The Wall Street Journal Europe: Slovak Government Challenges U.K. Foster-Care Ruling


While Wall Street and its Journal reached eastwards, into ‘Emerging Europe’, I guess it came as a surprise to learn about this Slovakian family that was broken and destroyed by Surrey Social Services.

Let’s hope that, soon, everybody knows that the Adoption system is UK’s shameful secret.

But then, the UK is unique in five points, as put together by Ian Josephs who, with a law degree from Oxford, has watched Forced Adoption since the 60s.

Here’s a mainstream media overview that should have made a difference already, but hasn’t… And here is a wonderful selection of photos to remind us of LIFE between birth and death…

On October 26th, John Hemming MP’s Family Justice Bill will get its 2nd hearing. How many MPs will be there??? Use WriteToThem to ask yours!

Invitations to Online Activists: Abolish the City, Inquiry into Policing and Restore Magna Carta!


City of London CorporationThis excellent news came as a text message from journalist Tony Gosling: John McDonnell MP has tabled an Early Day Motion about the abuse of power by the City of London Corporation:

That this House congratulates the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for its thorough research in exposing the abuse of power by the City of London Corporation in using its public resources in a multi-million pound lobbying exercise to distort Government policies, in particular its tax regime, in the interests of the banks and finance houses that control the City Corporation through its undemocratic electoral system based on the business vote; and calls on the Government to instigate an urgent independent inquiry into the role and influence of the City Corporation with the aim of bringing forward proposals for its abolition.

Everybody who knows that and how we’ve been trying to redress the imbalance between Westminster and the City since 1998 will know that this brings a smile on my face!

What can you do? Ask your MP to sign the EDM by using WriteToThem.

And while you’re emailing your MP, check whether they are one of the 91 MPs who signed the request for a Royal Commission on Policing.



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