New e-petition targeted at HM Treasury: Withdraw Barclays’ Banking Licence!


HM Treasury building

Short and to the point: Withdraw Barclays’ Banking Licence!

Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

Within a capitalist economy banks perform a vital function in facilitating the production and exchange of goods and services. In return for fulfilling this role responsibly they are allowed to hold a banking licences, which brings them great benefits in terms of the ability to create money through making loans. The systematic manipulation of the LIBOR value to serve its business interests makes clear that Barclays is not a fit company to hold a banking licence. We call upon the government to withdraw Barclays banking licence.

A television crew from Sky News visited Molly Scott Cato at home to interview her about the manipulation of inter-bank lending rates by Barclays and the resignation of its chief executive Bob Diamond. This appeared on appeared on Sky news earlier this month.


Norman Scarth is FREE again: press coverage


Free again!

And this time the mainstream media did their reporting, albeit with a certain slant, based on the release produced by the Press Association:

  • Sky News and ITV

In print:

and in the blogosphere:

Much more if you google!


Gerald Carroll: the biggest criminal fraud heist in British history


“This is crime” Gerald Carroll says on this video, once running the third largest private business empire in the UK. Today he is BANKRUPT and he believes his life is in danger!… Sounds familiar?

“Systematically defrauded of millions and millions of pounds!”

SkyNews seems to be the only mainstream media outlet interested in his story:

There are a 154 videos on the YouTube channel PublicInterests where the comments are significant reading. It introduces itself by

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case is the largest organized crime offshore tax evasion fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

Report by The Guardian 0n 6 May, 2000:

Online Presence

carroll trust’s Instablog:

3 August, 2009: Guardian’s = BLACKOUT = Britain’s Biggest Tax Fraud Scotland Yard Carroll $1,000,000,000 Trust Case

7 July, 2011: FBI Los Angeles Sensational Disclosures Howard Hughes Gerald Carroll Billion Dollar Trust Loet & Loeb LLP Fraud Case


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