Gag Removed – Job Done: everything about Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council can be revealed!!!

BREAKING NEWS from John Hemming MP’s blog: Gag Removed – Job Done!

But, actually, it’s not “everything”. Only what relates to jailing Vicky and this chronology of an extraordinary case

As My Daddy is a Paedophile, it is an anonymised version as long as we’re still waiting for the girl to be brought back to her mother.

Here’s the link to the discussion in Parliament.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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29 Responses to Gag Removed – Job Done: everything about Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council can be revealed!!!

  1. Paulette Cooper says:


    Thankfully there was also a great deal of bad press in the Sunday newspapaers about Judges tossing out ‘gagging orders’ and ‘injunctions’ like confetti! Your timing in opposing the Order was impeccable!

    Well done in the Public Interest as everything about this case needs to be exposed!

  2. peter oakes says:

    Well done Sabine & Liz. hopefully John Hemmings might obtain
    a breakthrough, on the other- hand the “media” will set out to
    destroy him in the same way they are destroying Vince Cable MP
    another good Parliamentarian.

  3. Starship Fighter says:

    Or alternatively, if the Father’s story is true and the Mother was indeed ‘abusing’ her daughter by planting false memories of abuse – which is what the Courts believe, as they granted the injunction in the first place – then Hemming has possibly done untold potential damage to a child who, it could be argued, is far better off where she is.

  4. I suggest you read “My Daddy is a Paedophile”, a sanitised, i.e. anonymised chronology of the case:

  5. Smoking Hot says:

    Well done everyone involved in this. Maybe the faceless SS can be named at some point.

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  8. erica leith says:

    Think you need a ‘reality’ check, suggest you go to ‘Ministry of Truth’ and read the ‘facts’ rather than your fiction…..and maybe for a minute have some consideration for the child…instead of supporting someone who clearly is not well and in need of help …the old saying ‘there are two sides to every story, springs to mind here…..what are you people on… I have followed this for a while, never have i read such nonsense…Hah.. so everyone is a paedophile..? the police…judges, the guardian, the social workers…Solicitors…etc..etc…seems to me that you guys are as disturbed as the mother……no doubt, as john hemmings, you will have some history that drives you to attack every person involved in what will, of course be, a perfectly legitimate case, which is about protecting a child……And on the issue of the ‘gagging’ of the mother…read something about her…some years back, when she had a ‘gagging’ order in her days as a jockey/racehorse trainer…..some ‘meaty’ stuff there about her behaviour……worrying…i think, maybe you should do more research..before jumping in …..

    • Dear Erica

      The research I have done is considerable and includes My Daddy is a Paedophile – a 25-page chronology of the case.

      The girl has been molested since she was three. Now she is seven and the father has overnight access to her.

      If that isn’t reason for blogging / twittering / facebooking / commenting, I don’t know what is!


      • PJ says:

        Sabine, you are going to get sued for libel.

      • so Sabine , in light of recent events and the fact that the man has been shown to be innocent are you going to retract your comments regarding him ?

      • erica leith says:

        Hi sabine, well obviously your ‘research’ was poor….sadly your ‘ chronology’ of the case was a one sided delusional account of a mother, who clearly has mental health issues. Time to ‘wake up and smell the roses’ !! The child has not been abused Sabine !!! but guess you would just look too stupid if you were to admit that, the courts have considered ‘all’ of the evidence, little of it, in reality, but not where you and the mother are, of course if there was significant medical/police evidence, the father would have been charged and locked up, but we know now that this is all in Vicky’s head, and nowhere else…you have been used in a custody battle is the truth, no more to it than that really, but shame on you for not doing your homework, how ridiculous you look now ! You should go hide away, hang your head in shame, and apologise….at least !! but your arrogance will not allow that…At some point in the future the child will judge, and condemn you….think of that when you go to sleep at night..sweet dreams Sabine….or nightmares rather, for your inadequate and ignorant reporting of this causing the child to suffer……

  9. vicky haigh says:

    Erica, you are so in the minority with this case, are you stupid, or a friend of the peodophile?
    I suppose you are entitled to your opinion and if raking up some totally irrelevant story of my successful career as a racehorse trainer, thinks it adds weight to your view, then think again. You really have made yourself look ‘away with the fairies’. Are you missing something or have you not woken up to the corrupt shenanigans of social services yet. Are you a social worker? I am guessing so. Vicky Haigh

    • PJ says:

      Vicky, hope you like prison food, you lying little whore.

