Parliament needs to act by bringing in legislative changes to rein in the activities of judges (John Hemming MP)

The gag that stops you talking to an MP is the title of John Hemming MP‘s article in today’s Guardian.

I know of five cases where judges and local authorities have used judicial procedures in an attempt to prevent people from talking to their MPs.

He has revealed that Fred Goodwin gets superinjunction to stop him being called a banker.

There is widespread support for the right to complain to MPs, but action has so far been blocked by the Speaker on the advice of the house officers (the men in wigs who sit in front of him).

The most basic freedom of speech is that of the right to talk to an MP about your “grievances”. Parliament should act to protect this.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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2 Responses to Parliament needs to act by bringing in legislative changes to rein in the activities of judges (John Hemming MP)

  1. Paul Ronald says:

    Should every MP and parliament not act to uphold all the acts of UK law, in all unlawful issues, which are ever-rising and not being lawfully addressed, or is it not their intention to care for society? – For that is what it seems to an ever-rising many who have genuine lawful complaints in varied varieties from all walks of life.
    Where it must further show from this lack of honest public duty, that their main governmental priority in our supposed democracy, should lawfully be the lawful existence of the public – But obviously with all the irrefutable ever-rising evidence available it is unlawfully not!!!!!!

  2. peter oakes says:

    What is this “clap trap ” I know a victim of a criminal conspiracy
    by HM goverment. I know because I AM A VICTIM MYSELF.

    I sat alongside Phillip Inman Guardian Journalist in the Thomas More
    Bldgs Royal Courts of Justice with 30 other witness,s and it was proven
    HM revenue & customs are corrupt.

    This same Guardian employee writes for Which magazine on finance
    and he is bent & corrupt ! Concealing offences thefts & frauds.

    If the Guardian printed the truth ie: ” this man was right all along ” all
    these thefts and frauds would have ended years ago !

    The Guardian is just as rotten as all the papers in british europe region.
    and for gods sake dont mention UK this is not a united kingdom it
    is a region of europa and I am not a subject of anyone including the
    colonel in chief son of murdered Diana brood mare, please tell Harry
    to watch his back !

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