“We are looking at the biggest failure to protect children in the history of Britain”: Scallywag Magazine in the 90s


This 4-page article by Angus James in the now defunct Scallywag magazine couldn’t be more explicit about what was going on around No 10 and the children’s foster homes. It must have been published around 1994.

Justice Denied is one of the blogs publishing it. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for Scallywag magazine.

I know from one of the daughters of a couple whose children were snatched that they are taken at night to dark places where there are only men.

Here is a most comprehensive summary of how you get from Jimmy Savile to Lord McAlpine.

David Icke (52,000 followers) seems to be leading this “Trial by Twitter”:

An Open Letter to Lord Alistair McAlpine by former Sunday Times journalist for Trial by Twitter


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Ishtar’s Gate is a website with discussion forum that I came across thanks to Twitter which I hardly use. But Steven Messham is on Twitter and he is one of the many victims who do need support. He tweeted that the BBC treated him like dirt. That’s NOT ON! He suffered enough as a child!!!

Ishtar must be his biggest supporter, for, as a former Sunday Times journalist, she wrote An Open Letter to Lord Alistair McAlpine which she mentions by tweeting in support of Steven Messham. The letter refers to

  • Lord McAlpine’s lawyer threatening all those on Twitter mentioning his name in connection with paedophilia would be sued for libel
  • an interview he gave to an Australian newspaper in August 2000
  • his book The New Macchiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business – a guide on how to succeed in modern politics by being vile
  • his advice on dealing with the media: spread false defeat to gain public sympathy
  • or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion. More

Children who don’t make a sound – the start of taking the lid of state kidnapping?

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A 6-page article by Bridget Freer in the Sunday Times, accessible for £1 or £2 per week – the beginning of taking the lid of ‘child trafficking’ and possibly state kidnapping, the state stealing children and The Stealing of Baby Harley.

The article says that

60% of the trafficked children taken into protection disappear from local-authority care, presumed to end up back with the traffickers.

For some communities, the incidence of disappearance from local-authority care is even higher. With the Vietnamese trafficking gangs, for instance, it’s as high as 90% because they use extreme control techniques: violence and threats to their families.

As “Third Defendant” aka “The Media & Others”, I have the ‘privilege’ of being at the enforcement end of two ‘gagging orders’ by the lawyers of one Council in South Wales and another one up North. Unfortunately, WordPress, my blog hosting company, doesn’t question the ‘rogue orders’. So I have to show them that they ought NOT enforce what are no lawful documents in the first place.

What’s wrong with these two orders produced by two different lawyers? Here’s a document that spells things out:

  1. a “court order” needs to be served by a Court
  2. it needs to be signed by a judge in wet ink
  3. I find it completely over the top when these lawyers think they cover themselves by writing the “Terms of Service” themselves.

I deleted the submission I made re the validity of an “Injunction Order” and the one that went to the High Court in London re the “Reporting Restriction Order”.

Watch this space!


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