Mine workers got compensated when their benefits got filched by solicitors. So why not the steelworkers???

Let’s see whether this TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN letter will be taken seriously by somebody. For starters, I sent it to all MPs who have expressed support for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime so far:

Re: Abusing Her Majesty’s due Process to Compensate Steelworkers

Knowing that Government does not deal with individual cases, this letter is written on behalf of many victims who are eagerly waiting for a public inquiry into white collar crime. We also hope that you will ensure that the Government’s plans for the Economic Crime Agency cover what they have been deprived of: fair trials and compensation. See our online petition: Wanted: Fair Trials and Compensation[1] with lots of page views, signatures and, above all, highly significant comments by voters and taxpayers.[2]

Mr Embling’s case boils down to the unlawful concealment and suppression of evidence. I have heard from many other victims how the lack of disclosure or secrecy is one of the prime factors in their miserable experiences. Instead of getting justice in courts and compensation in their bank accounts, they are being sent from pillar to post. Instead of people taking responsibility in the name of their organisation, they abuse their power position.

Could you therefore ensure that ‘transparency’ will truly take place in the legal profession as well as national organisations such as the GMB Union and Mr Embling’s former employer British Steel now known as TATA Steel?

With respect to the GMB Union, Mr Embling is requesting a full investigation, not only on his, but also on many other members’ behalf, as GMB are not providing the kind of service to their members that these pay for.

To illustrate the kind of crimes GMB, British Steel, lawyers, courts, Scunthorpe Police, MPs and the Law Society abuse their power for, here is how war veteran Mr Embling got deprived of compensation for an industrial accident:

British Steel and GMB Union: negligence of HASAW and secret benefit Agreements

1.         Mr Embling was an employee from 1961 to 1990 at various steelworks at Scunthorpe when combined they became known as; The British Steel Corporation, now known as TATA Steel.

2.               Whilst employed at British Steel Scunthorpe he was obliged to become a member of the GMB Union. This meant paying the GMB Union weekly subscriptions for a duty of care and a political levy. These payments took place from 1968 to August 1998.

3.               However, due to British Steel not observing HASAW laws, Mr Embling got injured and disabled on 23/04/1990 which resulted in unlawful dismissal in November 1990. The removal system was aided and abetted by certain GMB officials and can only be described as corrupt. Hence he complained to higher Officers of GMB.

4.               At the time of being injured and disabled Mr Embling was totally unaware that he had already been “excluded / blackballed” by the GMB Union, by a scam which involved GMB and British Steel concealing crucial Agreements containing “enabling clauses 2.2 – 2.3”. When eventually revealed, he found these “Agreements” were the “main cogs” at British Steel Scunthorpe and continue with TATA Steel to this day. Such concealment deprived not only Mr Embling (between circa 1980 to 2010) of knowledge about his rights to entitlements and benefits about starting and leaving employment, but also hundreds of other unwary GMB members who got duped, deceived and displaced.

5.               The extent of the scam only became apparent after annual “Agreements” got released by the GMB Union in December 1998. Before GMB and British Steel claimed them “Not to Exist”

i.        At his Industrial Tribunal hearing 04 March 1991

ii.        To solicitors from 1990 to 1995 who were dealing with his industrial injury case

iii.        In his Breach of Contract case against GMB Union, heard on 21 October 1999.

6.               The discovery of “Dishonest Dealings” in December 1998 got compounded in September 2000, when the GMB Union listing with Ref. PAW 28.90 of 5/07/1990 got revealed by a Corus Director (Mr Howard Walker) to former Labour MP Ian Cawsey and later to Mr Embling, but turned out to be forged. British Steel admitted for the first time that the GMB document had been utilised by them, for cross-match redundancy purposes in 1990 to April 1991. This fact had been denied previously both by GMB Union and British Steel. Yet both knew PAW 28.90 of 05/07/1990 contravened Section 1 of the 1981 Forgery and Counterfeiting Act and Section 1 of the 1986 Theft Act.

7.               Mr Embling and other deprived victims reported the discovery to Scunthorpe Police and to former Labour MPs Elliot Morley and Ian Cawsey. Initially, investigation was promised by the Police and by the two MPs. However, after having been given all the facts by an expert Mr David Patterson, Mr Cawsey stated at a meeting that he had called with victims in January 2000 at The Scunthorpe Lindum Street Community Centre: “If investigated as he intended, then a big can of worms could be opened. Hence that investigation never took place.

Government as Mediator and Compensator of Last Resort

8.               Given the dwindling lack of trust and confidence by voters and taxpayers, it seems paramount that Government steps in as Mediator and, above all, as Compensator of Last Resort[3].

