Council ‘tried to have horse trainer jailed’ – for reporting her injustice to a meeting in Westminster

Here’s an article in The Star that puts the dot on the “i”: Council tried to have horse trainer jailed.

The reality behind this ordeal is unbelievable, if it wasn’t true:

  1. CAFCASS (supposedly putting children first in family courts), the “guardian” of her 7-year old daughter who’s being sexually abused by her father (known to be a paedophile), taped the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Transparency: Privacy and the Public Interest, where Vicky spoke out
  2. this was listed as one of the reasons for committing her to prison – or rather, she should show why she should NOT be committed to prison
  3. Doncaster Council have put a “Reporting Restriction Order” out against “The Media & Others” that I am supposed to have violated; hence I had to delete that post
  4. As long as WordPress and the High Court in London believe that the documents produced by Doncaster Council are legally valid, I offer this anonymisde version My Daddy is a Paedophile
  5. But John Hemming MP published Gag removed – Job done. So at least everything pertaining to the imprisonment can be revealed, he writes.

Since court proceedings were commenced by a social worker who passed herself off as “head lawyer”, 4 judges have been involved in the case so far. Hence we consider the whole saga not only contempt of court but also of Parliament.

We now expect to have a hearing at the High Court in London on Monday, May 9th at 10.30.

Supporters are invited to appear as McKenzie Angels.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to Council ‘tried to have horse trainer jailed’ – for reporting her injustice to a meeting in Westminster

  1. peter oakes says:

    Liz should take this opportunity to put her reasons up on
    world wide web before 9th May 2011. explaining it is her bounden
    duty to expose corrupt Courts, Solicitors, Judges etc. Her defence is that
    of performing a Duty to the Law by ensuring it is not deliberately breached
    by unscrupulous legal professionals for pecuniary gain and the sexual
    gratification of paedophiles as found in the Royal Commission Enquiry
    NSW. ( new south wales police paedophiles ).

    That Doncaster was the operational base for the thieving Solicitors that
    stole millions & millions of pounds worth of Miners Compensation.

    Doncaster’s own citizens in the mining community were robbed blind.
    Where were Doncaster Social Services when elderly Miners and their
    wives were reduced to penury? Where were they then? Only
    interested in kidnapping their grandchildren for profit!

    And to prove Liz. is not making “wild unsubstantiated allegations”, I can
    prove she is not! But she is acting in the Public Interest in exposing
    this evil scandal.

  2. Paul Ronald says:

    I have speed read most of this attached disgusting despicable sickening report, where again misconduct in public office has been disgustingly maliciously rife, by those supposed to be lawfully protecting.

    Couple this with all other ever-rising issues which the government will not lawfully address, being unlawfully covered up by unlawful lack of public duty and corrupt courts leaves us only one lawful choice. WHICH IS A MASS ACTION AGAINST THE UK GOVERNMENT FOR MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE.

    (Forget the ECHR and the Hague where we would deliberately be kept waiting for years as the the rip off corrupt uncaring government do not want any lawful change – For they have been consistently deliberately corruptly ripping us off for years)
    Where any other attempt in no matter what field they will and as is always being seen, unlawfully move the goal posts to protect themselves and their corrupt fellow brethren. Where they will unlawfully maliciously keep pushing us away until all genuine persecuted learn to get over their petty squabbles and come together to do this with a full public outcry. Where we the people demand the law (which is the basis for our society and its existence) be upheld to the full.

    For until then they will continually divide and conquer all these ever-rising issues and unlawfully abuse their powers to keep the sheeple and couch potatoes asleep.

    This can be further seen from not only this disgusting perverted issue but also that of ever-rising issues of the same ilk. Which includes how my very good friend Rob Green is fighting in the Hollie Greig paedophile issue. Where the unlawful willing blindness to any lawful justice and upholding of the law has been the same – The genuine persecuted being further unlawfully maliciously persecuted and the perverted corrupt go free – This has been unlawfully the same from the government with the banks (shown from the film inside job), no referendum, the expense accounts of government which are now all back to the same (by their own corrupt voted hands and as shown in the media), our lawful right to protect our families, and our lawful right to any stated justice and legislation (all shown in ever-rising issues from the net and otherwise).


    If you are interested after many years of persecution in the only lawful proposal we have lawfully left, then please contact me

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