Child protection in practice, structure and system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive

This is how one of the commentators on Christopher Booker‘s article in The Telegraph reworded the actual title: The family justice system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive.

Here are some ‘succulent’ quotes:

Very occasionally… the victims come up against a judge with the independence of mind to challenge the dishonesty of the social workers who have driven the system off the rails.

Fortunately, the mother has found one of those rare legal teams prepared to challenge the system.

Best of all, she seems to have found a judge robust enough to see through the perversity and arrogance of all those who, at great public expense, are lined up on the other side, seemingly hell-bent on perpetuating a vicious travesty of justice.

The article is based on this 227-page Family Justice Review Interim Report.

The Ministry of Justice publishes the Panel member biographies here.

Page 192 lists:

David Norgrove

John Coughlan CBE

Mr Justice Andrew McFarlane

Dame Gillian Pugh OBE

Keith Towler

Baroness Shireen Ritchie

Government representatives:

Sarah Albon, Director, Justice Policy Group, Ministry of Justice

Shirley Trundle CBE, Director, Families Group, Department for Education

Robert Piclford, Director of Social Services, Department of Health and Social Services, Wales


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Child protection in practice, structure and system is callous, corrupt and staggeringly expensive

  1. peter oakes says:

    I did read Christopher Bookers article concerning
    the whole sordid affair surrounding ” state sponsored kidnapping”

    It was stated that Social Services had lied in their evidence cum-
    presentation to the courts in several cases ! This has got to
    be addressed by 1) the police 2) HMCS via Clerk of the Court
    or 3) the judge. in Other words Law Enforcement !

    Dishonesty in court proceedings is a criminal offence ie.
    False Swearing Sectn. 5. 1911 Perjury Act. as prosecuted
    in R-V-Sood. 1996. A Dr.Sood was prosecuted for signing
    a death certificate when he had not seen the body, no big
    deal really it was his own elderly patient expected to die at anytime !

    Here we have Social Services stealing the new borne with all their life
    in front of them, being interefered with at their most vulnerable period in

    Who gave these SS criminals the Right to escape justice & to
    pervert justice re: R-V-Sood. By giving false evidence to a court ! it,s
    un-believable, how can they be immune from prosecution??

    We need to pressure Christopher Booker & MPs to pursue prosecution
    for these offences !

  2. Sandy sullivan says:

    I have evidence that proves malicious disregard of presenting excluptory evidence in CPS files that would prove what supposed investigator did to creat neglect that did not take place. Narratives steaming from repetitive calls from 1 person , informed of positive info regarding children and parent each time she hoped something something bad would spring up, were later used to creat a different (false course of events) that created a monster out of an appropriate, loving mom. I have the positive narratives i had requested to be available for jurisdictional hearing, but did not recieve them until exactly 60 days after jurisdictional hearing. I wasnt familiar with juvenile dependency law then like i am now. I know now that our government protects child preditors and not children. In dependency courts, there exists an unwritten law that social workers can lie in order to creat neglect/abuse that never took place. Please rename this agency to reflect the business activities daily exercised: Child Preditor Protection Service. If your a social misfit, apply to the CPS agency in your area for work in abusing children. Sandy Sullivan 6507167224,

  3. Thank you Sabine for your comment. Until an innocent parent, or other victim, experiences due process via thrown head first thru meat grinder, instead of receiving requested documents to prove the pathetic, pathological lies these preditors do not want on record – any tiny words of empathy mean so much. For 10 years have passed; Im still working on exposing the blatant corruption. The FBI is finally willing to look at my evidence. Im scared they will inform me that laws dont apply to my family, nor anyone elses. I dont know I will survive another brick wall hit. It would be a God send to have some support about presenting the massive evidence I now have in hand. How should I put together the counter attack? I feel this is a good chance to make change happen. Nothing will ever replace the time lost with my son. Initiating change in this unchecked federally funded circus, kidnapping loved and well cared for children from their families – this is the only motivation keeping me alive. I pray for this break to come about. James never misses a day in my thoughts. Sincerely, Sandy Sullivan 650-716-7224 Redwood City, CA

    • Dear Sandy

      our veteran observer Ian Josephs says: exposure, exposure, exposure.

      I have learned to love blogging and WordPress as the best platform. I believe that individual cases can only be won on the back of the ‘collective’ that is coming together in all sorts of ways.

      Hence I’d suggest you organise your evidence into PAGES on your blog – under the right MENU TITLES.

      I never knew what effect my blog could have until I was asked to leave two court rooms.

      In the UK, there has been a significant judgement that asks courts to adopt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media.

      The US is different. But the challenges and criminals are the same.

      Eventually, you ought to go for compensation for yourself and your son.

      To put a Victim Impact Statement together to describe the emotional, mental, financial and long-term effects is also important. See

      Welcome to the blogosphere and community of bloggers. Start by going to!

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