John Hemming MP speaks out – on behalf of victims of “hyper-injunctions” to communicate with their MP

11 03 17 Westminster Hall DebateJohn Hemming MP has been ever so supportive ever since he attended our last meeting at the House of Commons on 25 January 2011.

As a member of the Backbench Business Committee he put a Westminster Hall debate on Articles 9 and 13 of the Bill of Rights 1688 on the agenda: the right of constituents to speak to their MP, without fear of reprisal. Video here and by clicking on the image. Transcript here.

Would you have thought that such a debate should be necessary? Well, he knows about “secret prisoners” and “hyper-injunctions” by “Courts of Protection” who practise “Contempt of Parliament”!…

Present were: Peter Bone MP (in the Chair), Paul Flynn MP, David Heath MP, William Cash MP, Helen Jones MP as well as

John Hemming MP:

We need to stand up for the citizen. … that it is completely wrong to be made to agree not to talk to one’s MP. I also think that that process of bullying is a contempt of Parliament and that action should be taken by Parliament to deal with it.

Richard Bacon MP:

When one thinks of secret courts, one thinks of unsavoury regimes such as those in Burma, Cuba, Hungary in the 1950s or Stalin’s Russia, but one does not think of the United Kingdom. How can a judge feel it appropriate to make an order making it unlawful-supposedly-to refer to the existence of proceedings?

and David Davis MP:

…our job is to be the defence of last recourse for the individual. We stand between the individual and the misdemeanours of the state or, indeed, the lynch-mob that was on the other extreme.

The debate has been very well described by Anna Raccoon on her blog, entitled Hyper-injunctions – The Secret Misery.


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2 Responses to John Hemming MP speaks out – on behalf of victims of “hyper-injunctions” to communicate with their MP

  1. peter oakes says:

    Daily Telegraph 18 March 2011 page 14.

    “Curbs on gagging orders ruled out by senior judge”

    They don’t come much senior to Master of the Rolls Neuberger. I wonder
    why the Telegraph item didn’t say “Master of the Rolls rules out curb —”
    because it is the same corrupt judge Neuberger!

    This judge Neuberger conspired in the theft of Mr. Ebert’s home and concealed
    thefts & frauds by bogus bankruptcy! Even Rudi Vis MP wrote to Derry Irvine
    the Lord Chancellor and said “there are extraordinary allegations of bias and
    fraud by judge Neuberger! My constituents will have their home stolen this
    week. I implore you to have this matter investigated.”

    Of course no investigation took place because it would reveal Neuberger concealed
    the attempted theft of The Royal Masonic Hospital and ensured 3 friends of the
    hospital were maliciously bankrupted!

    The article went on to say “Neuberger accepted that such secret justice had been unknown in English law since 1641, when the Star Chamber was abolished. But he said that open justice was subject to a “higher principle”: that justice is done.”

    This judge is power crazed! Doesn’t he know we are ALL EUROPEAN CITIZENS
    that domestic law is inferior to European Law as defined in Costa V ENL 1997?

    The other side of the law is these Super Injunctions are secret, if that is the case
    then how is a newspaper editor supposed to know about it? And if he didn’t
    know and published a story how could he be in contempt of any secret court???

    Anyway I do know The Master of The Rolls Judge Neuberger is obstructing the
    course of justice, concealing offences (Baruch Enterprises) assisting malicious
    & bogus bankruptcies Re : Mr. Ebert.

    Now get youRself a Super Injunction Mr.Neuberger! You are a bent judge, and
    you know I & Mr.Ebert can prove it.

    PS. BBC South Wales News 18th March 2011.

    Swansea mortgage fraud solicitor jailed.
    How about that Neuberger! another “legal mafia” member jailed, are you
    next if so you should get life!

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