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Press Release about House of Commons Meeting and Link to Videos

This is the release about our meeting on the needs for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime (Tuesday, 25 January 2011, Committee Room 16). I’m mailing it to my list as well as all MPs who’ve offered support. Maybe … Continue reading

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Rethinking litigation costs, because the country is bust – an examination by the Justice Committee

On 26 October 2010, the House of Commons Justice Committee interviewed Rt Hon the Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice. The video is here. The full transcript is here. A page with the important excerpts of the transcript is here. The … Continue reading

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The Nine Principles of Policing and the MoU between Police and Law Society

LOTS of victims have suffered from the non-investigation of crime and discovered that this is due to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Chief Constables and the Law Society. Retired police officer Albert Burgess publishes a website A Case … Continue reading

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Australia: The Lawless Colony and the Intimidation of Jury Members

John Wilson is a starfighter for freedom and justice in Australia. Today I received his newsletter with this most extraordinary anonymous letter by a jury member. Just in case you ever doubted what people get up to: to intimidate others … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s House of Commons Meeting: Towards a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime

Videos of the meeting are now here. I was VERY impressed by the MPs who gave us their support on the day: Nic Dakin, MP for Stanley Embling, was the first to arrive and the first to email this morning … Continue reading

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The Government has no plans for compensating victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

Nic Dakin is the MP for ‘veteran victim’ Stanley Embling. He has been most supportive for Stanley directly, but also by asking the Government Questions with Written Answer. Thus we learned that the Economic Crime Agency is meant to cover … Continue reading

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Legal Abuse Syndrome: another Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the “Battlefield” in Court

“They never get a day off”: the victims who have been hurt and damaged and even more by not getting justice in court. Dr. Karin Huffer has studied the plight of victims for 20 years. The result is Legal Abuse … Continue reading

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