TOWARDS 200,000 Views and the Non-Adoption of a War against Shills


I set up Victims Unite in August 2010, when Paulette Cooper was still alive. She had been my main strategic co-thinker, as her victimisation covered everything from bankruptcy to home repossession and NHS cover-up, besides domestic violence. She knew from experience how ‘the system’ had betrayed her. And she was very spiritual in her attitude, always emphasising the Positive, without giving ‘oxygen’ or attention to negativity.

Why communicate with people who are nasty to you, when you can talk to and email people who are kind?

No, I shall not enter or support a ‘war on shills‘. I shall not betray my vision of a ‘peace network’ of computers and people protecting our planet which brought me to London in 1981. Neither shall I betray my mum who saved me through the bombings of Dresden 68 years ago. In a video I saw on an anniversary site, a witness said that she had seen a woman standing with her pram, but both she and her child were dead. They were suffocated from the air that was full of soot. My mum had taken some of my pampers and wetted them to protect her breathing… She called me ‘Sabine’ after the women who had carried their babies between the warring armies in Rome – to STOP the men from fighting.  More

What is worse: getting your home or your children stolen?


Bankruptcy Filings...

I started Victims Unite because it seemed necessary to distinguish between monetary causes and  their effects: victims of financial exploitation and legal fraud.

Shocked by four fraudulent bankruptcies, I tried to help. But besides discovering more and more horror stories, I also discovered child snatching as a major issue.

When mainstream media pick up an issue, it becomes credible. Hence I put this collection of titles and links together as an overview.

And today we have the Western Mail, the National Newspaper of Wales, having Concerns raised over Welsh children taken into care sent to live miles from their homes.


World Wide Protest against Child Abuse: Tuesday, 6th March 2012


Supported by Victims Unite!

One Voice for Kids has initiated The Worldwide Peaceful Protest that I’m picking up to continue the tradition of meetings in Westminster. More details as they evolve, but do mark Tuesday, 6th March in your calendar!

Meanwhile, please check these links:
Against Child Abuse Network

One Voice for the Kids

Parents Injustice Groups Scotland

Anonymous UK has organised a demo in Haringey Council for Saturday 3rd March, 1 – 4pm

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Can we demonstrate that institutionalised child abuse is a matter of Public Interest?


Whether it’s cancer, bankruptcy or child snatching: we’re only concerned once we are touched ourselves. And when it hits us, we’re looking around: who’s there to help / console / advise us???

When your child is being taken away and you have to flee to Ireland like a political refugee – as happened to Vicky Haigh – to make sure that “Unborn Haigh” is not snatched as well, I feel helpless and powerless.

But I also feel enraged. And it’s this ‘wrath of god’ that fired me into starting another online petition – so that we can show we are NOT isolated cases. We are part of a horrible pattern of institutionalised abuse, violence and cruelty.

Will you click and sign The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW?

Clairvoyant Eve Pears, Coventry, talks about the abduction of her daughter


Eve Pears’ daughter was prevented from schooling through bullying and drug dealing at her school.

Learning how to fight in court, she ended up with the threat of being ‘sectioned’, after her house was broken into.

Meanwhile, her daughter seems to ‘groomed’ for sexual abuse, involving Police and possibly the judiciary…

A harrowing account by a hounded woman.


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