On the MoU between the Law Society and the Association of Chief Police Officers

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) of England and Wales has been discovered by a member of CASIA (Complaints Against Solicitors, action for Independent Adjudication) some years ago.

Its text is published here – in relation to Early Day Motion 516 that spells out to Parliament that the reporting of fraud is too complicated.

Norma Ferrie has asked her MP Margaret Beckett to enquire, since her experience with the Law Society was far from satisfactory.

Here is the most revealing correspondence:

Letter from Margaret Beckett MP

Letter from Margaret Beckett MP

Letter from Jack Straw MP

Letter from Jack Straw MP

Letter from Jack Straw MP p2

Letter from Jack Straw MP p2

Letter from Jack Straw MP p3

Letter from Jack Straw MP p3


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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26 Responses to On the MoU between the Law Society and the Association of Chief Police Officers

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  5. ALEX says:

    How does such agreement comply with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2004 – Code of Conduct listed at the back in the Schedule which notes that “it is of paramount importance that the public has faith in the honesty and integrity of police officers. Officers should therefore be open and truthful in their dealings; avoid being improperly beholden to any person or institution; and discharge their duties with integrity”

  6. Mind the gap, Alex, between what the say and what they do!…

    Or rather, between the noble ‘mission statement’ and implementation by ‘mere mortals’…

    With many thanks for your thoughtful reply,


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  9. From Albert Burgess and his website: A Case for Treason:

    Dear Sabine
    The answer is simple it is illegal!!!! Every Constable is required by law to record and investigate every reasonable allegation of crime, no either or if or but record and investigate every reasonable allegation of crime. Failure to do this is the criminal offence of perverting the course of justice, and the police discipline offence of a serious neglect of duty. Every one experiencing difficulties because of this memorandum of understanding should not hesitate to submit both criminal and discipline allegations against the police officers concerned.

    It just seems as if no matter what illegality takes place, nobody does anything about it… For nobody prosecutes those who are immune to prosecution – thanks to Royal Charters.

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  16. norma says:

    The Memorandum of Understanding goes against and is contrary to as set out under the legal term “NATURAL JUSTICE”. On these principles set out in “natural Justice” this MoU can be outlawed! This MoU is betwen two private companies: the ACPO and the Law Society, two trade unions!

    This MoU is determining that contrary to “natural justice” “they shall be judge and jury in their own courts”.

    Is there any other trade union that can prevent “Natural Justice”?

    Vince Cable also needs to sort out the Law Society for it is a company that is a “Monopoly”. Their powers are over reaching the public’s right to “natural justice”.

  17. EXCELLENT comment, Norma!

    It would be best if you asked your MP Margaret Beckett to write to Vince Cable about that.

    Also to John Hemming MP, as he wants to tackle the MoU and needs to know that there are other MPs behind him.

    Ian Liddell-Grainger, MP for victim George Wescott (no. 13), says on his website under PARTIES that MPs letters are being “fast tracked”.

  18. norma says:

    I will write to Margaret Beckett and Vince Cable about the the monopoly company the Law Society.

    Mr Hemming is saying there needs to be a judicial review of the polcie to tackle the MOU. The ACPO & the law society are private companies. They drew up the MOU. The police are a public body, the home office has not approved this MOU and did not know of its existence. Theerfore the home office must take action against an instrument that obstructs the public duty of the police in criminal investigations. It must also insure that there are no instRuments that detract from that duty in favour of another such as the MOU.

    I disagree, there frist needs to a an inquiry by the parliamentary standards commitee on the the matter of the MOU. The effect on the public’s access to justice, the authors of the memorandum, its purpose, when there are adequate laws and procedures to deal with criminal offences. It is the ACPO & The Law Society that must be brought to account not the police, as it is the the instrument created by the ACPO & LS that obstructs the police from carrying out their public duty. The police can be dealt with by judicial review, if it has not carried out its public duty or used their powers in excess as they have done in many cases.

    • Paul Wood says:

      I know this may be off topic or the wrong place to post but while you are broaching the subject of monopolies, have you ever considered the Bank of England PLC and its fiat monitory scam of usury and the mathematically unplayable so called debt our government keep bowing down to instead of issuing a debt free based currency like we used to have ie: the Bradbury pound
      Now that’s what I call a monopoly
      All the best

  19. Very interesting, once again, Norma.

    You’re right: the ACPO is one thing, the police another.

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  24. Stanley Embling says:

    Comments to Albert Burges “A case of Treason” mentioned above; I do hope readers know that this MoU is not just with the Law society but with Insurers such as Lloyds (to whom Lord Justice Mance of the Supreme Court and other High court Judges are associated to,) and certain other “Corporate” bodies who’s been robbing us left right and center of access to Justice also or our Democratic Rights then slamming doors shut in our face whilst at the same time giving us a middle finger gesture whilst doing so!…
    Regards police investigating ever crime reported to them I know that utter rubbish..but what I also know is they obfuscate the true facts in many cases (dependant on your social status,) to stop investigation (as they did in my own case and other known victims who reported indictable crimes,[and if you don’t believe i can show you the forged police reported Crime printouts of my own case [and another victim of the same crime,] that I got back from The HUmberside Police that confirms this very fact. )

    Therefore regards the Magna Carta of 1215 and the later version also the Constitution Albert goes on about, He should know, as I you know that the MC 1215 was brought into being to protect wealth of Earls, Lords and Barons and other rich landowners (who were the ones classed as Freemen mentioned in the MC 1215) and not the lowely working class whom these morons looked down upon as their serfs to ensure their wealth; a matter which remains the same to this day, asses to by present firth colum infiltrator Quislings the secretive Bilderbergers (brought into being by a former SS officer Prince Bernaud from 1945,) of which many in this and former Governments are/were associated to, none more so that Tony Blair and George Bush allegedly, with certain others from Labour Party past and present also filling certain positions; as do many from this present mix government all secretive masonic worshipers of demonology??….

    Precisely .why Blair and his other Bilderberger associated Bush did away with the law on treason; is it not so Albert, so by they could take us to war (without fear of being sued,) then plunder the Oil wealth of the many unsuspecting Middle East countries,whom they had previously been buttering themselves up-with as friends and associates was it not??

    As of King Alfred and the lady of the house (where the cakes got burnt)….precisely what were they really doing when those cakes got burnt??

    As far as I’m concerned we have been duped by false history for generation……and that duping remains ongoing to this day to those who cannot see the abfuscations …Therefore I suggest Albert gets on his computer and Googles: The secret CIA “Red House Report” of 1944… also listen to detailsand see video as revealed by The EX KGB spy Yuri Besmenov………. Happy New year to all Stan……

    Please excuse grammar and spelling as I, after being shafted continually by the “Rotten to The Core” Establishment in my attempts (as an 75 yo Veteran) to get that access to my Democratic Rights, Freedoms, Common Justice, Restitution and finality; I’ve been left suffering continual excaserbations of pain as a result of Legal Abuse Syndrome, which induces a type of word blindness…

    • Paul Wood says:

      Well said sir
      a very eloquent and and precise view of our current state of affairs
      with a lot of interesting facts to back it all up
      keep up the good work

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