The first two signatures on the new online petition “Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes”

My most recent experiences regarding the publication of supposed court documents against “The Media & Others” enraged me such that I am now looking for public support to get that Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes going.

Imagine: a lawyer writes a “Reporting Restriction Order” that

  • carries no signature
  • appears never to have seen a court
  • and has its own “terms of service”.

I.e. it’s not the COURT but the LAWYER who can serve the order – not on the web publisher – but on the web hosting company!

Of course, WordPress wouldn’t possibly question the validity or lawfulness of a document. So after deleting eight blog posts that related to The Stealing of Baby Harley, State Kidnapping and the State Stealing Children, I had to delete another post, relating to the same issue, but another Council and another lawyer using the same nasty ‘behind the back’ technique.

Enough is enough! Now I hope that you’ll add some signatures to our request for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes, before I put it before the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to The first two signatures on the new online petition “Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes”

  1. Colin Peters says:

    To add credibility and validity to your signing of the petition, please sign be prepared to reveal your identity.

  2. peter oakes says:

    You should All be aware that a solicitor is a member of
    the Supreme Court of England, they then assume powers
    they do not possess.

    They are acting beyond their powers ( ultra vires ) ” beyond ones
    legal power ” . Because of public ingnorance, apathy, incompetent
    court personnel, etc, etc this practice has been allowed to develope
    into common practice.

    The answer is to demand a clarification of the Law from the Lord
    Chancellor forthwith. His responce will confirm the above and render
    90% of court rulings made in the last 30 years orso null and void !

    And most judges have been exceeding their authority due to arrogance
    and public indifference, We get what we deserve !.

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    I agree in entirety with peter oakes, yes we do need a clarification of Law/s; because it appears there are that many get-out routes being used by shyster lawyers, they appear to make them -up as they go along!!…..and the Judges allow it!!….
    But then having read about the wording SUBSIDIARITY in Article 51 of the EU convention of Human Rights/Freedoms then Articles 52 to 54 of the same, I wonder is there any wonder theres such confusion? In my opinion it was done deliberately to create confusion!…

  4. peter oakes says:

    Ultra Vires. Subsidiarity. is realy torment & frustrate the general
    public. No Govnt. Dept. dares to admit it is wrong, because of the
    inadequacy of ” civil servants ” who do not have the abillity to operate
    or hold down a job in the real world. Therefore mistakes and errors are
    daily occurencies ( Re: the recent tax HMRC debacle ) in UK.

    Governments are there to impress their superioty over You, the individual,
    if you are naturaly gifted and talented, they say you are an ” excentric ”
    they will never give credit for your abillity !. If you are just average in
    intellect, believe in truth, getting what you paid for, you are said to be
    non-compliant, and if you object and insist on the truth you are a
    malcontent, these words are used by civil servants to describe members
    of the public in their internal documents. This of course sets the tone for
    your next meeting with another civil servant, ( you have been labeled ) for
    not swallowing the pack of lies & rubbish told to yourself by the first incompetent.

    Now ! the reason I brought-up the subject was in the hope someone would tackle
    on line the Lord Chancellors Office so that they would realise the public are not
    the nurds they take-us for, and would they please treat -us with a bit of respect
    instead of exhibiting their contempt they have for us all.

    And would people be positive at all times and not give the sods a break in any
    shape or form, for a start Stan. write and ask what does ” subsidiarity ” mean
    because just a few years ago the Government where screaming “open
    justice”- “transparency” speaking in plain English etc.

    From my dictionary Subsidiarity is another word for Subsidize or Subsidiary
    serving to assist or supplement. In other words it says it is supporting
    Ultra Vires or ” Acting beyond their legal powers ” it is the same thing and
    requires clarifation! because no solicitor or judge dare admit to being in
    ” contempt ” of the law- the courts or in fact Parliament.

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