Re: the Office of the Prime Minister in Canada and White Collar Crimes in the UK

It does take inspiration and guts to write this kind of letter. Unfortunately, the sender wants to remain anonymous.

Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

Office of the Prime Minister

Dear Mr or Ms Bustos:

Thank you for your reply. I am happy to know that the Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP, considers international crime, and its concealment by foreign judiciary, police and government, a concern for Canadians and international security. Obstruction of justice is a serious matter.

As you know, since writing initially, I have provided further information about the widespread use of the UK’s super-injunctions used to silence victims of both crime and the, less obvious, abuse of family court and social services process in the UK. In addition, an internet search for “John Hemming injunctions, OR Andrew Marr injunction, OR Fred Goodwin injunction (Royal Bank of Scotland) OR Vicky Haigh injunction” will bring back a wealth of information about the corrupt use of injunctions, which may raise a few questions about the banking industry, and the recent world monetary fund disaster.

There is still more information here: which link makes particular reference to a Miss Yvonne Goder, who was imprisoned by UK authorities for speaking out about serious fraud committed against her and her family. She was imprisoned without, due process, and gagged from speaking to her MP, amongst others.

A millionairess was defrauded through the Office of the Public Guardian/Court of Protection, under which jurisdiction she was put without her knowledge. She had not lost capacity, and there was no legitimate right for anyone to be appointed as her power of attorney. It was all done unlawfully. (The Office of the Public Guardian/Court of Protection is a prime operational tool for fraud of many colours, as it is blatant in its refusal to address the lack of risk management protocols, and security checks. This court works hand-in-hand with the Bank of England. It meets the definition of FRAUD ENABLER.)

All of the woman’s real estate was conveyed into other names unlawfully with false legal documents, and bailiffs unlawfully evicted her, throwing the widow and her three children into the street. They were left homeless and the government had to house them (all subsidized by the public purse). The mother and daughter both spent time in prison for contempt of court as a direct result of their attempts to obtain justice, and after no police agency in Britain and no government department would help them. Injunctions have silenced them, and they have even been prevented, by injunction, from talking to their member of parliament. This case is nine years old and, even if this now penniless family had the money, or were given legal aid (no longer available) to fight the case in civil court, (a) nobody should be told to fight their own criminal cases in civil court as the only option available to them, and (b) lawyers and judiciary will fix it so that they lose. In this case, a large, well-known, international law firm is involved, and has both the support of the courts and government, quite obviously, and the financial resources to ensure that victims simply CANNOT win. As the firm is international, world authorities should be taking note.

I can personally attest to the fact that the Serious Fraud Office refuses to investigate this case, along with the National Fraud Office, and the Serious Organized Crime unit. Someone at a high level must be preventing police from investigating. International agencies MUST ask why the UK is supporting this.

However, the problem is not only the injunctions, many of which have been placed WITHOUT DUE PROCESS or authority, often by corrupt county council officials, but the crimes themselves, which take place in a manner exactly similar to that which takes place in Bulgarian, mafia-run courts, with fraudulent court documents being issued without due process or basis in fact, bailiffs unlawfully employed to eject victims from their homes, unlawful imprisonment, unlawful detainments in mental hospitals, false bankruptcies, charges of false debts, and more. Naturally, there are injunctions placed on the media, so that neither the British public nor the world at large is aware of the corruption in the UK.

I have knowledge of some of these crimes taking place using large, well-known, international law and accounting companies. International authorities should be very concerned about this and should put these entities under investigation, and foreign ministers should most certainly be aware of the legal and judicial culture in the UK and how it affects not only international trade, but also security of world citizens, and the monetary fund. G20 and UN members should be taking a look at the cuckoo in the nest. There are many cases. Details can be provided along with documentation.

It appears that only one MP has the courage to speak out, and actually carry the standard for what is just and right in the UK: The Rt. Hon. John Hemming. John Bercow,( does not appear to be onside with justice, human rights and dignity, or protection of children, much less transparency.

Who is it that keeps the lid so clamped down on corruption in the UK, and why?

Many victims of crime who have been seriously defrauded, even of hundreds of millions of pounds, have appealed to the Lord Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, for help in obtaining an inquiry or police investigation, but he refuses, and has suggested to the victims that they fight the crimes on their own, using unaffordable civil “remedy”. As these people have been bankrupted and, in many cases, been made homeless by big business working with corrupt legal and judicial entities, this is impossible for them to do. There is no legal aid available to them either. They are simply discarded in what can only be described as a serious human rights violation. It is crime against the people being committed by the British government. It is no better than what has happened in any corrupt foreign country, and Britain has no right to point fingers at Egyptian or Libyan leaders, or anyone else. The Nigerian police’s Economic Crime Division is swimming upstream in its efforts to break links forged by corrupt UK and Nigerian entities and the banking system. The UK continually courts business from Russia: a country well known as being ingrained with corruption for many generations. There was a time when Britain would have turned away from such connections yet Russia, too, is a G20 member country.

I know for certain that the British Home Office, Foreign Office, and Ministry of Justice are just a few departments which are aware of many of the crimes. No matter what the circumstances, the Home Office blatantly states that it does not intervene in individual cases. Who does then? At the Behest of the British Home Office, police are at liberty to pick and choose which frauds they investigate. This is clearly stated in a Home Office guidance brochure, written as guidance for police. There is no government accountability whatsoever, and the government feels no prick of conscience or embarrassment about this. Not one government department holds itself accountable either to parliament or the British public and, as we are all now involved in close relationships through the global community, then it is easy to see that the British government will not hold itself accountable to the global community either – much less offer any transparency, as indicated by the injunctions alone.

The Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, is under pressure from the USA to bring the Bribery Act into effect quickly. I am wondering if he has any personal reasons for dragging his heels. All the talk with regard to this act is about bribery in the private sector, but it would seem  that world governments and the its citizens should be more concerned about bribery which may well be taking place in the public sector. After all, it has far more serious ramifications.

I am wondering if, when the final wording of this law is made known, IT MAY DELIBERATELY PRECLUDE ACTION TAKEN AGAINST BRIBERY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR, and I would hope that North America, at least, will take action NOW to ensure that the wording does not cleverly preclude public sector bribery offences.

There is at least one case, ongoing for twenty years, where it has been well proven that someone within the income tax department bankrupted an individual with a false debt, and make him homeless. All his assets were seized, when he was actually owed a refund of 3000 pounds by HMRC. There is a big cover up by the government, including false accusations against him for making threats. Charges were never laid. Despite him having an MP on his side (which MP has seen all the proof that the man was defrauded by the government), the government now pretends that his income tax file has been destroyed and refuse to make restitution. Cases like this are not isolated.

There are many others where wealthy people have had false debts brought against them and they have been made bankrupt. One was made bankrupt and taken through bankruptcy courts when he still had many assets, which proves that due process is not being followed and there is serious corruption.

Appeals to the Home Office, Minister of Justice, or anyone whatsoever in the police or government result only in injunctions, false imprisonment or the unlawful application of the Mental Health Act. The victims are usually intelligent, well educated people, with substantial financial assets and little debt. They are forced into an arena with a corrupt ring of legal mafia. The victims are not people who do not understand the law. They are people who had assets that someone else wanted, and who are victims of criminals with law degrees. This has to stop.

I think you will agree that these matters are very serious, high level crime and corruption issues, which ultimately affect the international community and its policing efforts. It is simply wrong for Canada to spend money on policing in order to play its part in the UN convention against Transnational Serious Organized Crime, and for it to be active as a G20 member, when other members are not only slacking off but actively working against Canada and other countries.

Armed, now, with this knowledge, I suggest that Canada can no longer support the cuckoo in the nest, and should take action. There is, without a doubt, serious corruption which is not being addressed, and this affects Canadians.

Not only have I, and other Canadians that I know of, been directly affected, but they are most certainly being indirectly affected by a country which deliberately fosters and conceals economic and other crimes. What is worse, is that it is not a third world country, but a Commonwealth, UN, and G20 country but with a with a low rating on the Transparency International Index of only 20, and slipping. The other team players in the G20 and UN must bring the UK to task over the crimes.

I shall be very pleased to provide The Rt. Hon. Lawrence Cannon, PC, MP, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D., Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada and The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP, Prime Minister, or any interested authority, with access to victims and complete information. There is need for a public inquiry into why the British government and/or police refuse to investigate serious fraud committed against individuals. They are quick only to investigate fraud committed against the government, such as welfare fraud, but anyone else can go whistle for a crime investigation. This is due to high level corruption.

As this matter is of such serious proportion, I am sending a copy of this letter to other interested parties around the world.

I look forward to hearing further from Mr. Cannon, Mr. Harper, His Excellency, or from any domestic or foreign intelligence agency. On a personal level, my rights, as both a British and Canadian citizen and a victim of crime in the UK have also been violated, along with my family’s rights under Section 8 of the UK Human Rights Act, and there appears to be no recourse. Canadians should be made aware of this, if they have any connections to the UK, which millions do, and the Canadian government must make it a duty to protect Canadians from the UK.

Yours sincerely,


British Columbia

—–Original Message—–

From: Prime Minister/Premier ministre []

Sent: April-18-11 9:36 AM


Cc: Lawrence Cannon, P.C., M.P.

Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

Dear Ms. XXX:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to thank you for your e-mail, in which you raised an issue which falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Prime Minister always appreciates receiving mail on subjects of importance to Canadians.

Please be assured that the statements you made have been carefully reviewed.

I have taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Cannon so that he too may be made aware of your comments. I am certain that the Minister will give your views every consideration. For more information on the Government’s initiatives, you may wish to visit the Prime Minister’s Web site, at

M.F. Bustos
Executive Correspondence Services
for the Prime Minister’s Office
Services de la correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Re: the Office of the Prime Minister in Canada and White Collar Crimes in the UK

  1. Colin Peters says:

    What a brilliant and comprehensive letter this is, with my main reservation being, – When it comes down to the nitty gritty, is there anyone in Canada really interested in the welfare of the downtrodden and abused citizens over here. And, if there is such a person, will they have the clout and influence enough to do anything about it?
    Only time will tell but the more I see of this corrupt system and the evil things that are happening world wide, the more I become convinced that only Divine Intervention will change anything at all.

  2. Mike Levar says:

    The properties involved are 1. ‘Conway’, Blythe Road, Hoddesdon Herts. EN11 0BB 2. 130 Stanley Road, London. N11 2LG 3. 8 Etherley Road, London N15 3AJ 4. 37 Montague Road, London. N15 4BD 5. 339 Green Lanes, London N4 1DZ. Looking at these 5 properties it is easy to see all the fraud and corruption and how this young widow was targeted by the legal mafia. Canada should move away from the UK, the UK is completely corrupt even Stuart Syvret was imprisoned also for talking about UK corruption

    Super injunction bans publication on Facebook and Twitter only in the corrupt Court of Protection

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      Canada tried to move away when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau implemented a Canadian constitution. Much of our land mass is owned by the Crown. I wish we could move away from the UK as it is more corrupt than Canada, but we will catch up, I am sure. Now, of course, they market the Royal Family to us and people treat them like movie stars. So they are busy building up the popularity of the monarchy and the UK.

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