THANK YOU to all 120,001 Visitors for the 2nd birthday of Victims Unite!


Victims Unite 120,001As long as we can’t either win individual cases or make progress in terms of changing “the system”, I can hardly feel pleased. However, I follow the following guidelines:

  1. Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial.
  2. As long as the mainstream media don’t cover enough of our problems, we must ‘compensate’ with internet media.
  3. Just as mainstream media ‘boast’ with ratings and circulation figures, so bloggers are happy with good numbers of visits to their sites.

Victims Unite was started on 2nd August 2010, after Room 14 – a Foundation for Change in April 2009 (2,589 visitors) and Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 in June 2009 (30,936 visitors). Since then, More

John Hemming’s Family Justice Bill for public consultation on his website


This Family Justice Private Members bill is amazingly comprehensive and reflects John Hemming’s exceptional intelligence: studied physics, speaking five human languages, while typing umpteen programming languages AND playing three musical instruments to performance standard!

One cannot but trust his judgement. He is extremely well informed by virtue of having over 1,600 family cases on file. But as listed here, he is also or has been on the right kind of Select Committees to ‘know what is going on’ and to assess the best leverage for change in Parliament:

  • Regulatory Reform
  • Procedure
  • Joint Committee on the Draft Legal Services Bill
  • Modernisation of the House of Commons
  • Backbench Business
  • Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
  • Standing Orders.

Part 1: Transparency and accountability More

Demanding Investigation into Social Services snatching children under false pretences


Family Courts and incompetent expert witnessesIt’s sooo difficult for people to think the unthinkable and believe the unbelievable: that Social Services are there to SNATCH children for all sorts of purposes, and definitely incentivised by money.

To make this more ‘acceptable’, I compiled key articles from mainstream media. But that still hasn’t been enough to change!

John Hemming is the only MP who consistently makes all sorts of efforts to make change happen.

So people make their own demands on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. When will it be enough, I wonder???

What has to happen for ‘orders from above’ to stop this child snatching aka state kidnapping that is sanctioned by judges in family and even criminal courts?

New video for anybody who can’t believe that Child Snatching is happening


No, you can’t believe that it is happening. And you must wonder why. I was alarmed to it for the first time in July 2010, when I published this document on one of my blogs.

Eventually, I had enough emails to do what I like doing: publish information that I consider important. This time it was about a woman whose eigth child was taken. It was allergic to industrial milk and she had photos how mother’s milk bottles in the fridge, as Social Services had not picked them up. Result: an ‘injunction order’ by Swansea Council – via! That’s how I learned about the secrecy in family courts.

However, what was immediately obvious to me was the falsification of seemingly official documents. I had seen those kind of ‘mistakes’ in bankruptcies, home repossessions and other ‘white collar crimes’.  More

Norman Scarth on Victims Unite has become a “Dangerous Page”


Dangerous page

Thanks to “Alien from Saturn” I was alerted to the fact that the page I produced on Norman Scarth has become “dangerous”.

The “security package” Trend Micro Titanium has ‘stigmatised’ my page hosted by WordPress:

Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud.

Please close this page.

So now we don’t fight in the trenches any more, Norman. Now it’s about cyber trenches, where only others see what someone running Trend Micro does against me and you…

Maybe they’ll still sign one or both petitions to help you:

Doncaster Council tries to gag me by fooling WordPress again


MP John Hemming outs Doncaster Council over injunction – this was the headline in METRO on 26 April, 2011.

On the same day John Hemming MP published on his blog Gag Removed – Job Done.

On 13 May I started

People may be in contempt of court. But when courts try to gag MPs and contact with them, they are in contempt of Parliament which is where the law of the land is being made!


Towards a registered charity: Victims Anonymous!


It takes £1,000 to register a charity. The advantage is for donors to be able to deduct their donations from their tax bill.

We’ve been operating withoug funds ever since we started in 1998, everybody contributing time and efforts for free, with occasionally some money for printing a programme or paying a phone or internet bill.

As soon as I have that charity registration number, I want to place big DONATE buttons on my various websites, hoping that people will respond to

Meanwhile I want the name to be Victims Anonymous and have formulated the following objectives:

  1. To aid victims of white collar crimes, such as financial exploitation, legal oppression and emotional cruelty
  2. To provide emotional, legal and financial support through face-to-face meetings
  3. To build mutual support networks by making best use of social media.

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