This blog is meant to inspire, empower and connect you with others who suffer and have suffered. It is the continuation of Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

Ever since I’ve organised meetings in the House of Lords or Commons (since 1998) called Forum for Stable Currencies, people came with horrendous stories to tell, and I felt too powerless to help.

By now, there are enough “veteran victims” who have learned from bitter experiences and who support and help each other. Our last meeting at the House of Commons served that purpose, and so will the next one.

Since victims “outed” themselves on video, there seems to be more courage in the air.

Meanwhile, we can stay connected via emails and comments on this blog.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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