DON’T TAKE MY CHILD on ITV + EXARO News about the Organised Child Sexual Abuse inquiry


14 07 16 ExaroRemarkable, last night’s program Don’t Take my Child in the EXPOSURE series of ITV:

  • the secretly recorded video of a baby taken after birth that resulted in Sir James Munby’s appeal to courts to take the realities of the internet more seriously, particularly social media
  • Ian Josephs who has been helping some 1,000 parents a year for 50 years from Monaco
  • a mum who fled to France to keep her baby: John Hemming MP had said on Russia Today that parents can’t have a fair trial in the UK – due to the secrecy of family courts.

The Pedros had been arrested by Lincoln Police because they were accused of being part of a ‘forced adoption group’ whose policy it is to flee the country!

That’s the child snatching side or #childsnatchuk and #forcedadoption and #forcedadoptionexposed in hashtags.

But then there is #paedobritain, as exposed by EXARO News:


WHO RULES BRITAIN: MPs or Judges? The Home Secretary and the ‘EU Right to Family Life’


Theresa May, the Home Secretary in the Daily Mail - regarding the deportation of foreign criminals:

It is not for the judges to be legislators.

It is essential to democracy that the elected representatives of the people make the laws that govern this country – and not the judges. Yet some seem to believe they can ignore Parliament’s wishes.

… how to balance the foreigner’s right to family life against our nation’s right to protect itself…

… the central idea of our constitution which is that Parliament makes the law, and judges interpret what law is and make sure the executive complies with it.

… our democracy is subverted when judges decide to take on that role for themselves.

I need to write to her, asking about all those foreigners who are kept in prisons – apart from their children – after Local Councils managed to get judges to sanction what they are doing in secret family courts: take their children and hand them to foster carers, paedophiles or adoptive parents…

Who are the real criminals

  • everybody who knows what’s dishonest with our money system but doesn’t change it?
  • white collar criminals paid for working in public authorities, such as Police, IPCC, NHS who commit more crimes to cover up instead of apologising?
  • judges who sanction what white collar criminals get up to?

Do note what Tom Watson MP writes about the 2 kinds of fraud victims have been observing for decades:

  1. fraud by false representation
  2. fraud by failing to disclose information.

How did Cyril Smith get away with paedophilia? By threatening tweeters and bloggers with libel!


English: Join the movement to end child abuse:...

English: Join the movement to end child abuse: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a really good article on Tom Pride’s popular political blog which is repeated on Before it’s news.

There you find eight other related articles by Tom Pride:

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I hope Lord McAlpine isn’t going to sue me for saying this?

It was the police – not the BBC – who wrongly named Lord McAlpine in abuse allegations

High level child abuse cover-up? Why has Theresa May barred a US journalist from the UK?

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Steven Messham is not just a child abuse victim. He’s a hero.

An APOLOGY to The Daily Mail from TOM PRIDE

Child abuse scandal can of worms – just who is Daily Mail reporter David Rose?


We need a super-inquiry into Establishment paedophile rings now – publishes The Mirror


Too good to be true? Is the gap between mainstream media and blogs narrowing?

We send out a clear message to any victim … this is the time for them to speak out … we will make sure that their suffering is atoned for … that perpetrators are brought to justice…

Dear ACPO: is there a policy for Constabularies to not deal with crimes?


This was the Freedom of Information (FoI) request to the Association of Chiel Police Officers (ACPO), made by Paul Randle-Jolliffe.

Paul is asking about crimes committed in public or private family law matters.

Victims of other white collar crimes have established long ago that there is a Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO and the Law Society which would, of course, cover family law, too.

Whilst the FoI request says that it’s waiting for an ‘internal review’, it will be interesting to read the outcome!

John Hemming MP offered to look into 2 – 3 well evidenced cases!

Meanwhile, you can put your own observation / case as  “annotation”. But don’t go into rants, please.

Complaining to the Home Secretary Theresa May MP

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Finding the right kind of ‘targets’ for the right kind of complaint procedure is one of the skills that victims need to learn.

Complaining about solicitors may be the most common one. Here is the list of complaints collated by the Law Society. And here is the link to the new Legal Ombudsman who needs to be told about your experiences.

However, most cases are complex and include unprofessional behaviour by lawyers as one of many contributing factors.

The non-investigation of crimes by Police is another seriously contributing factor. Often this seems to be due to a Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Law Society which has also been published by CASIA – Complaints Against Solicitors, Action for Independent Adjudication. At the meeting, John Hemming MP suggested it requires a Judicial Review which I shall look into.

Here Mr Ebert simply put the evidence together for the Home Secretary Theresa May.

It would be more effective, if you got your MP to do it for you. For as George Wescott‘s MP Ian Liddell Grainger writes, their communication is being ‘fast tracked’.


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