Irish police banging on Vicky Haigh’s door at 10.30pm. They have had a phone call from English Police reporting her missing

To All

Three Police officers banging on door looking for me at 10.30 at night.  They have had a phone call from English Police reporting me missing.

I am having a baby in less than 4 days and it is very distressing having people chase me around like this ESPECIALLY when I have not even met the social worker who has reported me missing.  How did she do a description of me?  How can it be allowed that a woman who has never met me has the authority to report me missing when she cannot even say when she last saw me alive as she has never met me face to face.  The waste of police time here is massive and my daughter R continues to be at risk with a man who she has told the police has sexually abused her!!!

This has to stop at some stage otherwise they are going to make me a nervous wreck.  I have had upset and distress for several years now and have lost my eldest daughter.  Why are these people doing this to me?

How will this end?



And this two nights before the hearing on Monday morning where half an hour is reserved for ‘directions’ on Vicky’s case…


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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12 Responses to Irish police banging on Vicky Haigh’s door at 10.30pm. They have had a phone call from English Police reporting her missing

  1. peter oakes says:

    Are you all in doubt about the corruption of the police & authorities
    in Britain?

    You can dial 999 and maybe the police turn-up in a couple of hours. You
    can be getting “mugged” in the street and die without disturbing them
    too much! But let some person from the SS call the police and say you
    are “a missing person” and you start an international man-hunt!.

    All this is very strange. The British police could request the Irish police to
    arrest an IRA suspect and it would be ignored, forgotten, maybe later, etc.

    Now a judge in a secret high court hearing broke ranks and made public
    the fact that Kent SS had given a convicted paedophile David Mason a
    child to abuse. Not a married couple: a single male aged 50 years!?

    This judge knowing the “game is-up ” due to the internet in the same way
    Sadat in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya and those in Tunisia found out, came up
    with astounding reasons to make public a secret trial! The very reasons
    Liz Watson and our campaigners decided to act in the Public Interest to
    protect children from SS – Paedophile supply corps. the judge said: “unusually extensive and troubling issues.” Extensive as in widespread
    Common Purpose to provide paedophiles with “victims”. Unusual because
    the paedos include senior police officers & judges. And troubling: wider
    issues because they know we know! And it was proven several years
    ago in (please google) Royal Commission Enquiry into NSW police
    paedophiles. (Now archived Australian national library).

    They cannot contain or gag the Truth! But who gave a Civil Servant SS
    employee the right to report anybody as missing unless they have a
    court order authorising them as the “guardian” and how can that be valid
    for a mature adult of sound mind and good health?

    But more importantly WHY do Goon Squad police “jump to it”, move
    heaven and earth to become accessories to these criminal acts? Answer-
    because they are up to their necks in this disgusting mess and we need a
    Royal Commission Enquiry NOW!. Christ: 3 police turn up. That’s a major
    incident! They could have sent a “hobby bobby” in the first instance IF the
    SS can report you missing!

    The McCann affair has not gone away as today’s
    papers reveal. You can bet your last pound, the authorities are concealing the
    truth as in Dunblane, Jersey affair, and note: no catholic priest is in jail for
    abusing children in Ireland, Australia, USA. The arrogance of our disgusting
    so-called Civil Servants puts them above the law and they self-protect to
    maintain public confidence, whatever that is.

