SUICIDE or Murder? When victimisation becomes too much…


A very effective video about a ‘case’ that is representative for many victims of unscrupulous organisations such as Grant Thornton… One just wonders what it’s like working there… And what it feels like when one prefers to be cruel and commit crimes than quitting one’s job to ‘make a living’…


With thanks from Jeff Lampert of Help4Lips [Litigants in Person]

GLC LAMBETH BROTHEL SE1: Room 96 Regular User Pass Key found; who wants it back?


13 03 10 Lambeth Brothel

This key fob was found by Stanley Embling, one of the MANY victims of white collar crimes, in 2002, outside Kings Cross Station.

  • Who has been craving to get it back?
  • Which company produced these key fobs?
  • How many?
  • Who paid for the bill?
  • Who sold them?
  • To whom?
  • From when to when?
  • Where exactly?

The Greater London Council (GLC) was dissolved in 1986, Wikipedia tells us…

Lambeth Council has sacked Brian Pead for speaking out on behalf girls being groomed only recently. Does this key fob bear some clues?

Greetings to our famous friends: Who, What, When, Where and Why.  More

What is worse: getting your home or your children stolen?


Bankruptcy Filings...

I started Victims Unite because it seemed necessary to distinguish between monetary causes and  their effects: victims of financial exploitation and legal fraud.

Shocked by four fraudulent bankruptcies, I tried to help. But besides discovering more and more horror stories, I also discovered child snatching as a major issue.

When mainstream media pick up an issue, it becomes credible. Hence I put this collection of titles and links together as an overview.

And today we have the Western Mail, the National Newspaper of Wales, having Concerns raised over Welsh children taken into care sent to live miles from their homes.


Helping to cover up government crime is the legal profession’s most dangerous weakness


Now that’s a bold statement as a title, isn’t it!? Enjoy the article!

We all know about the legal profession covering up what we call ‘white collar crime’. We also know that this covers governmental agencies who are committing such crimes. But, so far,

  • against individual victims of all sorts of wrong-doings
  • particularly badly when snatching children.

Now, William Finnerty addresses head on what monetary reformers have been analysing for years: the debt-based money system that, in the UK, came into being with the founding of the Bank of England thanks to the Bank of England Act 1694.

I’ve always maintained that the Bank of England (the head of the banking cartel) should pay triple the value of the National Debt to the Treasury (the puppet government).


Grandma B and other Elderly Victims


Just as every child that gets snatched is a family drama and a shame for society, so is every elderly victim of this society at least an embarrassment, if not a scandal such as Grandma B’s story.

This was a first announcement – as organised white collar crime – what other description would be adequate?

Here’s a summary page about this special group of victims of a society that suffers more and more from the lack of the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. But who makes the connections necessary?

Silence is fraud’s best friend. Word of mouth is fraud’s worst enemy. Pass the word. TM

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This excellent slogan has been Trademark protected by Fraud Aid, an American non-profit organization.

They write: Fraud victims are not helpless – the’re just made to feel that way… And they’ve produced The Fraud Victim’s Manual with the following titles:

Stop Reliving the Fraud – 12 Steps to Getting Your Life Back on Track

Write a Fraud Report that really works! How to Write an organized fraud report that law enforcement will pay attention to.

Your home could be stolen – Sunday Express


This article was published on Sunday, March 6, 2011 and is a very ‘soft’ version of the criminalities that our victims have experienced.

Criminals are taking advantages of changes in the law to transfer the ownership of land and property to themselves.

As always, the comments from people with real life experiences say what we know, too: it’s been going on for ages… It didn’t need the internet!…


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