. They are more the physical type, aren’t they: “It’s above our heads.”

But they can go into all the sophistication necessary to detect computer crimes and can hire accountants and anybody smart enough to investigate accounts, paper work and computer trails, when it is in … whose interest???

So what’s the real reason for the Police passing its responsibilities relating to fraud over to a call centre – as the Daily Mail writes in Fraud victims swindled out of thousands of pounds told to forget police and contact a call centre?

  1. Is the crime ‘worth investigating’? (My credit card theft of £200 was NOT!)
  2. “Action Fraud” will just be a data entry team and statistics compiler. NO action in other words.

The Government can’t really do much except set up new institutions and organisations or rename Governmental departments and shuffle jobs, titles and people.

  • It uses money to pay people to ‘do their job’.
  • Or it sets up private companies and becomes a client for them.
  • As ‘money’ has become an economic weapon and tool for control rather than a medium of exchange, another ‘fob off organisation’ needs to be created to protect the Government and the City of London; it’s obvious to those who stopped believing what the mainstream media are telling them…


  • Ismail describes it excellently as ‘Silent Fraud‘ in his comment to the previous post – since the institutions responsible for ‘implementing the law’ fail to do their job in the courts and especially the family courts. More

ROYAL COMMISSION into Child Abuse: when Online Petitioning becomes a Threat of Imprisonment


The email below is a serious cry for help from a brave Englishman who is threatened with prison – as the Thank You for using HMG’s e-petition site to save more children from ‘care’, wrongful adoptions and paedophiles. Please note the Australian precedent of 12 Nov 2012: to set up a Royal Commission into child abuse!

Hi from Michael Murrin,

Following the sending of my letters to the Queen, The Prime Minister, Lord Justice Mummery and Bernard Hogan-Howe, things are now stirring in the swamp! On December 24th a letter was typed up in No: 10, it reads:-

Dear Mr Murrin,

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 15th December. I am sorry to learn that you were unhappy with the reply you received from the Home Office.

Your correspondence is currently under consideration,

Your sincerely,

It will be interesting to see what response I receive next.  The main thrust of this campaign is to:-

13 01 05 e-petition PIE1. Secure the release of the documents related to The Paedophile Information Exchange which are held in government archives.

13 01 05 e-petition Commission

2. To have established a Royal Commission into child care and child abuse in the UK.

The above letter was received by me on Friday January 4th.  Today, Saturday 5th January, I received another letter via Special Delivery.  This is a solicitors letter and, in effect, I am being threatened with committal to prison. Forgive me but I cannot go into the detail of who is making this move but be assured it is a serious move and it may well be that I will be incarcerated in due course.


The list of paedophile names in the hands of the Prime Minister – thanks to Philip Schofield on “This Morning”


In this interview, the PM still believes that his country works:

  • the Police protects potential and actual victims
  • the Courts deliver Justice
  • the CPS ensures that perpetrators are brought to Justice.

Organising meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster has taught me otherwise and led me to publishing Victims Unite:

In short: anything that is meant to be true, is false, and anything that is meant to be false, turns out to be true. But it’s a tough  learning curve to come to these realisations!

That’s what the Emperor’s Clothes was about and that’s what we are waking up to, in a kind of shock therapy. The PM can’t escape this rude awakening either, it seems – thanks to the marvels of the internet!

The list of the elite paedophiles is here. A list of Labour paedophiles is on And an abuse survivor has put a list of some 16,000 paedophiles together:

The list of UK names in Operation Ore is here.


Lord Falconer (Secret Family Courts) flatmate of Tony Blair (Adoption Targets)


The Purpose of this Report is to Assess whether Judge Duggan is able to conduct a fair hearing in accordance with Judicial Procedure and Article 6 of the Human Rights Act.

My name is Jane. I am a Family Rights Campaigner and prepare this report for the information of the court.

I have studied the following subjects: English language, English literature, Mathematics, German language, Environmental science, Needlework , History, Painting and Decorating, Graphic design, hair and beauty, Youth work, CLAIT, Psychology, Scientific Psychology, Film and Television Production.

Hotel Operative various locations (Dudley, Torquay, Stratford Upon Avon, Walsall and Newquay Duties: chamber maid, silver service waitress, barworker, catering and various hotel administration duties)

Personal Care Worker – Adults with learning difficulties Mary Chambers House, Tipton
Duties: Bathing, assisting clients with their personal care, preparing breakfast, taking clients out into the community, writing up reports.

Voluntary worker – various positions within the local community

Chairperson – Summer Hill Kids Action Group, Tipton
Duties: Founding member, responsible for funding applications, business planning, Constitution planning, health and safety, child protection and committee member

School Governor – Princes End Primary School, Tipton
Duties: Acting school governor

Community Learning Champion –  Smethwick and Tipton
Duties: Responsible for establishing a pilot scheme for education within the community – liaising and co-ordinating with local providers and members of the community, creating publicity, promoting the project, arrangement of groupwork provision, overcoming barriers preventing disadvantaged members of the community retutning to education eg liasing with SureStart for crech facilities.

Volunteer Co-ordinator – SureStart Tipton
Managing volunteers, empowering parents, establishing mother and toddler groups, organising launch event, creating publicity, designing mascot, supervision, and a member of the partnership board.

Family Rights Campaigner – present
Duties: campaigning for more transparency in family courts, advising parents on their rights, supporting parents through trauma, exposing corruption within the system, researching experts used in the courts, campaigning for professionals that mislead the court to be held accountable in a criminal court, campaign against Forced Adoption, writing various articles in the family justice system.


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