    • haha says:

      well if hes so guilty miss how come you only get to see your child twice a year now and he has custody? u fled to Ireland to pop out that poor child that god knows what you end up doing to that one where as your kid is now in Australia safe from harm and more of your lies

    • well Vicky, as in the uk its a downright miracle for any man to be given custody of a child for him to have this and to be proven to be innocent while you and your private investigator have been shown to be liars …….. have you any idea of the damage this fantasy will have done to your daughter ? When you made these accusations and sent out emails with his address on them , did you think once of an errant rock through the window, broken glass and your daughter? or what about a child seeing violence, seeing their father beaten? these could have happened, and places like this which have stood with you have been damaged by your lies. I hope one day your daughter will forgive you ….. but i doubt it.

    • erica leith says:

      Hi Vicky.. No I am not ‘stupid’, far from it, how rude and arrogant you are….Not that it is relevant but, no, I am not a social worker or a friend of the ‘father’, not a paedophile, as we all now know, I am a nurse, not that it is any of your business. I see that you, are not qualified in any area, that you have some delusion in terms of your achievements in the racing world, where, apparently you are a ‘laughing stock’…all irrelevant really, but you raised the matter. Clearly you are deluded, need help, guess you are suffering from some degree of a personality disorder would be my guess, not that you could see that, due to your mental health. Your behaviour is beyond belief in regard to your daughter, how cruel. I wonder what the authorities are considering in the protection of your second child, given the emotional trauma you have clearly inflicted on your first born..As I said in the first instance…more to this than the initial one sided account by people who are easily manipulated and have their own issues….and lack sufficient intelligence to see through you…you should enjoy your time with your child, it will be limited, even the Irish Authorities must be worried reading such damning information about your past behaviour and total lack of care for your daughter, shame on you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hide your head in shame Vicky Haigh.

    If you manage to keep your new child and not spend a long long time in prison, consider yourself lucky. People like you are the real abusers of children. Your daughter will grow up remembering the facts, so your days are numbered. Soon you will not be able to hide from the truth, or convince others of your lies. No doubt you will turn on her when she has her say in the future, blaming her father or some other such nonsence.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    What an utterly pathetic and entirely worthless read that was.
    If you truly wish people to believe you – create a document that is not quite so obviously bigoted and bias!

    This is abhorrent, where is your consideration for the evidence presented from the other side, your claims that evidence was simply considered on ‘hearsay’ (and therefore considering it to be rubbish) is a hypocritical abomination.

    Some people are obsessed with conspiracy theories and find a gross fascination with never – never accepting what’s staring them in the face.

    I was willing to have my opinion changed by your journalism but to be honest it’s simply pathetic and reeks of a woman scorned. (Both on the authors part and the general details of VHaighs claims.)

    I believed that maybe V.Haigh had simply believed the stories of a young child (maybe misinterpreted) and I agree that – who wouldn’t react in that way if they genuinely thought their offspring had been abused… but this is pushing it. If it’s been proven to be utter lies… then why take it any further? Three courts have heard this case (if I am correct) and yet it is stomach churning to think that the mother WANTS it to be true to now cover her own stinking tracks.

    Disgusting. One is just glad the poor little girl is with the parent who quite obviously cares most for her welfare. I cannot imagine how awfully being brainwashed by that vindictive cow who claims to be a loving mother will affect the child.

    I welcome rebuttal but could not resist giving my opinion on your shoddy excuse for “gag removed”. Just … eugh. Stop while you still can! You churn my stomach!

  13. erica leith says:

    Anyone else noticed…where is the normally very vocal, totally supportive of Vicky… Sabine..???? maybe just worked out how stupid she has been…or….worrying about how long she might spend in prison, Hah….,

  14. Anonymous says:

    A huge massive thank you and congratulations to Vicky Haigh and all the people who helped blow a hole in the system, never let them silence you and stay strong for your girl she still needs you to shout and scream. When she is old enough to not only tell the truth but can fight for it then you will have justice. please everyone look at what is happening in the familycourts, this case is not extraordinary it’s typical and the reason why you don’t hear about it is because those who have been through it are so frightened and debilitated they just want to hide away and to never enter into anything like it again, vicky has had the worst punishment imaginable for speaking out against it.


      Yes, it is simply too unbelievable to imagine that “authorities” and “professionals” go as far as they do. That’s why I’m building a new website to become more effective next!

      For if we can’t have justice, we must have publicity and exposure.

  15. Vicki Haigh is still and always will be that little girl’s mother, she is the one who carried that little girl under her heart for nine months, felt her move and gave birth to her and more than likely breastfed her as well. People seem to forget that, no one but the father and the girl really know what happened, court officials such as family consultants/destroyers only go on their opinions they really don’t know, but they like to think that they are always right. Judges go on what family consultants/destroyers advise, many loving protective mothers have had their children removed by Family Courts on the say so of family consultants/destroyers. Children always grow up and the truth will be revealed in the end. Vicki Haigh seems to be a great stepmum, her step children appear to adore her just as her second daughter does, if she is so bad don’t you think that her step children would not like her let alone love her, there is more to this story than the public has been told,time will tell.

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