Watching White Collar Crime

Watching White Collar Crime

Watching White Collar Crime

These 4 pages are the outcome of many emails, draft texts, telephone conversations and, above all, meetings with victims over many years. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I want to see this document used in communications with MPs, Ministers and others in ‘high places’.

Please feel free to make use of it for your purposes, too, if you like.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to Watching White Collar Crime

  1. Peter Etherden says:

    You can remove the remark ‘Click on the image to enlarge it, even though the ‘mouse over’ shows ‘File not found’…’ from the intro as the link works fine in my browser (Mozilla Firefox Version 3.6.4)

  2. The Foundation for Fairness might usefully be placed in the context of the Coalition’s proposed abolition of the Audit Commission as another step in the drive for austerity and decentralisation. The rationale is ideological…to remove power from Whitehall and put it in the hands of elected local officials. But the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater. The commission has helped to uncover some of the most egregious abuses of public office, such as the late 1980s “homes for votes” scandal. It has also inculcated a value-for-money culture at the local level that has brought about substantial improvements in the quality of public services. In recent years, however, its increasingly rigid and bureaucratic style has convinced many that it has outlived its usefulness. If local councils are to realise their potential for effective and accountable government, they must be given greater tax-raising powers and the public must have good information about what they are doing (and what they could do better). Mr Pickles’ proposal is to allow councils to choose between competing private audit practices may achieve this aim. But who is to audit the auditors? A Foundation for Fairness office alongside the Citizens Advice Bureau at the gate outside every City, County and District Council castle?

  3. Colin Peters says:

    I like your reference to wrongdoings of solicitors judges etcetera Sabine because, in my own experiences of all of the regulatory bodies, they cannot, or will not, acknowledge that these perfect people might be even capable of wrongdoing.
    Well done lady for telling it like it is.
    Colin Peters

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