The Gag: John Hemming MP on journalists (and bloggers) not being allowed to report on forced adoptions

John Hemming MP was very supportive at our last House of Commons meeting. He chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection.

Here, he speaks on the problems of Family Law Courts:

  • the secrecy imposed to the media
  • the arbitrary decisions of social workers
  • the ‘expertise’ residing in Local Councils
  • conflicts of interest
  • judges give Local Council authority
  • Local Councils being under pressure to meet higher adoption targets
  • Article 3 of Human Rights: inhuman treatment.

Family Group Conferences are the way forward, and independent opinions ought to be accepted.

Current procedures CREATE stress rather than solve them and are not good for the children concerned…

He also works with Families Need Fathers.

Forced Adoptions is published by Ian Josephs who advises victims.

As “The Media & Others”, I have been gagged as “Third Defendant” in two such orders, one by a lawyer of Swansea Council and the other by Doncaster Council.

So I mustn’t publish the orders, let alone details of either the victim, the child, or the perpetrators: the lawyers, judges and Social Services…

In the case of The Stealing of Baby Harley

  • I have deleted eight blog posts
  • three files on a German blog
  • and another German blogger also had to delete a post.

In the case of the abused 7-year old daughter who gives evidence on video

  • I have deleted one post, when I didn’t even KNOW that there was an ‘order’ against “The Media & Others”.

Long live “Law and Order” in a “Parliamentary Democracy”!

I’ve made submissions to the Cardiff Justice Centre and the High Court in London, but have not heard from either.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to The Gag: John Hemming MP on journalists (and bloggers) not being allowed to report on forced adoptions

  1. Paul Ronald says:

    Philosophical law (upon which all things are based) states to form the basis of any society and for that society to continue to exist it has to have a form of ruling government. In order for that government to work on behalf of the people it has to have laws.
    Those laws give us the freedom of speech and the lawful right to demonstrate, as well as many other lawful rights.
    Those lawful rights are being ever (unlawfully) impeded by a government who can be seen to be ever treating it’s society too ever-rising unlawful oppression to the real truth. When philosophical law shows its first priority should be for the welfare of the people to keep its existence.
    Instead we have a government who continually unlawfully suppresses its people and in ever-rising issues are continually unlawfully denying them those lawful legislative stated rights. Where they then use unlawful embargoes to again stop the real truth from prevailing, such as in our media, why? – If they are supposed to be working for the welfare of the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I BELIEVE ONE MASS COURT ACTION SHOULD BE STARTED AGAINST EVERY PM WHO DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THE ACTS OF UK LAW, FOR MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE – That this lawful action should be carried out every time until they listen to the people
    I further believe that there should be drawn up by the people for the people a lawful charter (never to be by law or any legislation overridden) to get theirs and any future snouts out of the troughs of taxpayer,s money.
    That a further charter should be drawn up in regard to our ever-rising corrupt courts and have judges under the acts of UK law – instead of no lawful accountability.
    For if our MPs were made by the people for the people to act ALWAYS honestly within their stated seven principals of public life – or get kicked out with no pension or golden handshake with the law upheld to the full – Do you really think they would let anyone else get away with anything unlawful?
    For after all who’s country is it theirs or ours?
    What could they do if thousands of us walked sensibly into parliament sat down and said we the people are not moving until you listen to us and act accordingly. For this is not your building it is ours, and we are not your slaves without the shackles, we are the society you should be working for to protect and not unlawfully suppress.
    Just think about it and what it could cause?
    Or are we just going to continually be ever oppressed lab rats for drug experimentation and slaves without the shackles to a tax system they will unlawfully make sure is never out of debt?
    That choice is yours and always should have been

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  4. Debbie boxley says:

    Please help me. A placement order was made on my two and half year old sin on 9 th august this year. I did all local authority asked. Moved away from violent ex. Courses. Counselling etc. Phycholgist states I have bpd cause I was in care myself as a child. He said I suffer abandonment issues. So I did what he asked attended counselling for 10 months. Then he changed his opinion at final hearing stated I needed different therphy DBT which I now have. All other reports states positively. DBT therpist states I already have DBT tools in place and only reccommends a few sessions. A third guardian was appointed on first day of final hearing as the second one who I worked well with and stated that my son return, left just before final hearing. This third guardian only spoke with me for one hour and observed contact with my son for fourty five minutes stated that contact was high standard and we have a very close bond..however she went with local authority on adoption..

    I believe cause I had to go through complaints procedure regarding local authority and their refusal to share information with me with regards to ny son.local authority sons social worker hated me. Yet she lied in court and said I had not worked with her.

    Please, please I beg someone to help me.

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