From Unlawful Bankruptcy to Citizens Arrest: Videos on

Two police officers and Mr Ebert

Mr Gedaljahu Ebert was made bankrupt running a successful real estate company, even though he was solvent. Since then, he’s one of the many victims turned star fighters.

What does it take for ‘victims’ to become ‘persecutors’ and ‘rescuers’? Let me count the ways:

  1. police evicting you from your home in this quiet street in North London
  2. courts falsifying documents to bankrupt you, even though you are solvent, as we reported to the Lord Chancellor
  3. judges labelling you as ‘vexatious litigant‘ so that they don’t have to face up to the various wrongdoings
  4. meeting more and more people who have suffered similarly
  5. meeting the same people for many years without them getting fair trials and compensation – our supposed human rights.

Here’s the document that Mr Ebert sent out. It includes

Here’s on video how the police protected the current occupiers of Mr Ebert’s property.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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12 Responses to From Unlawful Bankruptcy to Citizens Arrest: Videos on

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am happy ready and willing to show you incriminating evidence against Mr. Ebert otherwise known here as Peter Oakes.

    I have the following conditions
    1. My name and details remain confidential and not shown at any point to Ebert.
    2. Once I show you the evidence both written and direct you in the right directions and you conclude what will be obvious in that Ebert has conned you , that you will make it known on this site and not allow Ebert any access to this site .

    If I am going to waste time on this I need to know that you are not one sided and will be happy to see and digest evidence against Ebert.

    The evidence will include
    1. His suspicion for fraud in Israel
    2. Details of his debts and creditors in Germany including selling merchandise he bought wholesale cheaper then wholesale price because he had no intention of ever paying wholesaler.
    3. Details of him defrauding his partner in Liverpool and fabricating expenses.
    4. Details of fabricated repair invoices produced to landlords in so called expenses and repairs.
    5. statements from builders against invoices who confirm that they either never carried out the work or inflated the invoices as requested by Mr. Ebert in order to give Ebert a kick back. This was to hide from his partner the true cost of expenses.
    6. Copy of Liverpool city council letter confirming that Ebert defrauded in rents.
    7. Contacts in the business community and in Jewish community who will back up with stories about Ebert and different type of fraud he has committed. He owes considerable amount of people considerable money.

    There are many more issues to list but I would be going on forever as the eloits of this man go far and beyond.I believe my offer is reasonable and I look forward to hear from you.

  2. peter oakes says:

    How on earth is this crazed individual mixing me up with Mr. Ebert ?

    I am a victim of a malicious bankruptcy because I exposed the theft of
    assets by Trustees in bogus bankruptcies especialy Case 15 of 2001
    Stafford County Court.

    Because I exposed a corrupt conspiracy to obtain CCJ,s County Court
    Judgements in Crewe County Court by the Inland Revenue, & Court Personnel
    (the evidence is with Margaret Hodge MP re: her recent transparency campaign concerning HMRC and is now in the House of Commons archive)

    The Individuals of Crewe & Nantwich BC. that perverted justice and conspired to have me falsely imprisoned and then maliciously bankrupted are.
    Riddel Graham. Andrew Wisely. David Beardmore, Irene Latham. Dawn Threadgold JP. Alan Wenham. Phillip Cottrell, Peter Nurse. John Hammond.
    Cheshire Constabulary Insp. Brierly. PC Balmer. along with several others
    and Edward Timpson MP is concealing these offences. So please mr.Anonymous forward this info to the police, or Timpson so they can sue me.

    Please send this World Wide and please copy South East Cheshire Council.

    because I invite them No! I mean torment them into taking me to Court
    so that the public can see the FACTS !

    I believe Mr.Ebert entirely because of my own personal experiences of
    corruption, I sat in Court 15. Southwark Crown Court before Recorder
    Brigden. when Ebert proved the Met.police were committing perjury along
    with Mr. & Mrs Baruch. that had stolen Eberts house ! dr. Sheida Oraki
    sat next to me. and this two day hearing has been removed from the public
    record FACT.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I read your previous posts and you are Ebert although you try and deny it. It really however does not change the facts of the evidence I have on Ebert. Everything I said is backed up. I am not saying there is no corrupt police courts etc. I am sure there is! In Eberts case however there is no dark forces. It’s all above board.

    • Dear Mr Someone

      Your comments are so pathetically untrue that I don’t even bother deleting them any more.

      But people do as best as they can. If they knew better they would do better. Pity that you can’t.

      Good thing that Peter Oakes sees through better than I do. But I certainly know that these comments come from Mr Oakes and not Mr Ebert. What a RIDICULOUS allegation. TOTALLY unnecessary if, indeed, you were right, correct and therefore polite.

  4. peter oakes says:

    You appear to be in panic ! are you part of the zionist mafia ? looting
    assets from all and sundry.

    I only refer to facts not opinions, Google: Gorsey Hey Masonic Home.

    Google: Theft of Royal Masonic Hospital. these are facts from sources
    that have nothing to do with me, but they illustrate exactly the corruption
    in our Country and the involvement of Rabbi cum judge Nueberger.

    Are you a friend of thief Nueberger ? You appear to be absolutely
    desperate to spoil this web site and Victims Unite it would appear you
    are involved in these criminal offences against the Citizens of this Country !

    But keep on flapping, in your desperation to prevent the Truth from being
    revealed you are promoting more responces to your drivel, that reveal
    more names. May-be one-day some-one will seek a super injunction
    against this site. Then we will have confirmation our truths are hurting
    agents, spoilers, pillocks like your goodself.

    Why dont you copy Edward Timpson MP accomplice and accessory to
    many offences, He is a friend of bent judge S.G.Harrison of Chester
    who assisted in the theft of Whitgreave Manor and concealed by ex. chief
    constable Giffard Staffordshire Police. facts. facts, facts. can,t beat the

    PS. The above –ts. are fully aware of Misconduct in Public Office ( life
    sentence) have you noticed it is creeping up weekly ! ask Ali Dizi
    ex the infamous secret Southwark Crown Court this week 3years HMP

    May-be there is room for You anonymous .

  5. Anonymous says:

    And then you try and convince us that you are not Ebert!

    A panick? For what? I have nothing to hide. It seems every time I state facts and evidence you become abusive.
    Your responses I regret show desperation.

  6. peter oakes says:

    Dear Anonymous.
    Any body who as met Mr. Ebert. Knows I am
    prettier & better looking.

    Get a grip. ———–

  7. peter oakes says:

    Dear Anonymous.
    You have had time to respond ! are you lost for words,? fabrications, s–t stirring ideas, rumours, myths, diversions, fairy tales
    ( your not gay are you ? ) or do you find that offencive ? because I find
    your drivel offencive.

    Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    miss you ! like tooth ache !
    Peter Oakes.

    I have a back bone, I dont hide behind anonimity, and be aware there are
    no transplants for spinal columns, you know that think that gets your back-up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oakes- Ebert

    When you have something of value to say or deal with the issues I will respond. I don’t respond to emotional drivel.

  9. peter oakes says:

    As I thought, You sorry sad sack of s–t nothing better to do
    than watch this space.

    You are pathetic.

    Bye Bye.

    PS Love you. xxxxx.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oakes – Ebert

    Once again abuse and nothing of value. You do yourself no favours.

  11. peter oakes says:

    Who me or is it Ebert ?.

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