Victimising victims in HM Courts – by not disclosing evidence detrimental to defence or prosecution

How much anger and outrage can anyone bear in the country that prides itself of having invented ‘fairness’???

If you read this chronology of events around a judgment of £50,000 in favour of Maurice, you may find it understandable that we had to approach the EU Commission for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

For there is a serious “human rights gap” between the EU and the UK: Article 47 – the right to an effective remedy and a fair trial.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Victimising victims in HM Courts – by not disclosing evidence detrimental to defence or prosecution

  1. Colin Peters says:

    Interesting Sabine, the words, — “By not disclosing evidence detrimental.”
    A witness in my case produced a letter, handwritten by the defendant, not closest to the event, but, during the event, which gave the lie to certain claims he was making to the court, particularly with regard to a ‘contract price’.
    The witness asked judge Arthur Hutchinson if he could read the letter out and the judge refused him.
    The result of this was that the judge ruled on a ‘contract price’ that was thousands of pounds below the real contract price as referenced in the defendants own handwriting 5 years earlier!!!
    I was not allowed sight of this letter until well after the court hearing, too late to be of any use to me.
    I know that whenever I add a comment it is usually with regard to my own case and my own experiences, but then, shouldn’t we all be doing this?
    After all, we are all a part of Victims Unite.
    Let’s all tell it like it is through our own experiences.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    In September 2000, I secured a certain document (previously requested by me in 1990 and many times thereafter,) from my former employer British Steel Plc also from The GMB Union, (to whom I was employed with circa 29years, and a GMB member for 30 years.) The Document was an official listing of The GMB Union, (previously denied both by B/S and GMB union vicariously “AS NOT TO EXIST”!
    Yet that official Listing got in September 2000 (with a Ref: PAW 28.90 of 05/07/1990,) was compiled then supplied by The GMB Union to British Steel Plc the contents of which were forged yet utilized by B/S for cross-match redundancy purposes during 1990 to April 1991!
    On receipt of that document (manpower listing Ref PAW 28.90,) I discovered my name had been unlawfully Excluded off it in entirety along with other senior B/S employees, yet my name should have been rightfully entered as No 4 (my Correct Departmental seniority position,) as I instructed in writing in June 1989, when I filled in a survey (as demanded by British Steel that all Drivers do.)
    This survey was indicated as being a contract of future intent,.. and working in conjunction with individuals correct Departmental Seniority Status and with conditions as set out in “enabling” clauses 2.2 – 2.3 of certain annual “Agreements”, which too were denied “not to exist” (only reveled in December 1998;) yet were agreed and signed for by all Trade Union negotiators and British Steels management annually!…
    But because my name was unlawfully excluded..and during the progressions of my Appeals made from securing that previously denied as “Not to Exist” evidence which proved to be a forged official GMB Union document that contravened section 1 of the 1981 Forgery and Counterfeiting act also Theft Act of 1986, I was then left in the situation on Appeals whereby I had to prove to Judges that my name should have been on that forged official GMB Union cross-match/redundancy Listing Ref::PAW 28.90….Therefore I was forced to pay for and lodge a court order to Secure The outstanding seniority Listing that would confirm beyond all doubt that my Name was unlawfully “EXCLUDED” in entirety off the List with Ref: PAW 28.90….The specific Court Order was lodged at Scunthorpe County Court Services of 18th January and served on the GMB Union Solicitors by The County Court manager (as he confirmed later,) also a copy of the Court Order was served on the GMB Solicitors by myself;… but during my Appeal “hearing” at Hull Crown Court on 14 February 2001…I got a nasty shock! Because The presiding Judge Cracknell claimed the Court Order was not in his bundle of evidence The GMB Unions Lawyer made similar claims!!
    Yet as Fact:- Those Files (bundles of evidence marked A to D,) had been in the security of The Scunthorpe County Court (Her Majesties Services,) from 25 December 2000.. and Court Order was placed there to The County Court manager from 18th January 2001…Therefore if missing who had access and Authority to Tamper with removed That Court Order an the forged Documents and supporting evidence marked as bundle D out My Appeal Evidence???
    Thought I lodged objections about the missing Court Order and other crucial evidence to The Appeal Judge Cracknell I still got refused an investigation also refused that Appeal …in violation of Article 6 and 10 of my Human Rights surely??
    Directly from that biased “Hearing” I then lodge official objections to HMCS at Scunthorpe County Court Services as did two of MY witnesses..and to this day I’ve received NO INVESTIGATION or any Apology!!… The same refusal were experienced by me when making Appeals at The Appeal Courts at The Royal Courts of Justice before Lord Justice Mance….who also refused me my Appeal on 21 April 2002, also refused me Leave to Appeal to The House of Lords….So much for rotten to the core British Justice; and the perverted system….

    Because of the happenings above I can only wonder who was being protected other Than British Steel Plc and their Insurers or was it Politically motivated??…Because as of Fact the Labour Party who were being Funded allegedly on “Tainted” money, as Elliot Morley former Labour MP was being sponsored by the GMB Union; who themselves were extracting union subs and Political levies unlawfully off thousands of British Steel employees from 1980; whom had (but unbeknown to the many duped, deceived, deprived, displaced members,) been “EXCLUDED/BLACKBALLED” from the initial concealment/suppression of the crucial annual “Agreements” and the certain forged official GMB union Documents, (denied for years “AS NOT TO EXIST” ) which violated made void all terms and conditions of the many unwary victims employment contracts and union membership; which by the fraudulent concealment left all Victims fraudulently deprived of employment entitlements and benefits and not able to refute or repudiate those violated contracts and Theft of Property by Fraudulent means ..because the certain Judges and HMCS have clearly shown they were allegedly aiding and abetting The Perpetrators of Crime signalling to them that it was Ok to continue in their fraudulent concealment/suppression of Primary evidence and the Perverting of Her Majesties Due Court Process…throughout….to the detriments of us The Victims;…. “enforced” Litigants in Person!! I have personally experienced from coming up against “the System” British Justice System is now “Rotten to The Core” and as more more cases get reported in these page’s then this FACT gets further confirmed!!

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Regards Writs of Certiorari/Mandamus …..I used this originally to Lodge my Appeals to the Higher Court from the County Court dated 25 December 2000…. What good has it done for me??…. None whatsoever when you get Judges Hell bent on Stopping you “OPEN A BIG CAN OF WORMS” which they want to remain shut to Protect Corporations Insurers and Political involvement!!

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