The Stealing of Baby Harley and the Innate Male Drive for Power

The Stealing of Baby Harley has been written up admirably by a family friend present on the scene. Only names were changed, because the lawyer, paid by a local authority, i.e. from the public purse, insists on secrecy and got a so-called “Injunction Order” order – for approval by Mr. Justice W… – i.e. NOT legally valid.

I responded – within the ridiculously unreasonable time limit of 48 hours over a weekend – with a “Notice of Discharge and Rebuttal” – on March 23rd.

David Icke published on his website, a cri de coeur ignoring the Order against “The Media and Others”, but had to delete it eventually, too., my blogging platform in California, took it for real and asked me to delete eight posts, if I wanted to continue to have control over my site.

So I lodged a Legal Notice re Abuse of Process with the Cardiff Court Centre on March 29th and have not heard anything since.

However, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection held a meeting on Transparency: Privacy and the Public Interest. Thank god, I’m not alone in this madness of power through position and money!

Conclusion: the lawyer was paid to “just do his job” and got a kick out of abusing his power of apparent legalese. Everybody else continues to do their job without that kick, and the baby continues to suffer, just as the parents.

John Hemming MP is extremely aware of the problems people are having to face.

Long live the country of fairness, but that doesn’t apply to South Wales of course…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to The Stealing of Baby Harley and the Innate Male Drive for Power

  1. Colin Peters says:

    What I have read on this subject is horrific, but once again I ask, what on earth can the parents have done to justify being treated so inhumanly?

  2. liz Watson says:

    The Public are innocent of any wrong-doing. There is one governing factor in all this madness: MONEY. Children are being trafficked as financial instruments because it is a new trick they have discovered they can pull, and it magically fills the coffers of various social services departments around Britain with thousands of pounds per week (per child) – easy money for doing very little except telling lies and acting cruelly to mother and child. They dissociate themselves emotionally so that they can do what it takes – if it were THEIR child, however, being subjected to such atrocious procedures, as you can imagine it would be a very different thing! This is the one thing that might sober them up quickly.

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  10. my son and his partner of 15yrs have six children or should i say did have untill last yr were taken by social workers for no reason. the parents have been put through test after tests , and the judge has alowed the orthorities to still hang on to there children who were happy well looked after well fed as well as stimulated wtch the parents have been accused of not doing crap excuse after excuse social workers are liers the final hearing is commeing up in november as the childrens grand mother i am devistated ,we want our kids back ,i am more worried now after reading this. my name sheila we need a protest meeting now .

  11. austin mc govern says:

    I need help.our baby was taken today into foster care after bringing him to hospital for treatment please help us

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