Lord Justice Ward: restoring faith in The Rule of Law and ‘magnanimity in victory’

One of us 15 supporters today in Court 74 of the High Court of Justice was in tears! After one hour that Caul Grant had at long last the opportunity to be heard, all of the supporters stood up and applauded, which was also a first!

Lord Justice Ward actually listened to Caul’s “litany of professed injustice”. With sympathy and empathy. He wants to achieve “closure” for Caul so that he can get on with his life again.

And even the CPS was “moved”. But the bench of three judges want to think before they write their judgment.

Caul had the audacity to ask for one of the judges to recuse himself because he would not go against his own judgment, would he. But that request was denied.

Still, Lord Justice Ward was clearly impressed by Caul’s intelligence and eloquence with which he presented his case as well as by the number of supporters he had in the public gallery! And thus we all hope that justice will not only be SEEN to be done but that it will actually happen: compensation for six years and one month of unlawful imprisonment!

Caul turned that time into his university of law and studied £4,500 worth of law books! The outcome was not just his Campaign for Truth and Justice with a number of provocative activities, but also a broken marriage. He says:

Law breakers cannot be law enforcers!

This was the ‘dress rehearsal’ for Monday morning in the same place: advocating the Rule of Law in the Public Interest and of Vicky Haigh and her daughter in particular. Tomorrow I’ll find out in which room.

Let me know if you want to join us in our efforts to bring justice and peace to victims of white collar and other crimes such as sexually abusing his own daughter, not protecting a minor and abusing the court and court processes for the purpose of child trafficking…  sabine AT 3d-metrics.com

Here’s Caul talking to me after the presentation of his case on YouTube – thanks to Duncan who also added his nice comments.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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27 Responses to Lord Justice Ward: restoring faith in The Rule of Law and ‘magnanimity in victory’

  1. anajinn says:

    This sounds very good. Caul is beautifully spoken and educated, and it makes a good impression. The fact that he had so much support is wonderful, and I know that many do turn out to support each other, but if the court room could be packed with supporters, it will only get better for future cases. Thanks for posting this because we can all learn a lot, and the most important thing is unison.

  2. Colin Peters says:

    I am happy that the judiciary, at long last, are taking note of the amount of support that we victims of their system of injustice are building up, courtesy of fellow victims, and they are seemingly, being influenced by that support.
    I woud like to make a couple of points re. your posting
    1. For Cauls supporters to applaud him, was not a ‘first’.
    Years ago supporters of Geoffrey Scrivens, including myself, were out in force to support him on a charge of scandalising the judiciary/courts.
    We applauded Geoffrey and were warned by the judge that any more of that and he would have the court emptied.

    2. I am concerned that 3 judges need time to think before they deliver their judgement.
    In my own case, judge Arthur Hutchinson needed ‘time to think’ before he delivered his judgement;
    His ‘thought about’ outcome driven judgement was against the weight of the evidence that had been put before him.
    He rejected one pack of lies, the pleaded case, which had fraudulently gained the defendants their legal aid certificates, and ruled upon, a completely new and conflicting pack of lies favourable to themselves.

    From my own experiences, this is the kind of thing that happens when judges need ‘time to think’.

    3. I do not know where you are coming from when you say that Caul ‘had the audacity’ to ask one of the judges to recuse himself.

    What is ‘audacious’ about Cauls understandable and legitimate request?

    These people are publicly paid servants assigned with the task of administering justice on behalf of the public.
    Please do not subscribe to their own publicity that they are some kind of gods.

    • I guess I should have said ‘courage’, Colin, but ‘audacity’ sounds to me like ‘super-courage’.

      Maybe my understanding of the nuance wasn’t quite appropriate. I do appreciate your comment!!!

      I have only been in court on my own before, so I’m learning!

      • towardchange says:

        Royal Court of Justice – TrueStory
        All is not entirely well with our family courts. Parents have no rights. Yes:
        “I was also rather touched by reading Sir Alan Hylton Ward’s biography and the loss of his twin daughter Amelia in a rock-fall accident in South Africa 10 years ago. And I did appreciate his empathy and sympathy when listening.”
        There is sympathy, but But it takes ‘inner grandeur’ to admit to mistakes, it seems… And that is the ultimate question that we are posing: are you in touch with your conscience??

