How can a judge hear a criminal case in a Civil Court? Does that decriminalise paedophilia as a precedent?

Here is the transcript of a telephone conversation with the Ministry of Justice I have been asked to share.

The caller is audibly concerned about

  1. him getting access to justice
  2. the judge of a Civil Court having heard a CRIMINAL case regarding child abuse
  3. judges not being accountable to anybody
  4. his case possibly becoming a precedence for “de-criminalising” paedophilia.

Make up your mind yourself.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to How can a judge hear a criminal case in a Civil Court? Does that decriminalise paedophilia as a precedent?

  1. peter oakes says:

    The Above in Numerical order.

    1) Access to Justice : There is no access to justice for the common man/
    The judiciary is knowingly corrupt and is in an arrogant alliance
    with so-called Professional Persons who consider themselves superior
    re: Nazi,s, Senior Civil Servants, Police Insptrs. Suptd. Chief Constables
    ect. ( these are small evil minded individuals promoted & given responcibilies
    above their intellectual capacities,) they just think they are good, and yet
    could,nt perform a basic task, like opening a tin- can ! they can afford to
    get some-one else to do it for them. they are of course extremely dangerous
    because they realise their incompetence & therefore have to maintain a
    charade )

    2) Every Judge is fully aware of all the social evils and problems going-on
    in Society, They are briefed and informed by Home Office Civil Servants who
    do not have a worthwhile function in life, and therefore they invent one ! Their
    mentality is I am important so I get a bigger office, bigger carpet and my
    own toilet ( staff use a communial bog )

    3) Judges are accountable to any Constable if they break the law. Trouble is
    constables are now “lickspittles” intent on a cushy life and getting an enhanced
    pension by inventing some fake injury before they retire. ( most of them retired
    when they joined, they have not done a days work in their whole career )
    Police are a “goon squad for “legal mafia” Police See: Malingerer.

    4) Now dangerous ground. any Homo-Sexual is in fact Handicapped, they are
    not normal, in the same way some-one born Deaf. Mute. Blind. De-formed Dis-figured limbs etc. is classed as Handi-Capped as Judge Black told a Mr.Binder
    he was Handicapped because of his Mental Condition ( Judge Black sectioned
    Binder for speaking the truth )

    Of course because many judges and senior civil servants are ex. public school
    they have been sexualy abused in some ritual or other during there formative
    years, Buggery and other obscene or as the Navy described it Abhorent abnormal
    behavior was a criminal offence ( death penalty in Nelson,s day ) This Homo-Sexuality has now been made legal and acceptable ( they will try to make it
    compulsory very shortly ) if we let them. That is normal people fortunate
    enough not to be suffering a handicap that was inflicted by Nature and beyond
    anyones control.

    This is the future for Paedophilia these mentaly handicapped persons are now
    actively working at Legalising sexual abuse of Children So yes they are
    De-Criminalising Paedophila right now by their Omissions & Gross Negligence.

    In this crazy world they defy Nature by wanting to impregnate Lesbians, and
    letting Men- Marry Men. Why ? If two fella,s want to live together, thats their
    business, but when you let them marry one- another You have just destroyed
    the purpose of marriage. You can get a horse to have a mule, but all mules
    are sterile why ? Nature is like Natural Justice it always wins in the end !

    These deviants know their day is drawing to an end, they should slither away
    like a serpent, discretly and without fuss- sneakily because when the righteous go on the warpath the results don,t bear thinking about.

    thank God I am normal, and un-educated ! I would hate to be a gay intellectual
    totaly frustrated all the time with a head full of useless knowledge because
    the body lacks a back bone & moral fibre

    What a great role model of those with a handicap the scientist Steve Dawkins
    is, He proves a handicap is not a handicap, if he can do a load of good so can
    the others instead of trying to polute the human race with their filth and devastating
    harm to children who cannot possibly understand paedophilia, nor can can I, they
    must be mentaly sick.

    • Andrew Jackson says:

      Spot on Peter, the “pervert” agenda & their facilitators have infiltrated all levels of society, but in particular where there is power to be exploited. We have the situation now where a person will be arrested, prosecuted & maybe even imprisoned for making a comment of criticism about the perverted behaviour perpetrated by these filth.
      A personal example of the UK law gone mad: My elderly disabled mother who is 89, cannot insist that a carer who attends does NOT, as this woman is in a civil partnership with another woman & they have a little boy (God help him) because this person would scream discrimination & try to involve the police, (backed by the degenerate manager who runs the agency) no doubt. As with most of the older generations, my mother finds the behaviour of these individuals disgusting & not acceptable let alone having to allow them into your home to attend to your personal needs like toileting & washing etc.
      Vulnerable people (or anyone for that matter) receiving these services, should have a choice, who enters their home & who doesn’t, but they don’t – Courtesy of the pervert mafia & their facilitators in the local Conwy County Council.
      This is just ONE facet of the abuse of power being carried out by these local authorities etc, etc.