  2. Paul Ronald says:

    In these ever-rising circumstances of ever-rising issues then should the all not be made lawfully aware of the following –
    Under the acts of UK law, is the criminal act of intent, which also carries the act of malicious intent, when it does harm (physical and/or mental) to someone.
    Where under the law if it can be established a person is not acting within their job description, then they are acting solely with intent or malicious intent outside their job description.
    Where under their job description if this can be established this was outside their job description, this can then warrant a private prosecution against that person or persons.
    The acts of UK law also state that a taped recording is not admissible as evidence – However if this tape is transcribed word for word to a document of he said she said, and a copy of the converted document supplied in evidence with a copy of the tape – Then lawfully the court or the other side, cannot refuse its lawful acceptability for it is now documented evidence, lawfully backed up by the tape.
    Under legislation and the individuals lawful rights, in anyone calling to see you in regard to any official capacity, you may lawfully ask for identification, which should give their job tile. From this job title and any action they state they intend to take it may also be lawfully questioned of where they obtain their lawful or legislative right, which you may lawfully request fully in document i.e.which will or should be there job description.
    In any police calling you have a lawful right to request full ID and to look at and request a copy of any document they state they are acting on.
    Where all this info should give you enough to start legal proceedings against any individual.
    However another lawful idea would be to send all collected info prior to ask your MP and the PM what they intend to do about these unlawful malicious acts? Where if you cannot get any satisfaction to the individual(s) to serve lawful papers, again you should contact your MP and the current PM (if you have given them time and they have so far done nothing). Where lawfully using this further info a letter of legal intent within twenty eight days to issue a court application should then be sent. Where if they again do nothing and you still have no lawful redress to the individual(s) then you are quite within your lawful rights to issue lawful applications against your MP and the current PM for misconduct in public office, under the acts of UK law of accessory = To know of a crime|(s) and not report or lawfully act makes that person a criminal accessory – Copies and amendments to the acts of UK law may be found at

  3. peter oakes says:

    It beggers belief ! If any person in Britain ( there is no united kingdom ask
    Alex Salmon ) It is an offence to disturd a badgers set, and a nesting birds
    nest. Why these silly offences carrying draconian sentences for wild animals
    are in force most people with any brain know badgers eat birds eggs and their young chicks and birds are the fowlest off all ( no pun intended just the tactless
    truth ) jackdaws, magpies jays, herons, etc all prey on lovely birds like thrushes
    blackbirds, robins etc.

    In the sameway heartless, greedy SS Corp. paedophile providers prey on
    silly naive honest decent people that have bird tables to place food on for
    the predators ! Sorry to be cruelly truthful, but it is fact !

    A heavily pregnant mother to be is not in a normal frame of mind. She is engaged
    in natures wonderfull life cycle, beyond all reason and knows instinctively of
    the danger from predators her un-born child will be exposed to.

    for the police or any other so-called official ass- h—- to say they did,nt realise
    or maybe it,s a mistake is rubbish, these zombies know where the gas valve is
    for the Zyclon “B” REGISTERED trade name for Bayer Co. They know where the incinerator is and the fat rendering plant for making soap ! Get real these SS
    are worse than Hitler,s amateaurs these bastards are ruthless ! with the
    benefit of education & knowledge. Stop being civilised and nice to these shits
    who know they are shits and now running scared ! Well their feet will break
    into smoke & fire before they out RUN ME truth , decency, dignity, honor,

    they did not aquire the name filth without reason and after all their disgusting
    tricks and behaviour most people are left speechless, they are beyond the
    pail or is it pale! A judge will know, thats why they wear a wig in the hope no
    one recognises them. To late Internet gonnar get yu judge ! believe it.

  4. Leigh says:


    No woman who is about to give birth should be subject to such vindictiveness and harassment. The fact that the SS and police farce think it reasonable to treat you as they have done, beggars belief. One thing is sure, any human put in a position of “authority” is only a fraction away from the behaviour demonstrated throughout mankinds’ history – capable of stupidity, disrespect, cruelty, and torture. No lessons whatsoever have been learnt from the camps of the Nazis, the police states of the Eastern bloc or any other unpleasant episode in our history. The role of the law, and parliament, should be to limit the powers of petty officialdom which is now making life pretty unpleasant for many people in the UK. The worst child abuser in the UK is the state, in the form of the legal system, the SS, local councils and the police. Ignoring real and obvious abuse, and inventing abuse when it props up their little empires and wealth generation. A shameful episode in British history. Vicky, hope you find the peace you need for the next few days, and very best wishes and good luck. Many are behind you, keep writing and we will read and wait our chance to support you.