9.               Reiterating the request for transparency, crucial evidence requested by the two Labour MPs off Mr Embling and others victims mysteriously disappeared from their “secure” offices, as did a crucial video recording that revealed alleged corruption among police officers at Scunthorpe. The same evidence placed at Scunthorpe Police Station “vaporised”; similar to Mr Embling’s Court Ready Files lodged with Scunthorpe County Court Services. These included a crucial Court Order (seeking the GMB Union to release all outstanding evidence still held in their possession for his Appeal hearing at Hull Crown Court on 14th February 2001). Some papers got placed back in his court files at HMCS at a later date.

10.            Though complaints were made to all the above authorities and to Her Majesty’s Court Services by Mr Embling and his witnesses, no explanation was given by any authority as to who ordered removals and why.

11.            Even though Mr Embling was ill, having had major surgery and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress which induced a kind of word blindness, he complied with all court procedures as instructed.

12.            At the same time, he was understandably highly frustrated by the suppression of evidence by the GMB Union, former British Steel and “secure” public authority buildings. Yet as an ill and impecunious litigant in person, he had even more frustrations placed in his way, receiving no leeway whatsoever from judges, while the same judges afforded every leeway to solicitors acting for the GMB Union and former British Steel. They were allowed to conceal and suppress “references” and other crucial evidence, in total defiance of Article 6, EU Directive 76/207EEC and other ECOHR rulings.

Malicious Cooperative Intent to Deprive Beneficiaries of Benefits

13.            The GMB Union violated the terms and conditions of Mr Embling’s membership and their “Duty of Care”, despite payments for 30 years.

14.            At the same time, British Steel violated his employment contract.

15.            What is worst:

i.        Agreements between the two organisations, with forethought and malice excluded Mr Embling and other unwary GMB members of their rightful employment entitlements and benefits.

ii.        The GMB Union eventually sent a letter to a wrong address – but six years later.

iii.        The GMB Union took weekly payments for over 30 years. But the facts now show that they not only refused to represent Mr Embling from 1990, but with forethought and malice deliberately worked against him. Under the Theft Act 1986, this was obtaining money by deception, or alternatively, a conspiracy to defraud him of assets / property.

White Collar Crimes to Cover Financial Interests and Conflicts of Interest

16.            In Mr Embling’s opinion, this cover-up was allowed to happen to ensure the following information remained concealed / suppressed from the public domain:

  • Former Labour MP Ian Cawsey was a member of the GMB Union and also a former Chairman of The Humberside Police which he denied at the meeting with victims in January 2000.

17.            Because of theft of property by fraudulent means, the lifestyle and well being of Mr Embling and other GMB members and employees of British Steel and TATA Steel has been seriously affected and their deprivation is the result of white collar crimes that are organised and organisationally established such that they continue to go on to this day.

18.            Because of the indictable offences Mr Embling, on behalf of other GMB members and British Steel employees is now requesting the Government to take action by investigating the claims and maybe sequestrate assets / property of the GMB Union.

19.            After all, they are exempt from paying VAT for representing the interests of their members. But they failed to do this at British Steel Scunthorpe from circa 1980 to 2010! Comparable to many other victims of white collar crime, they even endeavoured to bankrupt Mr Embling.

20.            For such dishonest dealing committed against Mr Embling and his family, he seeks restitution to compensate for inhumane and degrading treatment and to pay the injury compensation he is due. In 1994/5 this was estimated at ca £200,000.

21.            Mine workers got compensated when their benefits got filched by solicitors. So why not the steelworkers???


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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3 Responses to Mine workers got compensated when their benefits got filched by solicitors. So why not the steelworkers???

  1. peter oakes says:

    The Russian revolution was caused by the corruption of the Russian establishment cum government and not particular dislike of the Royal Family

    Methinks HM Government is corrupt as any Russian Government has been in history and should take heed of current events in the Arab world.
    Tunisia, Morroco, Egypt, Bahrein, Libya, Algeria, where despotic Civil Servants
    have become Civil Masters in their corruption.

    Parliament was shown to be corrupt by the expenses scandal, the Civil Service
    would have known this for years, but are habitually silent because they sign
    the Official Secrets Act. They do not like the Whistleblowers Act re: John Major.

    Bring on the revolution = respect for the general public and exposure of
    thefts- frauds by the legal mafia & paedo-judges & police etc.

    We are getting there!

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    My god Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg have a nerve to go preaching to other countries about democratic rights /freedoms; in my opinion it’s about time they started practicing what they preach for us decent ordinary law abiding citizens of The UK.. To make sure they know I wrote and told them so using my Title as an honored Veteran who laid my life fighting in the Malaysian Jungles (alongside the Gurkhas,) during the 1950’s to preserve and protect such rights/freedoms..only to find myself as hundreds of thousands of other who did, (many of whom paid the ultimate in doing so,) have well and truly stabbed in the back for having done so!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This surely makes great sense!

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