        This is not about many parents argue that the family court system is about accountablity and Sir Alan Hylton Ward’s should have know better, because of his loss. http://towardchange.wordpress.com/what-really-goes-on-in-uk-secret-family-courts/

      • towardchange says:

        Royal Court of Justice – TrueStory
        All is not entirely well with our family courts. Parents have no rights. There is sympathy, This is not about many parents argue that the family court system is about accountablity and Sir Alan Hylton Ward’s should have know better, because of his loss. http://towardchange.wordpress.com/what-really-goes-on-in-uk-secret-family-courts/

    • towardchange says:

      “Please do not subscribe to their own publicity that they are some kind of gods”
      I totally agree, this is what they want. How many cases has Ward turned his eye away from and supported the local authority by not enforcing his own orders, thousands. Intentionally leaving children to be raped in Care knowing fully well that they should not be there. Hoping the parents will just go away. http://towardchange.wordpress.com/in-the-supreme-court-of-judicature/

      • I’m still learning, dear Toward Changers!

        And I was HORRIFIED by the difference between Lord Justice Ward and Justice Baker, I can assure you!

        We all do our best. If we knew better, we would do better.

        Thank god, we’ve got the internet to ‘come together’ and learn from each other!

  3. peter oakes says:

    Well done ! Caul
    And thank you to the 15 supporters that
    turned-out. After 20 years of experience I am reluctant to
    say “don,t count the chickens yet “. Our problem is we
    are normal decent people and we assume there is a spark
    of decency in a judge or two.

    We should know by now they are the most ruthless vile criminals
    we have ever encountered ! and they snatch babies for trade and
    paedophiles, make people homeless and impoverished in truth
    there is something un-natural and evil about them !

    I just hope Caul as met with a decent honest judge and gets the break
    He deserves and we all need to restore some semblence of faith in
    Good Luck Caul.

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Congratulations Caul, we can but live in hope that Justice Ward is a Honourable Judge, just as in my own case (in 2001,) when I found Judge Hickingbottom was (when saving me from being made bankrupt; brought about by fraudulent means of The GMB Union, British Steel aided by certain other Judiciary and certain bent solicitor/s ! …..
    However what’s happening here in the UK concerning the denial of one’s right to “free speech” and other lawful entitlements is in my opinion similar as to what took place in Germany after the Reichstag fire of 1933….and that law on Legal Advice that stopped the German people being deprived of many such things was brought into being in 1935,(during Hitlers regime,) and remains ongoing (to this day,) throughout the EU (also used by Dictatorships such as North Korea,) to the detriment of unwary “litigants in person” , whom when presenting their own case/s to court/s, believing they will get “Fair Hearings”, when in reality that law on Legal Advice utilised by the various Countries/states from 1935 say that almost all wont!

  5. This lovely comment came from Paulette Cooper who wrote our second volume of The Forensics of Legal Fraud:

    Not long after Sabine started up Victims – Unite I made her aware of Caul’s case regarding the tragic and unlawful death of his son. She in turn published his case on her website and has followed the court proceedings since.

    I first met Caul on line a few years back and he very kindly supported me through the unlawful bankruptcy and wrote to the court regarding them acting outside The Rule of Law, which they were doing in my case. Sadly it made no difference to my own case but I am truly glad to see that at last he is getting somewhere with what will be a landmark case for everyone. A case that will put the courts under scrutiny for the wrongful and unlawful way they have behaved in so many court cases throughout the UK.

    I was also very pleased that Sabine flew from Germany to support Caul on behalf of Victim’s Unite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzkIZzFpgcs

    To see some real justice makes all our efforts worthwhile, so lets hope that the Judiciary are seeing the error of their ways and that finally Caul will receive some closure and compensation for what he has had to suffer!

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  7. Caul Grant says:

    i would like to thank you all so very much for your very kind and warm expressions of support.

    A special thank you to all who attended court and not just supported but also witnessed the potential magnitude of this case going public.

