Making the CPS work for us

Norma Ferrie pointed out two important press releases involving fraud:

Kautilya Pruthi to face 30 fraud charges


Trio sentenced for £4.6M mortgage fraud

You may therefore want to check your local CPS, if you haven’t done so.


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3 Responses to Making the CPS work for us

  1. Norma Ferrie says:

    With reference to HMLR registrars and assistant registrars are lawyers.


    Everything they did, they did knowing what they were doing was wrong and an offence under the lands act 1925, an offence under the rights of way act…etc

    When I managed to get some documents on how my property was taken, I noticed on the end1 form it stated that a facilitating letter had been supplied in september 2006.

    I did not understand what this meant.

    I trawled through land registy’s “public guide for non-conveyancers”. I found it under Number 10 of the guide….Qoute “A facilitating letter from land registry is supplied to a small number of private individuals who deal with land on a regular basis”

    This means whoever these private individuals are, having been provided with this facilitating letter, do not have to fullfill the ID process!

    I am going to find out about this letter, and why it was supplied, and who to, and who was responsible for the transfer of our property. How could this be done without our signatures?

    I believe this practice of providing a facilitating letter is a cosy arrangement for those who are out to get a property by any means possible, and land registry is assisting them.

    This is a loop hole that needs to be challanged and closed.

  2. Norma Ferrie says:

    Is there any chance you can get a spell check on this site? I make lots of mistakes as I go along and generally leave it until the end, then run through with the spell check.

    I apologise to anyone who reads my posts and finds all these errors, but I am sure you will get what I mean.

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