  5. Fellow sufferer says:

    Hang on in there vicky! Thoughts are with you…you are giving us all a voice…. Good luck with the birth xx

  6. annie says:

    Of concern certainly to me is not just the wrongdoings of the Police, but Vicky’s open admission within linked forums that when the Police seized her from her hospital bed she fought with the Police, resisting “arrest”. This was no ordinary fight of resistance, and by her own account took 6 officers to contain her. This is a woman who is heavily pregnant.

    Whilst I cannot for a moment agree with the disgusting Police action which I will address in a moment, one must ask the question why give the Police any reason to make further claims against one’s good character? Why couldn’t one just leave quietly for the sake of one’s unborn child and “put the child first?” Instead it appears there was a battle of wills between the Police and Vicky, and Vicky gave the Police “legal right” to effectively assault, batter and falsely imprison her. Vicky, you are playing right into their hands? Why? Why is your ego and right to to “be right” more important than the life of your unborn baby?

    Now the Police. They are corrupt. The SS,…are corrupt. Judges…are corrupt. And I have had virtually identical cirumstances described by yourself Vicky.

    I left an abusive ex husband. His uncle is a freemason and they have friends within the Police. After divorcing my exhusband, I got an occuption order and non mol order on him because of terrible harassment. I had a Residence Order for our two children, one autistic. Within 12 months, this had all been reversed. How, will always be the biggest mystery to me. And then the real trauma and terrorising set in with SS, the Police and the secret family courts.

    I won’t bore you with my history. But like yours Vicky the father ended with the two children and I wasn’t allowed to see my two children for over 2 years.

    I did get legal aid solicitors. But either they were utterly incompetent, or they too were party to the collusion. Thus I represented myself. My worst mistake, and maybe possibly be yours, is going to Court without legal representation. And bang….within a heartbeat I had not only lost custody of our two children, but I was now not allowed to see them.

    Only after my mother stumped up £30k to pay for top barrister from London and top solicitors, was the terrible evil and injustice served on myself and our children validated, and they took the matter back to court seeking a Judicial Review of the Judge, who very swiftly….retired!!!!!!! The barrister in his words said ” I have never seen such a case of injustice towards a mother in my enter 20 yr career, this is terrible. You were well and truly stitched up.”

    I got the children back much to they squeals of delight, within 6 months of enlisting this top barrister. But that it took almost 4 years in total to endure start to finish of the “punishment” my ex took great pleasure in dishing such misery out to me.

    To add to the misery, for the past 10 years, my ex sent the police round to harass me, constantly. The last 10 years have been a living hell………
    I’ve had police banging my doors repeatedly for all kinds of scurrilous claims. They would never say who was making the claims, but that “they were child welfare checks”. Then I was reported missing again by what my now ex husband, and the children in my custody…..and whilst I was away on holiday IN THIS COUNTRY, a police man-hunt was set up for me……it was all corruption……. police harassment…at the behest of my ex husband..

    1.I would urge you keep a video recorder on you or use your phone to vid record every single time you encounter the police.
    2. Keep a diary….it’s painful to do I know….but i wished I had done this.
    3. Profile repeat complaints against the Police each time they turn up. Put a complaint to it’s Chief Constable NOT the Professional Standards Dept. Report report report to Chief Constable.
    4. DO NOT resist the Police. Be civil at all times.Even when we know they are not.
    5. Pay for top legal representation. Get barristers from London. Forget local. Paper Chase Buildings…great family law barristers there.
    6. Seek prayer from a bible based church/prayer ministry team.
    7. DO NOT enter a court room again without a top barrister. Big mistake if you do, as you will, I can almost guarantee, end up without your daugther.
    8. Erect CCTV with AUDIO on your front doorstep and others cameras front/rear of your property. I’ve caught the Police out with this and is currently part of an investigation.
    9. Do not return to the UK with your baby when attending court hearings.
    10. Do not leave rubbish out for bin collection. They go through it….yes “they”. Use more than one telephone number. eg call monitoring.
    11. Check your vehicle for tracking devices.
    12. Watch out for “street theatre” acts of people passing as general “public” but attempting to get you engage negatively eg to wind you up. These people can be plants eg corrupt investigators
    13. Check your car tyres… mine were regularly targeted with nails on the rear passenger side. I lost count how many tyre changes I had. In the end I just kept renting different cars. Still these were targeted if they know your address. “they” being corrupt dark forces intent on destroying you.

