Action Fraud: Call 0300 123 2040

Action Fraud – the National Fraud Authority – is a government agency that “helps to co-ordinate the fight against fraud in the UK”.

You need to have a Crime Reference Number to report a fraud.

Shall we swamp them?

Well, the comments below reveal that this organisation is also just another layer of the ‘fobbing off firewalls’ that send people around circles and circles…

In fact, here’s what Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at Essex Business School, writes about the Fraud Advisory Panel which refers to Action Fraud:

The Fraud Advisory Panel is funded by the ICAEW and Big accounting firms and that should tell you a great deal. It is a  publicity stunt designed to win consultancy opportunities  for accountancy firms. Auditors say that they are unable to detect and report fraud, but when you offer accountancy firms vast consultancy fees then then suddenly claim to have the expertise to find fraud. I went to the meetings of this Group and yester years and soon realised what a  sham they were.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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9 Responses to Action Fraud: Call 0300 123 2040

  1. Colin Peters says:

    Hello there Sabine.
    I clicked on the ‘Action Fraud’ link only to get the dialogue box, “The address is not valid.”
    However, I agree with you 100% when you say, “Shall we swamp them?”
    Let’s do that whilst at the same time keeping each other informed of our progress and any results.
    Up to press I have had no success in trying to impress upon lawyers and judges and even the West Yorkshire Police that when someone gets legal aid on one set of claims – (pack of lies) – and then a judgement favourable to himself on a conflicting set of claims, – (pack of lies) – then FRAUD has just got to be involved, particularly so when the first set of claims that procured legal aid were actually rejected by/conceded to, the court.
    Can it be that, to the highly educated, some things can be too simple for them to understand?
    e.g. Two conflicting stories from one and the same person do not make for one honest account.
    Forward Together,
    Colin Peters

  2. Dear Colin

    Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I fixed it now.

    The more I see of “the other side”, the more I believe it’s ONLY there to feed / benefit from the “adversarial gravy train”. I.e. lawyers make money by “fighting each other” – and the real skill lies in figuring out WHO should be paid to pay…

    Nothing to do with justice or truth. Hence Evan Whitton’s book Our Corrupt Legal System is so important!!!

  3. Norma Ferrie says:

    I have already tried to report the fraud commited against me to “Action Fraud” some months ago. here is the response:-
    Dear Norma,

    Thank you for your email.

    Just to give you information on our service, Action Fraud was introduced to encourage members of the public and small businesses to report frauds to us so we can get a better understanding of the scale of fraud being committed and to build intelligence to aid police investigations. Please note, we neither guarantee nor prompt a police investigation.

    Unfortunately, the situation you have described below falls outside of our remit to report, and we would suggest you seek legal assistance in this instance, and maybe seek a resolution through the court procedures.


    Ashley Grand
    Action Fraud Advisor.

  4. Norma Ferrie says:

    so I wrote to the Attorney generals office.

    Here is their response:-
    Dear Ms Ferrie,

    I refer to your emails to my colleague Sarah Garrett, which have been passed to me to respond.

    The National Fraud Authority (NFA) is the government agency that oversees and co-ordinates the fight against fraud, to make the UK a hostile environment for fraudsters. We work with partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors to focus and co-ordinate ongoing counter-fraud activities. The NFA does not have an investigative or regulatory function.

    You can report what has happened to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre. It acts as a single point of contact for individuals and small/medium-sized businesses to reports that have been committed against them, and get guidance on what has happened and how they can protect themselves from further fraud attempts. The service also offers direct referral to Victim Support for anyone who would like additional emotional support.

    A report can be made online through the Action Fraud website Alternatively, you can speak to an Action Fraud adviser by calling the reporting and support line 0300 123 2040 or textphone 0300 123 2050. On completing a report you will be issued with a crime reference number. Full information on Action Fraud and different fraud types is available on the above website.

    All reports of fraud taken by Action Fraud are passed to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB). The NFIB combines information from different sources and prepares intelligence/investigation packages where viable leads have been identified, which are sent to law enforcement.

    You may also wish to consider contacting the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA) regarding this matter as the appropriate organisation to investigate and enforce the professional standards required of solicitors. Full information on what the SRA does, including contact details, is available at SRA information on recognising fraud and dishonesty is available at

    I hope this information is of assistance and the above organisations can help you resolve this issue.

    Yours faithfully,

    Omosede Akenzua
    Engagement Officer
    National Fraud Authority
    PO Box 64170
    WC1A 9BP
    T: 020 3356 1000
    F: 020 3356 1001
    Find out more information about the National Fraud Authority:
    Report a fraud to the national fraud reporting centre:

  5. Norma, I also received the same reply, I beleive there is a standard letter posted to all who report a fraud. The English language and many meanings of the words and spellings has always been a laugh to the world, lets take fraud, so report a fraud pass on all of the evedence to the ARMY set up by Goverment for justice of the people, and it is then written as ALLEGEDLY, the goverments army set up as jobs for the boys to report any frauds, they all know people who have been left with nothing because of an alleged fraud, we can never go to a court to prosicute the alleged fraudster. It is good that people who have lost all are now coming together, sadly it will be many more years before the laws of fraud will bring and give justice, I am at an age where it will not happen in my time, but as the Arab people have now risen up against the goverments it will happen in the UK. Many people I have met from the different parts of the world, long ago use to think the UK was the bees knees, and many would do any thing for a visa for the UK, now they think differently and are rising up. It is the way the UK have used the English language and published free health and housing ect, the UK and the politics and politicians have dug their own grave, and they know it, is that why the army is being bought in to patrole the streets, and the police forces are dwindling, yes the goverment is very aware people will not take the injustices any more. Campaigning for 40 years for justice and being a voice for people on mass, its amazing I am still alive, but now more youngsters are taking my place, just wish I had a life time again to watch the rising up of people on mass, its happening via all of the organisations being set up by the people but then via goverments D notices on the press, it would be stated as allegedly.

  6. Mike says:

    I’ve been trying to get detailed scam info to Action Fraud for weeks now, but very email address I’ve been given fails with various “undeliverable” messages. I’ve verbally reported the scam but was asked to enter details on the AF web page but I can’t – it does not allow the level of detail I have to be entered. I rang to complain about all the email bouncing and was told “it MAY have got through anyway”. Thats no good. I spent hours compiling a detailed report and I want to know that my efforts have not been wasted.
    Now, I’m looking for a snail mail address to write to to a) complain, b) get my report into their hands – BUT there is no snail mail address anywhere, nor any complaint reporting link. And in any case, what if someone has no connection to the internet, how do they report scams? Yeah, I know, go to the Police – but they just direct people to the Action Fraud web site. As usual, a good idea scuppered by useless websites and no snail mail contact details. Its so typical of today’s world.

  7. Arfaan says:

    Action fraud are a waste of space who protect the corrupt police and local councils.

    Anyone tried raising concerns about fraudulent councils committing fraud on a daily basis. I did to no prevail.

    Theses advisors who work for action fraud are incompetent, even if a case of fraud hit them in the face they are to ignorant and arrogant to acknowledge what the hell is going on!
    Waste of tax payers money like all organisations such as Ombudsman. these agencies are their to protect big corporations such as police, local council and MPs.
    Bias procedures as I have been through most of them… And I lost all complaints.

    • Action Fraud solved 12 cases in 2014. Great work for the whole country. Crimes of the ‘old boys’ are being classified as civil matters. By who?
      PPI victims should get compensation for theft and deception harm.

      Private Criminal Prosecutions are easy to do, and is the only solution.

      NO solicitor will ever tell you this. Go figure.

      Anthony Badaloo🆎

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