Exchange with EU Commission for Justice – so far, not supportive of UK Victims

Patrick Cullinane had suggested I take five key cases to Viviane Reding and her EU Commission for Justice.

Unfortunately, they only have an online submission form which I forgot to keep a copy of.

However, I received today this letter from the Directorate General Justice which sends us to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

That is, of course, the wrong avenue. For I cannot fight for compensation for five different cases.

But I can fight for closing the gap between the Human Rights as they are supposed to be guaranteed by EU member states, and what the UK Human Rights Act 1998 guarantees.

This Human Rights gap is significant.

Hence I wrote this answer:

Many thanks, Mr Tell, for your letter of December 2nd, 2010!

I published it on my blog Victims Unite!

We are not asking your Commission to look into individual cases or to intervene in the day-to-day administration of the UK justice system.

We are asking your Commission to close the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act 1998.

On this page you will find Attitudes Towards European Law with a reference to paragraph 56: the then Lord Chancellor is said to have travelled to Strasbourg to ask to respect the right of British courts to manage their own affairs “in full recognition of their national character, traditions, religious beliefs, and moral standards.”

In particular, we would like to point out that Articles 1 and 13 are omitted. For as long as the UK is a member state of the EU, it would therefore seem that the UK should not be permitted to create her own set of human rights that allow the full spectrum of national authorities to commit fraud.

Fraud is difficult to report (see Early Day Motion 516) and impossible to be prosecuted (see Royal Charter and Memorandum of Understanding between Police and Law Society).

I sent the summaries of five cases as samples to demonstrate that they are representative of hundreds and thousands of victims who

  • don’t receive fair trials
  • don’t have an effective remedy before national authorities.

That’s what we have evidence for – on Room 14 – a Foundation for Change, 12 cases are grouped on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 and more under Our Cases as Stories on Victims Unite!

You can also see from the comments to the Stop the Oppression of the British people and the comments to WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation that the five cases are not in isolation.

Given Vivian Reding’s mandate and seriousness of commitment, we do hope that your Commission will begin a dialogue with the current Lord Chancellor. The purpose is not only to bring our grievances to his attention but, above all, to initiate change by including Articles 1 and 13 in the UK Human Rights Act.

Looking forward to your comments,

With kind regards,

Sabine K McNeill

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies
Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt

Petitioning “HM Partnership“:
WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation
: > 130 signatures and 1,500 page views

Blogger, Victims Unite!
Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

Publisher, Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694
Based on Early Day Motions
1297 and 597 tabled by Austin Mitchell MP

Buschower Dorfstr. 16 – 14715 Märkisch Luch – Brandenburg
T: 0049 33876 90166 – M: 07968 039 141


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Exchange with EU Commission for Justice – so far, not supportive of UK Victims

  1. peter oakes says:

    I have also received a reply from Oliviere Tell after pointing out the violations
    of the European Convention of Human Rights.

    Mr.Tell informs Me the UK are bound to uphold ECHR However I do not
    think the European Commission for Justice fully understand or appreciate
    the problems for a UK Citizen ! We are treated with utter contempt

    If you make a complaint to the police that you are a victim of criminal
    conspiracies by a Local Authority, HM Revenue & Customs or any
    official body or group despite ! providing irrefutable evidence the police
    ignore YOU. they are guilty of assisting offenders, Gross Negligence
    and infact become criminal accessories !

    No Solicitor or Barrister will act on your behalf ! every Judge will find
    against you regardless of the evidence, a judge will tell you it is Sunday
    when every other citizen knows it,s blasted Monday !

    There is NO LAW in the UK for a European Citizen ! until the EU Justice
    Commission demands the UK Authorities to apply the LAW and will take
    steps to ensure they comply, There will never be any Fundamental Rights
    or Freedoms

    The facts are European Citizens in the UK are secretly enslaved by the
    corrupt Law Enforcement Agencies, The Justice Commission should know
    they will be lied to and deceived- misled by the British establishment in the
    same way French Government ministers deceived the Vice President Viviane

    Please Please Please E-Mail the Commission and bombard them until they
    take us seriously, We are honest-Decent- Europeans doing a civic duty
    informing the commission of judicial thefts & frauds, persecution,
    false-imprisonment- kidnapping children Yes kidnapping children I have
    the proof, a police inspector in Burslem told me he could not fault the
    evidence provided, but would not arrest a corrupt judge, He ” sent it up stairs”
    and the child was stolen shipped to Australia ! Yes a European Child with
    a European Passport ! Where were his Human Rights ?

    Patrick Cullinane will verify what I say is the truth.!

    That is the state of the law in the UK it is beyond belief !

  2. Yes, Peter, yes, yes, yes!

    I’ve asked Viviane Reding whether we ended up in the wrong department rather than hers!?…

    Let’s see how Mr Tell will come back.

    Meanwhile I’ve also learned about a Belgian article about State Kidnapping in the UK. I commented and linked to them in my article.

    Maurice Kirk has a video up in which he advocates human rights as part of his mission, too. His is one of the six cases before the EU Commission.

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  4. My comment, & story: I came to Scotland, on the death of my Mother 45 years ago. Insured with Zurich formally Eagle Star, I ran a successful ice cream business for 7 years, owning 3 icecream vans. After selling my ice cream business, to venture into another career as an ADI (advance driving instructor). One day whilst out driving, involved in a RTA, where third party accepted liability, the only compensation I received was for my car which was a write off. Nothing for my injuries. It came to light both the guilty party & I shared the same insurance company. I also had the Legal protection insurance with Capata formally another name which I have not got at hand. My case was put in the court of sessions under the wrong procedure, & being so naive at that time I did not realise I was being cheated out of a correct proper court hearing in the Court of Sessions, Edinburgh by solicitors acting on behalf of the insurance company who insured both parties.

    Since that time, I have been left without a livelihood. My Livelihood was actually stolen from me by the state. Later on, during my fight to have the wrong put right & eventually without option, sold my home. The UK courts & solicitors are dishonest
    & something must be done about them. They are the ruin of our much loved country. I can honestly say Judges in the UK are not worth their wages; also not worth to be called honourable. They are a disgrace to British Justice.

    • What a story, Jean!

      tells me he’s heard about lots of people who’ve been conned by insurance companies… We are now working on staging a Public Enquiry into White Collar Crime.

      Take heart by knowing that “they” have to live with a bad conscience… In the end, it seems to be a spiritual and ethical battle that we are fighting…

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