500 parents in legal action to win back STOLEN CHILDREN taken into care – mirror.co.uk

Another excellent initiative backed by John Hemming MP!

State kidnapping may be the better term… Thank god the net helps people and victims to stand up together!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to 500 parents in legal action to win back STOLEN CHILDREN taken into care – mirror.co.uk

  1. Colin Peters says:

    Hello there Sabine. I read the article in the Sunday Mirror and I know and support Ian and Sarah Walton in their fight to get their darling little daughter, Crystal, away from the evil clutches of the social workers, lawyers and judges who have performed so abominably against the family.
    To the best of my knowledge Crystal has been adopted and I pray that even at this late stage a way will be found to reunite the family.
    Since having my computer updated I have lost Ians email address and have written to John Hemming asking him to help me renew contact because I feel that it is important that the family should know that they have the support of Joe Public.
    When I addressed John Hemming at the house of Commons at our last meeting and told him that I respected and admired him, it may have surprised you, but now you know where I was coming from,
    It’s just a pity that all MPs are not like him.
    ATB to All.
    Colin Peters

  2. peter oakes says:

    Stolen & Kidnapped Children.
    The theft & trafficking of children has been going on for years. Please go
    to http://www.goldonian.org/barnardo.htm. this explains how
    Barnardos has been kidnapping children called ” philanthropic abduction” for
    many years, and in fact Barnardos seem to revel in past criminal offences
    being carried out for the best possible reasons ?

    Barnardos has relieved past Governments of their duties to orphans by shipping
    them out to Australia, Cananada, South Africa, Rhodesia, etc. in the guise of
    having them adopted. The truth is these un-fortunate children where split-up
    brother from sister, their names changed and provided to farmers as slave labor
    & jesuit priest for sexual exploitation as the Australian records are now revealing.

    Barnardos obtains over £200 million pounds, per.annum much of it Govnt. money
    they take into custody approx 220,000 poor souls per annum. It equats to
    approx. £215,000 per victim ! That is a lot of money per child per year ! in
    fact it needs an EXPLANATION. This is not Charity this is big business
    in Children.

    In NSW Australia it has been shown the SS Social Services were selling children
    and providing children to paedophiles. SEE : Royal Commission Enquiry NSW
    Police Paedophiles. ( just google it , the results are there to see in the Australian
    National Library )

    We need a Royal Commission into the police in the UK asto their refusal to investigate kidnapping by Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. a known accomplice of
    Barnardos in the rapid removal of extremely young babies no more than 6 months
    of age.in many cases.

    Send John Hemmings your support and inform the Daily Mirror if they want
    the proof of kidnapping by Butler-Sloss give them My e-mail address.

    This baby trafficking needs sorting pronto !

  3. It’s not just babies, it’s all kids they’re doing it to. The sick government has “adoption TARGETS” and has had for years… while everyone has dozed off watching Coronation Street and meaningless wars are shown on the telly so we all think things are ‘just fine’ on the home front. Absolutely not.

    The Social dis-Services and the Courts ARE ACTING AS THOUGH THEY ARE MASTERS AND WE ARE SLAVES! I thought slavery was abolished ?

    it’s that simple.

  4. Let’s all remember in one united voice: the Courts are the PEOPLE’S COURTS
    They are ours, there to SERVE US – not the criminals who run them now
    They are not there to intimidate us
    CONSENT is the name of the game here
    and opting out of Statute “law”.
    All our rights are under COMMON LAW. Claim your common Law rights.
    The ‘bogeyman’ is the EU – force-feeding Nazi Statutes down our gullets until we say “hey ! no! I didn’t vote for this. You made these Directives and Statutes by deception! that is undemocratic and is therefore illegal. No heed can be taken of Statutes, therefore”.

    Liz Watson
    Founder – One Voice Group

  5. peter oakes says:

    Sorry Folks.
    Big Error in Comment-2. for clarification on
    history of Dr.Barnardo,s child trafficking ( philanthropic abduction )

    Go to. www. goldonian.org/barnardo/drbarnado.htm.

    I think the criminal offence allegations mentioned there-in are still
    relevant today. History does indeed repeat it,s self.
    When Dr.Barnado was being jailed The Master of the Rolls
    in delivering his judgement said ” Dr.Barnado in his zeal ( a masonic term)
    for his own benevolent objects, had overlooked the rights of people and
    the law of the country. Having done so he must take the consequences,
    and he was accordingly committed to prison.

    Given that the present Master of the Rolls M.J.Neuberger. concealed
    the theft of Mr.Eberts home and of course the attempted theft of
    the Royal Masonic Hospital he no doubt is assisting the SS in stealing

  6. This article is referring to Freedom Advocacy and Law taking this to Europe. John Hemming is not DIRECTLY behind this one I am afraid. I know this 100% as it was my husband John Hemming wanted to speak to urgently in his London “offices” about all of this Europe thing. For legal reasons the names changed – the other couple in the article is my husband and I.

  7. I am a stolen child, but I have no idea where I was stolen from! My supposed parents I have been told have now both died, but I have an older “sibling” who knows all the answere’s to my questions but refuses to tell me anything out of shear spite and absolute hatred for me, she has waged a war of terror towards me for 41 years and its still going on today. I am powerless to do anything about her or the people she has employed to do her dirty work for her, they leave little or no evidence behind and the police dont want to know!!!
    I have started writing a blog, its at http://vera-warzecha.blogspot.com

    • Dear Vera

      Thank You for “outing” yourself here and via your blog! I think that the only “explanation” one can find in “extreme” circumstances such as yours is spiritual: everybody’s own conscience will judge them. So keep doing your best in whatever life situation you find yourself, while finding your SPIRITUAL roots in the source of light, love and abundance.

      Good luck!!!

  8. We support you and are fighting the system in our own direct and gritty way. Please feel free to use our films to help boost your campaign if you feel they are appropriate:

    Power must be taken back by the people.
    From all at Pie and Mash Films

  9. Tini Osky says:

    sabine, where is this 500 people group, I haven’t seen any unity anywhere, except for individuals stating their own cases?

    I don’t want to read anymore; I want to see actions, but there are none from what I have observed so far

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