  2. P Ronald says:

    In brief –
    One of my issues was a housing disrepair issue against Wales and west housing association (WWHA), at the Cardiff civil justice centre. Where due to the previous criminal offences committed by Wales west housing association, their acting solicitors and corrupt judges in this issue. I issued another application for a high court hearing, where district judge Carson using the name of Hickinbottom unlawfully colluded with WWHA and their solicitors (solicitors clerk Rebecca Rees and solicitor Hugh James) to take the hearing. In front of over a dozen witnesses I was informed to resubmit my application taking out all criminal offences committed by the justice system and WWHA. Which included all evidence of what others and I believe is an eleven million pound plus, fraud against the taxpayer. That if I tried to appeal this order district judge Hendicott unlawfully using the name Hickinbottom would make me a vexatious litigant. All evidence was unlawfully ignored which included petitions from residents and the housing disrepair film which can still be seen on – Under the acts of UK law and court rules, a district judge cannot lawfully take a high court hearing?

    Due to the unlawful injustice and malicious persecution I unlawfully faced over this issue and my previous issues of losing all lawful rights to see my son, of having my home unlawfully taken. Plus all the other evidence from my other issues, with all government departments of complaint showing an unlawful willing blindness to any public duty. I issued eleven applications against the former PM T Blair and ten others in government, for misconduct in public office at the Cardiff civil justice centre. Again under the acts of UK law, lawfully requesting a high court hearing, which was then taken by judge Hickinbottom, unlawfully sitting as an additional high court judge. Where it did not matter to corrupt judge Hickinbottom that all eleven defendants had filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions and there should under the law, and by the courts own rules, be no case to answer (defend). It did not matter of any witness testimony or any other documented evidence, or that the law should be observed or lawfully upheld by this judge. It also did not matter that Rob Green one of the witnesses made comment of how in his own issues, judges from this same court had used false names. For civil restraint orders and high unlawful costs were the name of the day to prevent the real truth from prevailing, where any appeal had to be placed before corrupt judge Hickinbottom. Where in saying to judge Hickinbottom I would be complaining of his unlawful malicious vindictive actions in not upholding the law, he replied to me in front of four witnesses and myself. “Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public”
    (Where an ever-rising many can confirm despite the billions of taxpayers money being unlawfully used how this is true)

    Irrefutable documented evidence (which includes unlawful court orders) will lawfully show of how district judge Hendicott and (I believe civil) judge Hickinbottom (then also chief social security commissioner) unlawfully colluded with others to unlawfully pervert the course of justice in both these issues.

    The police were contacted on many many previous occasions with box file after box file of incriminating evidence. Which also included by the many witnesses present in court in lawful complaint. Where instead of lawfully observing and upholding the law and as has happened to an ever-rising many, was to unlawfully call for me to be made a vexatious litigant. Plus and again has happened to an ever-rising many is their unlawful malicious vindictive persecution of the complainant rather than uphold the acts of UK law.

    Where yet again we still find the present government using that same unlawful willing blindness to any lawful or any honest stated public duty. Where the whole of this deliberately created corrupt system of unlawful pacification (whilst they are lining their own pockets at the taxpayer’s expense). Has been unlawfully used to unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecute (UMVP) the people and tear families apart in ever-rising instances (Stop the UMVP)
    P Ronald

    • Andrew Jackson says:

      Paul, we’ve had extensive experience of the Wales & West housing association since 1992 (mainly local Flint, North Wales office, but also Cardiff central office) which has not been a happy one due to their bullying, corrupt & intimidating ways, when one dares to raise ones head above the parapet & speak up.
      Possibly a new one to you, is that I’ve got evidence that their main maintenance contractor “Botchmede” ltd, carries out at the behest of w&wha staff criminal acts against tenants who they deem as “troublemakers” like illegally entering their homes by stealth & slander etc, etc.
      Wales & Wests ha’s definition of a troublemaker is someone who speaks out about something that is wrong, for example: very shoddy/dangerous maintenance work, harassment from neighbours or their relatives & particularly when you complain about neighbours who have a corrupt connection with their w&w staff, whether through relation or “business” aqaintance.
      I could write a book about this so-called housing association & its culture of corruption.
      If genuine interested parties wish to know more, then please contact editorial for my info.


    The illegal acts of County Councils and Banks in particular, get pushed through Her Majesty’s Court Service as a means of “sanitising” or in some warped way “legitimising” what they are doing – and it is all railroaded as a ‘fait accompli’ with every detail stacked in THEIR favour until they secure what they want (and it ALWAYS gets back to money, without exception)>

    The COURTS OVERRIDING OBJECTIVE gets ignored (re “equal footing” etc) and our unaccountable Judges REFUSE TO CONFIRM THEY ARE SITTING ON THEIR SOLEMNLY SWORN OATH – hence they ARE ALL IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!
    This is treasonous and is AN OFFENCE AGAINST PUBLIC JUSTICE, constituting a criminal offence. Needless to say, it renders the “Proceedings” 100% invalidated.

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