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LORD JAMES of BLACKHEATH on historic child trafficking and current child abuse

7.57 pm – 09 June 2014 – Column 207 – Hansard Publications Lord James of Blackheath (Con): My Lords, I have indicated previously the impact that forced migration has had upon my family. We had in the Queen’s Speech a Bill for dealing with the … Continue reading

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CORRUPTION @ the World Bank – Exposed by Senior Counsel Karen A Hudes @ the root of all evil

This revelation by a US whistleblower may be late, but more and more people realise that the issue is ‘money’ and the ‘money supply’, i.e. what we’ve been investigating with the Forum for Stable Currencies since the 90s. Karen A … Continue reading

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WOULD YOU SEND a 1 year-old American baby girl from peaceful UK to war-zone Ukraine?

BREAKING NEWS ~ UKRAINIAN STORY The identities of all in this piece are for the moment concealed, pending the judge’s decision on Monday Would you send a 1 year-old American baby girl from peaceful UK to war-zone Ukraine? This is … Continue reading

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“I ASK THE PUBLIC TO TAKE NOTICE”, especially in Chester and Cheshire West: criminal secret family courts

It couldn’t be more direct and more clear, as I am quoting Tom Dobby, the consultant physicist on the video below: “JUDGE BARNETT, you are a criminal and a child abuser. STEVE ROBINSON, HELEN JONES, you are criminal persons. ANDREA … Continue reading

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CLOSED COURTROOMS only protect bad judges and bad lawyers, said US Judge Judy in Ireland

Open the doors and the curtains, enters America’s supposedly most famous Judge Judy who recommends cameras in all Irish courtrooms! That was in April 2013. Would she know what goes on in UK family courts??? From the comments: “The most … Continue reading

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B..SING ourselves & society: rape victims are ‘unwilling sperm recipients’

American George Carlin (1937 – 2008) was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, actor, and writer/author who won five Grammy Awards for his comedy albums. Carlin was noted for his black humor as well as his thoughts on politics, … Continue reading

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TOWARDS a 2014 of BREAK-THROUGHS – and break-OUTS from the Asylum that the Lunatics are running

Now do you believe us? was an article that caused me to write a blog post not long ago – on the site of a Portuguese family whose five children were taken by Lincoln Council. Remember what’s unique in the … Continue reading

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