Inquiry into Secret Prisoners

As I’m updating my research into Early Day Motions, I came across this Inquiry into Secret Prisoners that was tabled by John Hemming MP on 9 February 2011.

It was clearly the precursor of the Westminster Hall debate that took place on 17 March 2011 and proposes a Parliamentary Committee to look into the problem of “secret prisoners” with the following members:

John Hemming MP, Birmingham, LibDem

Karl McCartney MP, Lincoln, LibDem

Tom Brake MP, Carshalton, LibDem

Steve Baker MP, Wycombe, Con

Here’s the story of one of the victims of the Court of Protection – as a sample.


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One Response to Inquiry into Secret Prisoners

  1. peter oakes says:

    Secret Prisoners.

    Earlier this year 2011 Mr. Dafydd Morgan was arrested by police
    in Aberystwyth Wales.

    He was taken directly to a secure mental unit in Broglias Hospital.

    No legal representation. No medical examination. This is secret

    Who knows what mind destroying drugs or medication were inflicted into
    Dafydd’s food, drugged drinks tea-coffee etc. Who is to know if Dafydd
    now has AIDS or secretly subjected to radiation etc. etc.

    This is not vivid imagination! This is what happens when we are totally
    complacent & trusting! Churchill said “Democracy & Freedom require
    constant vigilance”

    I am being un-reasonable eh! Well BBC S.Wales News 9 March 2011:
    Police Inspector on Paedophile charge. 18March. BBC S.Wales News:
    Solicitor jailed for mortgage fraud! Something Staffordshire Police
    were told in 2 incidents re: Case 15 -2001 County Court Stafford. There is
    even a Constable’s Statement PC 1836 Podmore. Stone Police Station.

    You couldn’t make it up ! But it’s the bloody truth! Wake-Up dumbos
    before it’s too late.

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