Press Release about House of Commons Meeting and Link to Videos

This is the release about our meeting on the needs for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime (Tuesday, 25 January 2011, Committee Room 16).

I’m mailing it to my list as well as all MPs who’ve offered support. Maybe you can add your comment and forward it to your contacts?

And here is the link to the videos.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to Press Release about House of Commons Meeting and Link to Videos

  1. norma says:

    I watched the videos with great interest, the MPs looked bamboozled! And I can see why. We have had years to look into matters, whereas they are only now beginning to grasp what’s been going on over the past 25 years. What we don’t want, is this situation to go on for another 25 years!

    Mr Austin’s proposal of an office that cuts through all the present systems for redress is a good one. They have one in America. It’s called the “Bureau for Financial Abuse”. It was originally set up for service men and women who were being ripped off by car loan companies, where abuse of position involving finance was to blame.

    Whatever position you hold, when it concerns matters of finance, property, and business, when the person entrusted abuses his or her position for financial gain, then they are committing fraud as set out under the Fraud Act 2006.

    If Mr Austin is serious about his plans then a “financial Abuse Commissioner” would cut through all the systems that fail the public, and empower the perpetrators. A new system would get directly to the heart of the matter and what the offences are all about: stealing assets, money and property.

    The Commissioner would have the power to instruct forensic accountants for every circumstance. The commissioner would have the power to report directly to the police fraud units and the economic crime agency.

    Most importantly, he would have the power to force the offenders involved to compensate the victims up to the full cost of their losses and damages.

    The MPs who are now giving support: is it possible for them to send memos to all members of the house and Parliament to inform them of the issues that have been brought to their attention, and ask for their support for the victims of legal and financial abuse?

  2. Many thanks, Norma!

    I forwarded your comment to Austin’s office.

  3. Jake says:

    Across earlier history, it was possible at least for truly free implementations of barter to impose no imperfection upon their subjects. Free, unimpeded barter allowed people to produce to natural capacities, and to obtain for our own production whatever we deemed to be equal, undiminished measures of the production of others. These core objectives comprise the standards of any monetary “economy” which truly serves humanity, because contrary to the intended faults of imposed monetary systems, it is possible and obviously desirable to trade by universal tokens of wealth, without involuntarily sacrificing ever more to irreversible multiplication of debt by interest, and without suffering systemic collapse as an inevitable consequence of irreversible multiplication of debt.

    Virtually all modern “economies” have been imposed upon the subject societies; and we know this at least because in every case it would have been impossible for the subject people to have approved veritable, justified principles, because the means of taking from them is irreversible, unjustifiable multiplication of debtin proportion to the people’s means. That is, merely to maintain a vital circulation subject to interest, it is necessary to re-borrow whatever the people pay toward interest and principal obligations, which thus perpetually increases the sum of debt so much as periodic interest. Incontrovertibly then, any monetary system subject to interest imposes upon its subjects an ever escalating dispossession which inevitably culminates in collapse: because debt is multiplied in proportion to means, ultimately a sum of debt is engendered which the system can no longer afford to service.

    So the faults of modern purported economies are intended to take from us exceedingly and without justification; and all of us can know this with certainty from the further obvious facts that we are persistently refused representation even while mathematically perfected economy™ is demonstrated to be the only prescription for perpetual full, unimpeded, undiminished, sustainable prosperity.


    Thus representative governments have been usurped by the central banking systems of the world; and representation can only be restored by establishing mathematically perfected economy™, because mathematically perfected economy™ alone removes the usurpers and means of usurpation from the subverted political equation.

    Interest is eradicated in mathematically perfected economy™. Thus there is no artificial multiplication of debt in proportion to the circulation, or inevitable collapse; and so, rather than dedicating the circulation ever moreso to servicing debt, the entire circulation is persistently available to the original purpose of sustaining intended commerce.

    As all production can be financed by mathematically perfected economy™, it is not even necessary to borrow money at interest, because mathematically perfected economy™ makes interest free obligations available to sustain payment for all wealth. Contrary to debts subject to interest, the obligations of mathematically perfected economy™ simply require that we pay for the related asset as we consume of it.

    Because mathematically perfected economy™ finances all wealth, and because the obligation is to pay at the rate of consumption, everyone pays for everything with whatever they deem to be an equal measure of their own production; there is no inflation or deflation; there is no multiplication of debt; there is always sufficient circulation to pay all debts; the system is perpetually sustainable; and, just as in perfected barter where the quantity and state of wealth represent the wealth, the circulation and rate of payment in mathematically perfected economy™ endow the currency with perpetually persistent value, because every unit of the circulation is always redeemable in the very state of the wealth it is intended to represent.

    For example, a EURO 100,000 home with a 100-year lifespan would be paid for at the overall rate of EURO 1,000 per year or EURO 83.33 per month; and the earnings this alone would immediately free should we implement mathematically perfected economy™ immediately, reflect the degree to which we would prosper further, without any other improvement whatever.

    But at the same time we would be financially enabled to develop and succeed in far more industry and employment, with far more tolerance for earnings and success. Even college students for instance could afford new homes during their education for far less than they might presently pay for far less substantial accommodations.


    The general method of transitioning to mathematically perfected economy™ is re-financing all debt without interest, subject to a schedule of payment equivalent to the rate of consumption. It is possible therefore to immediately avoid economic collapse, or further economic injustice, by transitioning to mathematically perfected economy™.


    I originally published mathematic proofs that any purported economy subject to interest inevitably terminates itself under insoluble debt, and that there is one and one only solution to 1) inflation and deflation, 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest (altogether which comprise mathematically perfected economy™) in 1979.


    Many people adopt the mistaken disposition that alternatives can serve us, or that we are served by pursuing typical, incremental patterns of change. Largely, these attitudes only pave the way for persistence of the imposed systems, because one and one only proposition solves the breadth of issues, and because we need to solve them immediately.


    The recommended course of action is 1) to proliferate our understanding of mathematically perfected economy™; and 2) to adopt a constitutional amendment immediately transitioning to mathematically perfected economy™. We can only secure economic justice by spreading this information ambitiously, and thereupon, by asserting our right to proper, true economy.

    Our necessary achievement of perfected economy therefore depends on you: It depends on your bringing everyone you can to this material; it depends on your understanding and prolific discussion of this material; and finally it depends on your asserting your right to it.

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