Victim Support Schemes: Question by Nic Dakin MP with Written Answer from Crispin Blunt MP, Minister for Prisons & Probation

Nic Dakin is the MP for veteran victim Stanley Embling.

In his attempts to provide support for his constituent, he’s now asked a “Question with Written Answer”:

Victim Support Schemes

Nic Dakin: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what plans he has to establish procedures to support victims of white collar crime. [26248]

Mr Blunt: The Government take white collar crime as seriously as other crime. Those victims can access support both inside and outside court. In addition, the creation of a new Economic Crime Agency, as outlined in the coalition agreement, will be a significant step forward in helping to better tackle economic crime.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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9 Responses to Victim Support Schemes: Question by Nic Dakin MP with Written Answer from Crispin Blunt MP, Minister for Prisons & Probation

  1. Colin Peters says:

    In view of my own experiences, I cannot agree with Mr Crispin Blunt that – “The government take white collar crime as seriously as other crime. Those victims can access support both inside and outside court.”
    I have repeatedly approached my own MP, Gerry Sutcliffe, for his support, even when he was a Minister for Justice, all to no avail.
    Far from getting any support from him, he has chosen to not reply to a great many of my emails to him.
    His non response to the open letter which I sent out recently to him and many others is inicative of his attitude towards me.
    He just does not want to know about the injustice I have suffered because of the identities of the ‘white collar’ perpetrators of that injustice.
    After all, as part of the establishment, aren’t judges and lawyers and their ilk supposed to be the cream of our society?

  2. Dear Colin

    Mr Blunt quotes the Coalition Programme when he says that white collar crime is to be taken as seriously as any other. I’ve asked Nic Dakin to ask for a time scale now. For I’d LOVE to welcome the new agency with an avalenche of ‘cases’!…

    Meanwhile, we’ve got to live with what we’ve got…

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    I cannot thank my own MP Nic Dakin enough; he done more to help my cause ( as a disabled victim who suffered initially from being unlawful injured from Torts of my former employer British Steel aided/abetted by the GMB Union,) who then thereafter pursued another unlawful action of conspiracy that’s defrauded me ongoing to this day of substantial injury compensation and other restitutions, and to ensure the ongoing Scam (affecting myself and many other unwary duped deprived victims,) remained wilfully concealed/ suppressed, my former Employers (of 30years,) and The GMB Union Agents have since been aided/abetted (in this ongoing conspiracy that’s defrauding myself and other Victims of assets/property,) by the misfeasance/malfeasance of certain solicitors and other person in Public Authority; which included the Police, certain Judiciary, HMCS and The SRA.
    Therefore the help I’ve received from my present MP Nic Daking is far greater in 5 months than I ever received in 20 years from my former Labour MP Elliot Morley (whom it’s alleged was too busy helping himself to certain “Allowances” and “Expenses” allegedly out the Public Purse,) and by so doing forgot about the promise (though reminded many times over many years,) of investigations he made to myself and certain other robbed employees from British Steel Scunthorpe….
    And as such I pass a similar message of thank you to Nic Daking, (informed by me of his efforts to press,) from other former British Steel Employees from Scunthorpe (awaiting any positive outcome of my case [listed to the right under “Miscarriage of Justice”]) pursued with much vigor by Sabine, to whom I also owe a great debt of gratitude for getting my own and other cases of “White Collar Fraud” to the position that we are not at, and, with certain other MP’s continually being encouraged also by Sabine to get involved..Kind regards Stan Embling

  4. I was also cheated out of compensation by solicitors acting on behalf of my insurance company Zurich formally Eagle Star, being naive to Law at that time, I could do nothing. I appealed my case to the Court of sessions, roughly 12 years ago. Prior to my appealing the Court of sessions, I recieved approx £800 pounds for my car which was a write off. Prior to recieving £800, I will give you a quick rundown of my sad story. A London Lady with 3 young kids moved to Scotland on the death of my Mother who passed away with Cancer, since moving to Scotland bought my kids up, then decided to go into Business, I run a shop at first, which I sold to venture into icecream vans, With hard work, morning noon & night gradually built up a company of ice cream vans, 3 in total which after 17 years of slogging my life away, as a tax payer, & never ever involved in a RTA decided to sell my business to become a ADI (advanced driving instructor,) One afternoon, whilst out driving my car & very soo n to apply for my Licence/Mock test I became involved in a Rd traffic accident through no fault of my own, the Gentleman driving a big Lorry reversed into me, accepting liability, turned out He & I were both insured with same insurance company. Before leaving London with my 3 small kids, I learned to drive in Londons West End at the age of 18, passed my test in Scotland. I

  5. Colin Peters says:

    Well done Jean for giving the rest of us a brief outline of your ‘white collar crime’ experiences.
    When we share our experiences, common ‘white collar’ links emerge.

    Whether it be an insurance company, as in your own case, or a surveyor as in my case, whenever these ‘white collars’ do wrong and cause an injustice, then their fellow ‘white collar brethren’ within the legal system and the judiciary cover up for them and find against us.

    The scandalous thing about all of this is that we pay the judiciary fabulous salaries out of public funds to be incorruptible and yet we get exactly the opposite, purely because they are answerable to no-one but themselves.
    If ever there was one, a recipe for corruption and wrongdoing.

    The Brotherhood of Unfair Advantage has a lot to answer for within our legal system.

    • Eyda says: need to get a flea treatment for your dog and scrub her.also wash her bed and spray any where else she’s lilkey to lie[couch,mats],then get her a new flea collar. change every 30 days but some collars last longer so read the packet it comes in to be sure.

  6. The more I look into victim stories, the more I get appalled. But also more fired. For ‘publicity’ is the only ‘weapon’ we have in our hands, it seems. Besides the few supportive MPs whom we must treat as golddust, methinks…

    And of course, we do have each other as specks of gold!!!

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