Fraud victims told: Go to the bank, NOT the police

This article was published by the London Evening Standard in September 2007. But it underlines what we currently feel about the Police who seem to have ‘better’ things to do than to investigate crime…

However, this only covers credit card fraud as ‘small beer’. And that’s where the banks concerned are obviously much more effective at rectifying mistakes and compensating victims.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to Fraud victims told: Go to the bank, NOT the police

  1. Paul Ronald says:

    Credit card fraud = fraud = a crime = under the law all crimes must be reported to the police.
    Under the law of accessory, if you know of a crime and do not report it to the police then you become an accessory to that crime = That is law
    So lets add this with the ever-rising many genuine persecuted who can find no justice under the law, or any honest stated public duty from government in lawfully addressing these ever-rising issues. Plus then lets add all the other ever-rising other unlawful malicious issues the police or government will not lawfully address
    So now we add how those working on our behalf still have their snouts in the trough of taxpayers money and will not listen to the people. Then we have the bankers fraud and deception who with our government permission are still being paid high exorbitant bonuses. Then lets add the further ever rising white collar crime our poliuce or government will not lawfully adress
    Then lets take a look at the law in regard to what all things are based on called philosophical law, which states – To form the basis of any society and for that society to exist, it has to have a form of ruling government. In order for that government to work for and maintain the existence of that society it has to have laws.
    Now I know what this spells out to me, but what does it spell out to you?
    I think either a mass court action by the people or a sit in at parliament until they listen, what do you think?

  2. Richard Colborne says:

    Treason, Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice, now Fraud. The police appear to be more interested in breaches of political correctness than real crime. They either don’t know how to investigate some crime, aren’t knowledgeable enough of the law to comprehend that a crime has been committed, or they just don’t want to investigate: too often the later. Then there are the increasing numbers of occasions when the police arrest the victims! At least as far as fraud goes, private companies, albeit the financial institutions, investigate some of them: perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies.

    All too often the crimes are known about, and accessories to them abound, but no action is taken.

    Certainly some sort of peaceful action is needed to make it clear to parliament, the police and the courts, that they must start delivering the justice they are paid to deliver.

  3. Adrian P says:

    Mass education, I’vee spoken to police who clearly have no knowledge of the difference between lawfull and legal.
    I’m no expert myself but you’d expect them to know, so mass education is key, they can get away with it because most people have no knowledge of the law.
    They think the law is just something MP’s can make up, but at all times it must remain bound by Common law, in that sense we do not need extra laws.
    Try adding links to your emails as your email signature to videos on youtube from UkColumn and others.
    Make videos, DVD’s.

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