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Sex, Money or both; Pleasure or Pain, Carrot or Stick: where’s Humanity’s Consciousness?

Tony Gosling is a former BBC reporter and a ‘big picture man’. I enjoy talking to him. He asks pertinent questions and creates programs that are more than interviews. Last night he put this program together: British royal cult behind Diana … Continue reading

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We’re not alone: #European Conference on Covert #Harassment of Civilians, Berlin 01/02 October #HumanRights #NWO #Whistleblowers #TargetedIndividuals

What does anything mean any more when this conference is necessary to be organised, first in Brussels, now in Berlin? European Conference on Covert Harassment of Civilians – 01/02 October http://covertharassmentconference.com/ What is it that keeps most people asleep while … Continue reading

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THE RIGGED #ELECTION: #Voters Unite! #TaxPayers Revolt! Mainstream Media #MSM Believers Disbelieve!

Leonard Cohen sang in Everybody Knows “the poor stay poor, the rich get rich.” A commentator recently put “where money talks, the poor walks.” Unfortunately, not everybody knows yet what more and more people are beginning to realise when you … Continue reading

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#WhistleblowerKids #Pauffley #BBC: Britain’s reputation plummets to the disgrace of us all?

This is a fabulous assessment of a ‘lamentable situation’ – a comment on the blog specialising on the whistleblower kids. The particular post was in response to 33 points that the BBC [Producer of Victoria Derbyshire program Eleanor Plowden] wanted to address … Continue reading

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FROM ‘Societal Disillusionment’ to ‘Social Empowerment’: #WhistleblowerKids trigger news

It ain’t easy to grasp, understand make sense of – the tagline of my blog ‘Whistleblower Kids’ in the Court of Public Interest: From Child Snatching and the Secrecy of Family Courts to Forced Adoptions, Child Sexual Exploitation and Satanic … Continue reading

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JOINING Video Dots with #WhistleblowerKids: Exposing World run by Powerful #Paedophiles

These seven video minutes put together by InfoWars of the AlexJones Channcel include statements by one of the Whistleblower Kids. I have been active on their behalf as the mother’s primary McKenzie Friend since November 2014. The mother’s Position Statement was … Continue reading

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ACCORDING to #EUDirectives you behaved lawfully and the #UKauthorities not

According to EU Directives you behaved lawfully Sabine and the UK authorities have not. This is the conclusion carried out by a lady I ‘met’ on Facebook, before my three accounts were deleted / banned / blocked. It was this UK Infringement … Continue reading

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