WORSE THAN the Gas Chambers: straight from HMP Cardiff to Ashworth – again!?


13 11 13 Norman and Maurice

South Wales Police

South Wales Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Norman Scarth (87) is among the oldest ‘victim turned starfighters’ I know. He fled to Ireland to avoid the mental hospital he had already experienced once before. From there he is still communicating with various UK courts and launched recently this petition to help his efforts:

That the British State/Government/Supreme Court each do their bit to put an end to the MIS-use of ‘Mental Hospitals’, a practice described by Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn as “Worse Than The Gas Chambers”; the Appeal by Norman Scarth (which is currently before the Supreme Court) being a good opportunity to do so.

Please do consider signing!

Norman shared that mental hospital experience with Maurice J Kirk BVSc who had just been released from Caswell Clinic in South Wales when the two joined us at a meeting in the House of Lords in March 2010. Click here or on the image above to see the videos. More

Important Habeas Corpus Application in Royal Courts of Justice on October 12th


Caul Grant is an incessant campaigner and fighter for justice in courts and the streets with his Campaign for Truth and Justice.

He studied the law, whilst imprisoned for 6 1/2 years. Upon release, he was subjected to a 12-year travel ban.

This is one of the points he wants to raise on Friday October 12th in the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) on the Strand. He uses Habeas Corpus which means the ‘production of a body’, including prisoners. According to Wikipedia,

 It has historically been an important legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary state action.

Whilst waiting for the time to be announced, he will have his campaigning material ready and invites supporters to join him outside the RCJ, starting at 10.30, as he did for two weeks in April this year.


How to Steal a House from an 82-year old Lady in Norfolk: Money buying Brute Force



Reemtsma (Photo credit: asvensson)


This is a case of criminal trespass, of a boundary dispute and of original title map deeds versus UK Land Registry General Boundaries. It is also of false claims, potential false address and the rich Claimant’s abuse of legal system.

Place of Crime – Kings Lynn, W. Norfolk England. Victim – 82 year old Lady and her Son, who has a spinal injury.

Case Summary

April 1 2009 – Claimants destroys old boundary fence, over 50m and plough 200 sqm of Defendant’s Land. Replace fence with stronger poles and upright the pushed over straining post. Three times on 3 April, May and June, fence is broken, cut and finally ‘shredded’ as barbed wire replacement is cut into a 100 pieces of dangerous loops left on the garden. Pets & wildlife risk at risk.

Tractor driver says – ‘you are not using is so we will’. Works for agent Velcourt on the behalf of Eaubrink Farm GmbH.

Show Victims deed map ownership to workers, Farm Manager and Director.


Occupy the Courts – a US wide event on Fri 20 January


End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. These are the ‘taglines’ for the US network of groups Move to Amend.

On Friday 20 January they follow Occupy Wall Street with Occupy the Courts – “leading the charge on the judiciary which created – and continues to expand – corporate personhood rights.”

This is CRUCIAL for the following reasons:

  • private central and other banksters have already ‘emasculated’ all nation states by the Rule of (dishonest) Money
  • “privatisation” has long been part of this process
  • this Rule of Money ensures that Corporations rule the World – a book published in 1995 already
  • corporations ENSURE the absence of personal responsibility
  • corporations always live longer than any individual, especially those that are considered “too big to fail” or “system inherent”.

I wonder when the UK will be ready to follow suit – especially with the idea to Occupy Foreclosed Homes! But “Occupy Veterans” have turned the Old Street Magistrate’s Court in East London already into “Occupy Justice“.

However, the 99% of the UK are invited to participate in The Future of Occupy! More

Same circus (US), different clowns (UK)? Judges who Refuse to Recuse Taint our Justice System


When I attended Caul Grant’s hearing of his appeal for over six years of fraudulent imprisonment, I was surprised that he asked for one of the three judges to recuse himself. They disappeared for a moment but came back with the conclusion that he’d stay… However, he hardly said a word.

This article comes from the US, but was sent to me by Colin Peters, one of the many ‘seasoned victims’ who suggests that it applies in the UK, too. Same circus, different clowns!?…


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