Action Fraud = building intelligence on fraud to help police investigations – without guaranteeing police investigations…

Dear Sabine

Thank you for your email and bringing your service to our attention.

Just to give you information on our service, Action Fraud was introduced to encourage members of the public and small businesses to report frauds.  It is so we can get a better understanding of the scale of fraud being committed.  We build intelligence on fraud to help aid police investigations.  However we do not guarantee the victims of fraud a police investigation into their case.

Victims of fraud are encouraged to contact the Action Fraud team to report their cases of fraud.  We take reports through our action fraud advisors and the victims can ring our team on 03001232040 or they can report on our action fraud webtool on the website. Our service is open from Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm and Sundays 10am-4pm. I hope this gives you an insight into what we do.


Anna Poole

Action Fraud Advisor

Here’s what I had sent them:

Dear Action Fraud People

This is just to alert you to our existence – a loose network of individuals who’ve all been victimised by various UK authorities.

The only way forward seems Europe now.

Or could you help more effectively find remedy and a fair trial, the article 47 of the European Fundamental Rights Charter?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,


Blogger, Victims Unite!
… Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

Web publisher and McKenzie Friend, Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police
… Advancing the Cause for Litigants in Person

Publisher, Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694
… Based on Early Day Motions 1297 and 597 tabled by Austin Mitchell MP

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies
… Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt

Buschower Dorfstr. 16 – 14715 Märkisch Luch – Brandenburg
T: 0049 33876 90166 – M: 07968 039 141


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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One Response to Action Fraud = building intelligence on fraud to help police investigations – without guaranteeing police investigations…

  1. peter oakes says:

    Hi Sabine. Some five years ago I attended a meeting in a secret police compound in
    Manchester the security was very tight indeed. other attendees were from investigation
    units from banks, building societies etc. the Authorities Knew about frauds carried out in HMCourts, insolvency abuse,, legal aid fraud, you name it the home office knew all about it
    including SMEs being “distressed” in order to steal assets Re: RBS.
    who,s debts have been forced onto the Public

    The problem is the Govnt. are liable for these frauds as they provided the “facilities” to
    assist thefts & frauds by lawyers judges, court personnel, bailiffs etc with the co-operation
    of the police.. the compensation costs would bankrupt the country ! because due to
    the Authorities gross negligence and actual criminal involvement Re; Steve Fearns
    Official Receiver Newcastle-Under Lyme knew John Challinor and at a later date
    myself were being maliciously “bankrupted” for exposing these frauds

    Please forward to Action Fraud. I will give them ALL the evidence they need to secure
    them a nice cushy number indexed linked pension for doing F A in a useless quango
    without prosecution or investigation powers ! they are being “nosey” to see what they
    can steal for themselves under the “Proceeds of Crime Act ” they have no useful
    purpose. We Victims know the police are involved,in every know theft & fraud by
    their refusal to send a file to the CPS Criminals Provided with Succour

    This meeting concluded with the fact that it would take TEN years to
    form a NCA. National Crime Agency !! the old “grave-yard policy” the guilty would
    have all died in the meantime, Business as usual for Govnt. depts.

    Food for Thought ! What ever happened to the assets & homes etc. of
    Dr. Harold Shipman victims ? I bet GMP and Peter Fahy know !.

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