    Over the top? Nope. This is real. If you’ve been targeted particular by corrupt Police, you can only win via recording everything.

    Good Luck Best wishes


  7. peter oakes says:

    Dear Annie & All.
    First and foremost I am not being critical or personal.My point is not everone has access to 30grand to get the services of a good barrister, You must have had lady luck on your side because good barristers , solicitors, and judges are like rocking horse muck very hard to find.

    We are paying for police & CPS to prosecute criminals and to uphold the law
    child abduction for philanthropic reasons, kidnapping, supplying children for sale
    & to paedophiles are criminal matters.

    This is Fact ! On 10 Jan.2010. 10am- 4pm. Royal Society of Arts
    8 John Adam St, London WC2N 6EZ. there was a conference.

    Barnardo,s Counting the Cost of Care Conference, ( its about money )

    Focus of the conference : To promote a joint political committment to
    sweep away all the obstacles to timely fostering and adoption, with residtial
    care playing an appropriate role in a range of care options. ( provided by dr.banana,s )

    Panel. Baroness Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss ex president family div. (where
    she kidnapped Corey from Stoke on Trent and falsified court records in family
    case involving King of Saudi Arabia as reported in Times & Guardian )

    Edward Timpson MP Crewe & Nantwich ( accessory & accomplice in criminal conspiracies and malicious bankruptcy. concealing offences )

    David Holmes Chief Exec. British Association for Adoption ( abduction ) & Fostering

    Robert Tapsfield Chief Exec. Fostering Network.

    Martin Narey, Chief Exec. Barnado,s ( philanthropic adoption for the best possible reasons )

    As stated their purpose was to destroy all the Safeguards traditionaly in force
    to protect children As they call them OBSTACLES to kidnapping & Abduction.

    These Obstacles to kidnap-abduction Re: Chapter 12.
    An Act to amend the Law as to Custody of Infants [ 24th April 1873 ]

    1. Court of Chancery may order that mother may have access and custody of infant
    under sixteen years of age.

    Sectn 1. From and after the passing of this Act. etc. etc. the Court shall deem proper, or to order that such infant or infants shall be delivered to the mother, and remain in or under her custody or under her control, remain therein until such infant or infants shall attain such age not exceeding sixteen as the Court shall direct. etc. etc.

    Justice must be seen to be done ! no one is above the Law ( or maybe SS are?)

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  10. Ken says:

    i wonder if you will allow this freedom of speech:-

    Vicky is another man controlling nutter, peado is always a good way to stiff your mail partner.Good honest genuine men have been abused by so many women while their mothers(parents) watch in helpless horror & tears in their eyes, loosing all contact with their grand child whilst in dis-pair with the mess their son has been left in, usually homeless
    so desperate to get married & bear child then discard the man initially with months of indifference just like a black widow, got what she wants now get rid but keep your single parent family enjoying pity and state benefits from strangers. so so sad. thank god for British police , social service’s can do a great job when mother goes completely power crazy & off the rails with booze n drugs.
    so please beware whom you believe & side with, your male child might be next as sadly some women are real witches in disguise in waiting.
    NOT ALL MOTHERS ARE ANGELS children need protection as who else will help them.
    Genuine cases my heart goes out for them.
    But Vicky Ha

  11. peter oakes says:

    Obviously Ken. believes in all the propaganda ! He has not been subjected
    to false imprisonment, malicious bankruptcy, criminal conspiracies, false tax demands ! Well I have so I can tell Ken the british police and judiciary
    social services are totaly corrupt !

    The west midlands police made 2,000 files disappear after it was proved the Birmingham Six were ” fitted up” Why don,t you ask Chris Mullins MP Ken ?

    Scared of the truth ! Google: Royal Commision NSW Police Paedophile
    Get the facts before passing generalised comments

  12. Actually, Ken is copying the same comment all over the place, and I do wonder why!…

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