CAPITALISM EXPOSED: ‘money’ as the cause and victims of white collar crimes as the effect

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13 02 08 Capitalism ExposedCapitalism Exposed is my latest ‘web baby’. It puts together

  • money sites to illustrate problems, solutions and tell the stories of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhamad Yunus and his ideas of ‘social business and the future of capitalism’ as well as the Forum for Stable Currencies
  • victim sites to do PR of victims whose emotional, financial and legal pains does not get exposure in the mainstream media
  • online petitions as a political tool to gather not only signatures, but, most revealing comments
  • meetings at Westminster – to empower, inspire and connect people – not as tourists, but as victims trying to become survivors, starfighters, campaigners, activists and advocates
  • meetings in Courts – to support those who dare to stand their ground while facing a system designed to run them down.

Having just become an IBM Partner, I can focus again on data and software. But first I need to finish my NASA challengeMore

CHANGING the SYSTEM means changing the culture, ethics, attitudes, dishonesty, privilege and tribalism of Britain


13 01 13 John WardThis morning I am still somewhat recovering from yesterday’s meeting. Before turning its outcomes into activity, I just copy what John Ward, publisher of the very popular The Slog wrote:

I was in a House of Commons committee room for much of yesterday, and you’ll all be relieved to know that there is no longer any water for sessions there. Given yesterday’s news (not really news, just the first time it’s been admitted) that our banks are nowhere near the target of refilled balance sheets, I suppose the Commons water was bound to go in the end.

But was there any other evidence to hand in the Palace of Westminster that our doom is at hand? Not really: I met and spoke with two MPs – diligent and concerned, don’t doubt it – but neither of them seemed that aware of how dysfunctionally unpopular the political class is across Europe.

More remarkable were the ordinary people in the room grappling with serious legal, constitutional, police and power-abuse issues. Mums imprisoned spitefully, armed police raiding family homes, people being declared in need of mental assessment for arguing with social workers, businesses being fraudulently declared insolvent, judges exceeding their powers while ignoring evidence. And volunteer intermediaries dedicated to helping those stuck in a Kafkaesque world in which the law says one thing but the authorities do another.

“It’s the system,” people kept saying, “We must change the system”. I don’t agree, I’m afraid. You have to change the culture, ethics, attitudes, dishonesty, privilege, and inflexibly dated tribalism of Britain. Just making the system tougher without doing that will simply mean more new laws – and more cynical new ways of getting round them.


“Never Believe Anything until it has been Officially Denied” – Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail about Jimmy Savile


English: Image produced by uploader.

English: Peter Hitchens. Image produced by uploader. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Hitchens writes in Mail Online Savile’s secret is finally out. But what about all the other lies?

Journalisted is an excellent ‘filter’ through which to watch mainstream media. Here it lists around 400 articles mentioning Jimmy Savile.

My late husband used to say that whatever the Government sets up, it achieves the opposite. That’s why I entitled these slides: Child ‘Protection’ or Child Snatching? – My Story as a Web Publisher for this webinar. Here’s a recording. You sign on as a guest adding your name but don’t use the name Guest. Use your own – (No password is needed) and click the play arrow in the middle of the screen and it will play for you.

David Icke’s account is still the most comprehensive one I’ve come across: Jimmy Savile – Doorman to the Cesspit.

You must obey gagging orders! Talking about them means: your BBC Posting has been removed :(

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There is a good article by Parliamentary correspondent Mark D’Arcy on this BBC site News UK Politics about Parliamentary privilege, MPs and super-injunctions. 

The suggestion is to

draw clear lines in the sand between the courts and Parliament and set out what the rules should be for the media, too.

But what our parliamentarians are allowed to say, and the extent to which it can be reported, is more than just a techie issue for Westminster nerds…

Indeed. That’s why I wrote:

As a blogger and online activist, I have the ‘privilege’ of being hit by one “Injunction Order” from a Council in Wales regarding the Stealing of Baby Harley [] and the Reporting Restriction Order regarding Vicky Haigh where the gag was removed. 

The blog hosting company WordPress effectively forces me to take Councils to court so that I can blog…

Well, on Monday I shall attempt to get the Reporting Restriction Order removed in Court.

The Law is an illusion…

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Here’s a comment from “expert victim” Peter B:

“Many years ago I learnt the lesson that lots of judgements were  written out before the hearing took place, i.e. fiddled and that the law is an illusion.

It is just there to make money for the solicitors, barristers and the Courts and to stop the “people” committing anarchy  by perpetuating the fraud that we have the best justice system in the world.”

This proved right in the case of Mrs Little. Here’s her solicitor’s letter. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Mrs Little Page1

Mrs Little Page1

Mrs Little Page2

Mrs Little Page2

Mrs Little Page3

Mrs Little Page3


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