Do you want to Contribute your Complaint about a Solicitor in an online Survey of the Law Society?

As to be expected, the Top Complaints about solicitors in ranked order, are:

  • Dishonesty / Fraud / Lying
  • Professional Misconduct (i.e. they broke the rules)
  • They behaved unprofessionally.

However, the number of complaints is small:

  • the OSS: 21
  • the CCS: 16
  • the LCS/SRA: 51

If you click here, you’ll get the results as well as the opportunity to participate in an online survey.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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One Response to Do you want to Contribute your Complaint about a Solicitor in an online Survey of the Law Society?

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    Yes I will leave a complaint..I had the misfortune to be introduced by a fellow victim of the same crime as myself that of Unlawful Exclusion to Hett Stubbs & Kemp solicitors of 11 Wells Street, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire..H.S & K. accepted my instructions along with the other victim.that being to take a case out either against my former employer British Steel or The GMB Union for blatant Breach of Contract…who wilfully concealed/suppressed crucial “Agreements” and denied existance of such; yet when secured some time later proved vital to my every right of action against the forenamed employer and Union…Much later, after I dismissed H.S&K for what I claim was utter negligence/misfeasance, and allowing her Majesties due Court Process to be abused, and corrupted I also discovered that:- (a)..They Willfully allowed Primary Evidence crucial to my to remain wilfully concealed and suppressed (some remains so to this day,) from Courts and myself..(b)..H.S & K. also allowed certained forged Official GMB Union Documents to remain wilfully concealed and suppressed, even after they assured me Courts Orders had been placed into the Courts to gain release of ALL/ANY outstanding evidence from the Defendants….Those promises of H.S.& K proved NOTHING more to blatant Lies, and after allowing my good case to be sabotaged and scuttled with a Big Bill of cost around my Neck such facts of the solicitors abuses and misfeasance got totally ignored by the LAW SOCIETY and H.S.& K. (their fellow Brethren) whom I complained to many times thereafter of H.S.& K lies and allowing her Majesties Due Court Process be abused and corrupted were protected! Yet my previous good cases were sabotaged and scuttled by their blatant dishonesty and lies!..(c)…..I also discovered (when too late) that H.S,& K also had a cloaked relations to the UNIONS which they also previously …(d)…I also reported such Matters of this out and out fraud theft of property from myself/others Victims to The Police and Serious Fraud Office, totally unaware that there is a certain cosy agreement between the Police and Law society over such failings of either protected Party……The above being just a snippit as to what other atrosities were imposed on me unlawfully in relation to the above conspiracy to defraud… Regards……Stan Embling

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