“Name & Shame Social Workers” has hit limit of 5000 comments


The World needs to Know is a ‘mirror site’ of the Name and Shame Social Services workers blog, which has reached the limit of 5000 comments – just to illustrate how big the problem is!!!

And there’s a link to Social Workers Named on bebo:

The problem with love is
that it tears you up from the inside
but makes us stronger in the end…

In one of my critical moments in life my mum said:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!…

Let’s keep loving! Passionately!

Among the ‘news bites’

My daddy doesn’t listen, he did things to me that he shouldn’t and now I can’t see mummy…


Your Honour

This is a copy of the letter I sent to my daughter. I did not write what SS told me to as they said I had to say that I was happy that she was living with her dad. Of course I am not and I cannot lie to my daughter. They said she is very nervous and they wanted to use me to make her feel safe.

I hope that you are getting a clearer picture of this case.

Kind regards

Vicky Haigh

To my darling Sylvia(name changed so that I as the blogger can’t be committed to prison for violating a “Reporting Restriction Order” that is a huge fake; I’ve already had to delete one post.)

I have not been allowed to see you, write to you or send you anything  for the last few months even though I have cried to see you.  I can  now write you a letter explaining what has been happening.


Child protection in practice, structure and system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive


This is how one of the commentators on Christopher Booker‘s article in The Telegraph reworded the actual title: The family justice system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive.

Here are some ‘succulent’ quotes:

Very occasionally… the victims come up against a judge with the independence of mind to challenge the dishonesty of the social workers who have driven the system off the rails.

Fortunately, the mother has found one of those rare legal teams prepared to challenge the system.

Best of all, she seems to have found a judge robust enough to see through the perversity and arrogance of all those who, at great public expense, are lined up on the other side, seemingly hell-bent on perpetuating a vicious travesty of justice.

The article is based on this 227-page Family Justice Review Interim Report.

The Ministry of Justice publishes the Panel member biographies here.

Page 192 lists:

David Norgrove

John Coughlan CBE

Mr Justice Andrew McFarlane

Dame Gillian Pugh OBE

Keith Towler

Baroness Shireen Ritchie

Government representatives:

Sarah Albon, Director, Justice Policy Group, Ministry of Justice

Shirley Trundle CBE, Director, Families Group, Department for Education

Robert Piclford, Director of Social Services, Department of Health and Social Services, Wales


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