    Sabine can confirm that the judge talked or warned about “the wider public interest implications riding on the back of this case”

    it was my desire that with more support, forcing the matter into unavoidable publicity, the real benefits of this case could be shared by all, in other words, this case reveals beyond any doubt, the corruption that exists within the judiciary and if this was in the public arena, everyone who has suffered at the hands of the judiciary could use this in proving their own or collective cases.

    While we await the wording of the judgment to be handed down, I have learnt that the lead judge himself suffered the tragic loss of a twin daughter who was only 16/17 years of age,in 2000/1, the judge alluded to this during the proceedings but I thought he was speaking in general and in from personal experience. He said, it takes a parent who has suffered such loss to understand the pain and suffering involved.

    I trust in memory of his own pain, he will be true to his word in court and that justice will reign.

    Thank you all once again and if there is anything I can do for all others pursuing truth and justice, I’m only too willing to offer my help.

    Caul Grant

    • Yes, Caul,

      I was also rather touched by reading Sir Alan Hylton Ward’s biography and the loss of his twin daughter Amelia in a rock-fall accident in South Africa 10 years ago. And I did appreciate his empathy and sympathy when listening.

      What a contrast to Justice Baker who actually RENEWED the ‘order’ that everybody considers highly illegitimate and falsified.

      But it takes ‘inner grandeur’ to admit to mistakes, it seems… And that is the ultimate question that we are posing: are you in touch with your conscience???

      What would it tell you???

      With many thanks for being such a beacon for so many people,


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  9. towardchange says:

    Empathy and sympathy when listening is not what parents want or need, the want a Judge who is able to stand up and enforce their own orders. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE http://ngozigodwell.webs.com/lordjusticeward.htm

    IN THE MATTER OF MINOR G (a Child) in the Royal Court of Justice http://www.causes.com/causes/508958-in-the-matter-of-minor-g-a-child-in-the-royal-court-of-justice?recruiter_id=88750159

  10. towardchange says:

    A shocking look at the child welfare system
    Disarm Parental Predators

    They can create an illusion of caring for children in the name of the family court system. http://towardchange.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/a-shocking-look-at-the-child-welfare-system/

  11. towardchange says:

    Excuse me folks so where is this judgment?

  12. towardchange says:

    Hello Sabine Kurjo McNeill happy to see you have kept this page up despite the fact that the judge stabbed Caul in the back.
    As a direct result of this Caul has been campaigning tirelessly, exposing the wrong doings of Rt Hon. Lord Justice Alan Ward amongst others.

    This is why I always believe it is a good that people wait for transcripts of judgments before publishing websites singing the praises of judges, because this is what bad judges crave, media glory without lifting a finger to earn it. Then maybe a good thing if it was not for this page, I would not be able to post this comment.

    What has occurred with Caul’s case is that that, Rt Hon. Lord Justice Alan Ward said one thing and wrote another. Now where have I heard this before?

    Colin Peters, well stated.

    Good day to you all!

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill says:

      On an individual level, it’s all about hypocrisy or total lack of integrity, methinks.

      On a systemic level, it’s about protecting colleagues rather than being objective, impartial and fair.

      It’s just VERY sad that we need to see soooo many individual cases, before we begin to see what connects them, let alone decide what is worth and possible to do about it!

      My current hope is on the Association of McKenzie Friends. See http://www.mckenzies4fairness.wordpress.com

  13. towardchange says:

    Hello Sabine,
    Hope you are keeping well!
    I must stress I am not part of your association.
    In the states they are busy building a strong support system of, court watchers. This is of the prime focus. Not sure why you are building this association, but it is clearly not in the best interest of the people. No offence intended, just an observation. Court watchers are beneficial in more ways than one!

    Let me introduce myself I am the woman who broke her gagging order back in 2009 and many followed. A gagging order is only valid for the duration of the case; which many parents did not realise, because they were so frightened. This of course is what a gagging order made in care proceedings is intended to do, scare the parents and hide the dirty little deeds of the secret family court. Most care proceedings are brought under ‘public law’, what is this telling you all?

