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IRELAND will rise and topple these traitors who practise profit and preach austerity

As the source wrote: Please share this – it is pure genius through poetry and applies 100% the same to the UK as to Ireland…. please circulate this, its’ great rise up, people, rise up!  Shake off the apathy and … Continue reading

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#MONEY: deadly weapon as #MoneyCreation is discussed by MPs

Today is the day that the Backbench Committee has put Money Creation and Society on its agenda – thanks to Positive Money – the ‘next generation’ campaigning group of what we discussed in the House of Lords and Commons since … Continue reading

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#HumanRights Issues become #HumanDuties: in the name of Defenceless Children and Intimidated Parents

Searching BBC News for ‘child abuse’ results in these articles. My selection are these to paint a ‘critical picture’, as I’m preparing follow-ups from my last trip to Brussels. There, a Polish mum addressed the Committee on behalf of ‘defenceless children’ … Continue reading

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TO GAG or not to gag: The Hon. Mr Justice Peter Jackson teaches Medway Council a lesson

Well, that’s a wise judgement in response to a knee jerk reaction by Medway Council. Why on earth do they think they can keep trying to exert their power and abuse it? Who do they think they are? There’s a … Continue reading

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LET’S TALK, TWEET and BLOG about the Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse #TimeToBreakThem!

NOBODY can do it on their own: The Bloggers and Tweeters: 1. Correct Verdict – a new blog – found the theme ‘hard on the eyes’. So I dared to change and go with fresh ideas: the T-shirt to the left … Continue reading

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WHEN THE LAW protects the Monarchy and the Catholic Church and Ireland Colludes with the UK: Kevin Annett returns to Canada

The Irish Government wanted to extradite Kevin Annett to the UK for the law of ‘sedition’ would have brought him into a Court. Kevin Annett is a whistleblower of the United Church of Canada and has set up the International … Continue reading

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CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL raises disturbing questions about UK establishment or how #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain

This is an excellent article on Russia Today by fabulous investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It joins a number of important dots that are ‘difficult to digest’ and ‘hard to process': on average, one child is taken every 20 minutes, as Channel … Continue reading

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