Police Abuse of Power: the blog of a public spirited whistleblower

Jim Richardson is a former RAF officer who in the credit trade before working as a Warrants Officer with Northumbria Police.

He “finds it necessary to speak up, hoping others will make contact and help change or improve our present judicial system which is costly and most unfair”…



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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3 Responses to Police Abuse of Power: the blog of a public spirited whistleblower

  1. Lawyers are like Cowboy Builders they know they can rip us off and get away with it, so they make a career out of stealing from us.

    The majority of us could do a much better job representing ourselves in court than our lawyers; unfortunately the system has been made deliberately complicated to force us to use lawyers. If you make any mistakes your case is thrown out and you have to pay the other side’s costs.

    The rules of the court should be relaxed to encourage us to represent ourselves, unfortunately that will never happen whilst the Law Society regulates itself, it operates a protection racket to keep its members employed. The only way we will ever get a change is if there is a mass demonstration at the Law Society’s office and it makes the national news.

    Most of us cannot afford to keep paying lawyers £100-1000 per hour for a service which is completely useless.

  2. This is a very constructive suggesion, Audley: mass demo with national news there.

  3. Good idea Audley, but wrong venue. Protesting ‘AT’ the the Law Society offices is playing hopscotch with the Brownies. We need to go after the Big Boys, the JUDICIAL MAFIA who hang out in that den of corruption The Royal Courts of ‘Justice'(?????). And the protest doesn’t want to be ‘AT’ – it wants to be IN – as with the students at the Tory HQ, BUT MORE SO. Time to stop pussyfooting around. It will be a failure if it is not enough for them to call the army out.- THEN WE GET THE ARMY TO COME OVER TO OUR SIDE! Anything less is a waste of time. As for ‘The National News’? You must understand they are the Propaganda Ministry of the enemy – clones of Josef Gobbels!
    Norman Scarth, WW2 Veteran, Bradford. Email: enscarth@hotmail.com
    HISTORICAL NOTE. At the start of WW2 we sent bombers over Germany – DROPPING LEAFLETS! It turned out they were not enough.
    PS: Hope to see Lord Stansgate again on Saturday, & talk of old times – our jousting in Chesterfield in 1997. Happy Days!!

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