    My details: Ngozi Godwell
    The term ‘McKenzie Friend’ has been adopted in family law to describe an individual who provides assistance to a litigant in person (somebody not represented by either a solicitor or barrister). This support is needed for those litigants th…at neither qualify for public funding nor have the financial means to pay for qualified representation.. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ngozi-godwell/23/7/7a7

    Wishing you all the best!

    • Dear Ngozi

      Many thanks for your comment!

      In my experience, McKenzie Friends are also required by all those victims of child snatching and other white collar crimes who have been betrayed by their lawyers.

      And most recently I had to discover that they are needed to try to re-dress most appalling prison conditions and treatments.

      I thought of having ‘McKenzie Angels’ as court watchers. But the T-shirts irritated the judges! So if we ever wanted to act as ‘Friends’, it was wiser not to use them. For the time being we don’t have enough people on board yet to create different armies for different battles…

      Still: onwards and upwards, each in our own way.

      Life is not about being lazy!

      • towardchange says:

        You have not answered or drawn of my question, which is of the prime importance. Who is it you are referring to as a victim?

        Not sure what crowd you do belong to, but many litigants are not victims. Then maybe this is what you want victims who will be exploited. Court watchers are of the prime importance.

        What has a tee-shirt got to do with this?
        My word, someone is intentionally taking their eyes off the ball.

        Who in the right mind would advocate the wearing of tee-shirts in the court room. I do note many, if not all the people who you do lend your to support always end up in prison.

        I believe I should let you know a person who is a blogger referring to themselves as ‘Butlin Cat’ is publishing that you are indeed an informer for Parliament. This is published on the header of their blog, with your full name on it. I have a screen shot for my own safe keeping.

        • Sabine Kurjo McNeill says:

          I know, Ngozi. Butlin Cat is John Graham. I have put him up in my flat, but he is being informed by Steve Hamilton who has serious problems with women. He came to a number of my meetings.

          His accusations, language and phone calls are sooo bad that I banned him from various sites.

          Maybe I’m doing everything wrong.

          I am hardly an “informer for Parliament” when I all I’ve done is to organise meetings in Westminster, using MPs and Lords as sponsors for using a Committee Room. Everybody can do the same.

          It would be nice if, at least, John could spell my name right…

          The fact that people whose stories I have exposed have landed in prison is not my fault – at least not according to them themselves. I have that in writing.

          • towardchange says:

            OK first point the people who have all landed in prison, they may not blame you, but many were sheep lead into doing some really silly things.
            They are not my cases.
            My observations are just this, observations. CLOSED.

            As for Butlin Cat this is serious, this goes beyond you both falling out. Too many things do not add up and when Butlin Cat and other published this, all started to make sense. Women hater, men haters so what?
            This is all important if we are mentioning a judge who should keep their prejudices to one side.

            Judges can pay you more than any parent could. I am not implying anything, just another observation.

            I have no interest in what has transpired between you, Butlin Cat or others.

            I am concerned about the children, raising awareness about the system in respect to our children and the role bad judges play in this matter. I provide information to caring parents; which may support them legally or generally in respect to their family needs.

            Take my friend,

  14. towardchange says:

    ” McKenzie Friends for Litigants in Person”
    If you are a litigant in person and use a Mckenzie Friend in the court room. The first thing a judge will believe is that you are not competent to present your case in court. Even if this is not the case, the judge in the lower court may very well use this against you. Also once in court you will lose the right to speak, so be careful who you do decide to use. This is just a friendly tip.

    • In my experience, McKenzie Friends have many other roles to fill. None of us who decided to form an Association have ever represented a victim, except once in a family court when the victim couldn’t be there.

      They are ‘supporters’ with a brain and a willingness to help when the victims don’t know what to do when facing catastrophe.

  15. towardchange says:

    Please read my above comment.
    As for your last comment, the first thing a parent should do is seek qualified legal advise this is the first thing a person with a ‘brain’ should tell any parent who has the misfortune of having their child removed in care (caring parents only).

    Whilst the parent is doing this there is also something else they should do, which is of the prime importance; I do not need to share the information here.
    I have my own project.

    Good day Sabine and have a fabulous week!

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